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Kenta Ishizaka’s Travel Manga ‘Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey-‘ Gets an Anime

Travel is often connected with journey and exploration, both external and internal. While we have travel shows that share people’s experiences, in the anime world, travel often acts as a key moment in the protagonist’s life.

Kenta Ishizaka’s manga ‘Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey-’ begins a journey of self-discovery. The protagonist decides to go on an impromptu journey out of a sudden desire, putting her obligations on hold. She too, battles the questions and doubts in her mind as she travels with no plan in hand.

Kadokawa’s Dengeki Maoh magazine revealed in its July issue on Friday that ‘Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey-’ will get an anime series.

Kenta Ishizaka's Travel Manga 'Zatsu Tabi -That's Journey-' Gets Anime
Dengeki Maoh Announces ‘Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey-’ Anime | Source: Comic Natalie

The main character, Chika Suzugamori, is a manga artist who won a manga award. She pitches her drafts to publishers but gets rejected. A rainy day makes her day more miserable, and she begins to lose hope. She puts up a poll online just for fun asking where to travel.

The next day, on seeing a strong response, she decides to keep her word and travels North, as it was voted the most.

Kenta Ishizaka, the creator, also posted an illustration celebrating the announcement of the anime adaptation.

Kenta Ishizaka's Travel Manga 'Zatsu Tabi -That's Journey-' Gets Anime
Announcement Art by Kenta Ishizaka for ‘Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey | Source: Comic Natalie

Currently, only the anime has been announced, and no details regarding the cast and staff have been revealed.

On the other hand, a ‘special’ survey is also being conducted, asking the participants where they would want to go. As per the poll, the top responses could make it into the anime.

A slice-of-life travel-themed anime that shows all kinds of experiences! From disappointment, fear, and doubt to struggle, pleasure, and clarity. Who would not want to go for it?

About Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey-

‘Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey-‘ is a travel manga series written and illustrated by Kenta Ishizaka. It was launched in March 2019 in Kadokawa’s Dengeki Maoh magazine and has been collected into 9 volumes as of May 2023.

Chika Suzugamori is a manga artist who feels low on spirits after her drafts get rejected, despite winning a rookie manga award. Just when she begins to lose hope of breaking into the industry, she puts up a poll on Twitter, asking the audience where to travel.

On seeing a solid response, she decides to listen to her heart and sets off to travel with no particular goal. The destinations are decided by the audience on an actual Twitter poll that happens monthly.

Source: Comic Natalie

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