Kaiju No.8 Manga News

Crunchyroll Announces Dub Premiere for Engaging Anime ‘Kaiju No 8’

Look, I am all for new concepts and eccentric storylines. However, I am also a sucker for tried ideas that are executed well. And Kaiju No. 8 is one such story. It has elements we have seen in other anime but manages to drag you into the story. Many of the manga readers have binge read the entire[…]

How I Attended an All-Guys Mixer Manga News

Aokawa’s Adorable Rom-Com “All-Guy’s Mixer” Reveals Theme Song Artists

If you are looking for a cute and fluffy romcom with unforgettable characters, excellent pacing, and hilarious writing, “How I Attended an All-Guy’s Mixer” is the series for you. This anime features Tokiwa, who meets three dazzlingly handsome men cross-dressing for their work. They unexpectedly get […]

Manga News Sandland: The Series

Toriyama’s “Sand Land: The Series” Anime Theme Song Artists Revealed

Akira Toriyama is a legend who led the Shounen revolution single-handedly with Dragon Ball. His feature-length film, Sand Land, was a massive hit and addressed issues such as war, corporate greed, and climate. The creator’s passion and talent are evident in this series, and an anime series was […]

Dragon Ball Manga News

Fans Bid Farewell to Akira Toriyama, the Visionary Behind ‘Dragon Ball’

Excitement was building among ‘Dragon Ball’ enthusiasts as positive news surrounding the popular franchise began to surface. Fans eagerly anticipated a year that would bring new and exciting developments to the beloved anime series. However, just as the celebratory atmosphere was reaching its peak[…]

Ashita no Joe Manga News

Classic Boxing Manga ‘Ashita no Joe’ to Get English Publication by Kodansha

‘Ashita no Joe’ is a widely celebrated sports manga that’s been regarded as a masterpiece of the genre. This cultural phenomenon has inspired countless other anime and manga works. It’s an incredibly inspiring and thrilling story that has already been transformed into two anime series[…]

Hoshino-kun Manga News

Makoto Ojiro Unveils His Latest Manga Venture ‘Hoshino-kun, Shitagatte!’

‘Insomniacs After School’ is a beautiful slice-of-life love story that managed to captivate the audience and left us craving for more. The creator of ‘Insomniacs’ is here to bless us with a new love-comedy with similar relationship dynamics. Makoto Ojiro debuted a new manga titled Hoshino-kun[…]

Manga News Thermae Romae

‘Zoku,’ a sequel to ‘Thermae Romae’ Manga Set for February 2024 Publication

‘Thermae Romae’ is an amazing manga that follows the adventures of a Roman architect named Lucius. One day, he finds himself transported to modern-day Japan through some magical baths. The story is fascinating, showcasing how he discovers new ideas and brings them back to Rome. It’s a perfect[…]

Manga News Tasūketsu

Popular Suspense Manga ‘Tasūketsu’ to Inspire an Anime After 5 Years

‘Tasūketsu’ is a popular manga that many readers are familiar with. It features a world where people are disappearing and must play a game with only one rule: Majority Dies. Fans have been eagerly waiting for an anime adaptation for the past five years, and now there have been some official[…]

Manga Monsters News

One Piece Creator’s Manga ‘Monster’ Gets English Publication on Viz Media

We all know about the legendary mangaka Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the fan-favorite One Piece series. However, did you know that it wasn’t his first work? His first manga was titled ‘Monster,’ and it is connected to the One Piece universe. Recently, the manga inspired an anime[…]

Captain Tsubasa Manga Netflix News

‘Captain Tsubasa’ Manga Set for Finale as Author Announces Retirement

‘Captain Tsubasa’ is a classic manga from the 1980s that has inspired many people to either start playing soccer or introduce themselves to the manga world. The story revolves around the soccer career of Tsubasa Ohzora and his friends and rivals. The manga has been adapted into various[…]

Manga News The Ancient Magus' Bride

How much do manga authors make? A Deep Dive into the System

We all must have wondered at least once how much the manga authors get paid. They create magical stories with their art, and we expect them to get good pay. Is that really the case? Dive in to find out! Comic Growl from Bushiroad gave a small insight into the pay scale of authors. The director[…]

Manga Mr. Villain's Day Off News

Adorable Promotional Video of ‘Villain’s Day Off’ Reveals Theme Songs

Mr. Villain’s Day Off chronicles the journey of a formidable general who plans to wipe out humanity. However, he then takes a day off for his peace of mind. This hilarious and adorable anime was announced in September, and the production company is back with more information. ‘Mr. Villain’s Day Off’[…]