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Anime Rent-A-Girlfriend Watch Order

How to Watch Rent-A-Girlfriend? Easy Watch Order Guide

Rent-A-Girlfriend is a fun combination of slice-of-life, harem and romcom genres which is not uncommon. But the series does deserve attention for its story and characters which will keep you interested for sure. What begins with a boy going through a breakup begins to shift towards hilarious[…]

Manga One Punch Man Watch Order

Which ‘One Punch Man’ Manga Should You Read? Easy Read Order Guide

If you have been reading shonen manga for some time, you might be able to sense certain similarities that each of them has. However, One Punch Man is one series that tries to veer from this stereotype. There is no denial of it being a shonen series, but calling it an offbeat shonen would be[…]

Anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Watch Order

How to Watch Boruto Anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

Boruto is the successor to one of the most loved shows, Naruto. Ever since it started airing in 2017, Boruto received polar opposite reviews from viewers worldwide. On the one hand, it is praised for its beautiful animation, fresh storyline, and relatable characters. On the other hand, it faces[…]

Anime Pokémon Watch Order

How to Watch the Pokemon Series? Easy Watch Order Guide

Pokemon, a world brimming with new adventures, creatures, and characters, was one of the most memorable parts of our childhood. It had characters we could relate to, characters we wanted to be like, and the best comedic villain trio, i.e., Team Rocket. The series gave us many nostalgia-inducing[…]

Anime One Piece Watch Order

How to Watch One Piece? Easy Watch Order Guide

“My treasure? If you want it, I’ll let you have it. Go look for it. I left it all in one place.” –Gol D. Roger. One Piece is the story of straw-hat pirates that comes from the pre-established dynamic of different characters. It brings exciting and fresh adventures along […]

Anime Boruto Watch Order

Boruto Fillers: How many Fillers Are there?

Boruto is an excellent follow-up anime to the events of Naruto. It showcases the differences between the new and old generations that we all know and love. But not every anime fan has the time to go through 260+ episodes to watch the stuff specific only to Boruto’s new Jougan powers. It could take[…]

Anime Sword Art Online Watch Order

How to Watch Sword Art Online? Easy Watch Order Guide

Sword Art Online is an anime that’s a dream come true for every gamer. An almost undefeatable main character, epic boss fights, out of this world gameplay, and of course, attractive gamer-girls, all encapsulated in a series with gorgeous animation. The animation of Sword Art Online is […]

Anime Attack on Titan Watch Order

How to watch Attack on Titan? Watch Order of Attack on Titan

It is nearly impossible to be a part of the anime community without coming across any form of media related to the Attack on Titan. Even if you are entirely new to anime, you’ve probably witnessed the massive hype around the series. The story of Attack on Titan runs on long story arcs[…]

Anime Bleach Watch Order

How To Watch Bleach? Easy Watch Order Guide

Bleach is an anime without a complicated timeline, but plenty of scenes leave the audience scratching their heads. Being one of the ‘Big Three’ Shonen anime, alongside Naruto and One Piece, it is often considered to be cut from the same cloth as the other two. Although there might […]

Anime Dragon Ball Universe Watch Order

How to Watch Dragon Ball Universe anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

Dragon Ball is an anime that almost everyone has watched in their childhood. From its bright visuals to vintage action scenes, every aspect of the classic Dragon Ball has a nostalgic element on its side. However, the latest seasons have new animation while sticking to the original character […]

Anime Watch Order Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Complete Watch Order of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a massive anime dedicated to games. Yu-Gi-Oh literally means the King of Games, and is exactly what you’d expect it to be, but with a slight twist. It does involve a protagonist playing all sorts of games and beating his opponents; however, the beating part is often taken literally. The opponents are almost always the villains and are […]

Anime Berserk Watch Order

How to watch Berserk? Watch order of Berserk Series

Berserk is one of the most longevous anime to exist. What started airing in the year 1997, went on a hiatus for almost 20 years. Rising from the ashes in 2016, Berserk has many interesting themes with a balance of gory action sequences, deep character developments, and controversial animation. As mankind progressed, so did the […]

Anime Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon Watch Order

How To Watch DanMachi? Easy Watch Order Guide

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka (the original Japanese name is quite a mouthful, isn’t it?) or simply, DanMachi is an anime that takes place in a fantasy setting and inexplicably has a role-playing game mechanism. It is based on a light novel that goes by the same name and has some harem elements. DanMachi, however, is more than just an […]