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Netflix Password Sharing Policy Pays Off – Brings New Subscribers

After Netflix took a risk by changing its password-sharing policy and getting the password-sharing users to create accounts of their own, the results have surprisingly been in their favor….

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Long Awaited Yuri!!! On Ice: ICE ADOLESCENCE Movie Cancelled

Much to the dismay of all the devoted Yuri!!! On Ice fans, Studio MAPPA officially canceled the highly anticipated Yuri!!! On Ice the Movie: ICE ADOLESCENCE on April 19, 2024. The production team confirmed the cancellation by releasing an apology notice on the anime’s official Twitter and website.

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Studio Pierrot’s President Hints at Boruto’s Return as a Seasonal Anime

Fans of Boruto have been eagerly waiting for the return of their favorite anime. Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement on when the long-term hiatus of both shows will end, which has caused frustration. However, a recent interview with Studio Pierrot’s president, Mr. Michiyuki Honma[…]

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Unveiling 12 R-rated Anime With an Unforgettable Narrative

Anime is a diverse medium that transcends the typical bright visuals and everyday tales, offering content for various age groups. The top R-rated anime go beyond child-friendly themes, presenting intricate storylines and mature content unsuitable for younger audiences[…]

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Top 10 Anime with the Best Fan Service to Watch in 2024

Some media conventions are universally loved and appreciated, and fanservice is one of them, but fanservice means something very different to every industry. In the Western industry, it’s cross-universe cameos, and in the K-Pop industry, it’s idol friendship with homoerotic undertones…

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Look Back Anime Film – Release Date, Plot and Latest Updates

Tatsuki Fujimoto, the mastermind behind the popular series Chainsaw Man, has embarked on a new project that deviates from his usual shonen and dark fantasy genres. His upcoming anime, ‘Look Back,’ is a heartwarming story that promises to captivate viewers with its touching plot and gentle visuals[…]

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10 Shonen Manga That Will Have You Turning Pages in 2024

Shonen mangas are incredibly thrilling to read, with their action-packed detailed panels to painful cliffhangers that leave you hanging for more. With so many new shonen mangas being released, deciding if the one you pick next will be worth your time is tiring. Shonen mangas require patience as we[…]

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Flickering Shadows Quest Guide – Detailed Walkthrough | Dragon’s Dogma 2

Flickering Shadows is a major quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. These quests set in Bakbatthal region introduces many new characters, and progress the crucial storyline of the game. The quest will begin as soon as you reach “The Rockmouse’s Burrow” in Bakbatthal. If you check your map at this point a gian…

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15 Male Shonen Characters Who are Reigning Over Hearts in 2024

Shonen anime has been one of the most watched genres in the anime world for as long as it has existed. With so many new characters coming to life, there is tough competition to be the favorite. Some of the characters have long lost the battle, fading away with their time. However, here is a list of[…].

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Unlocking Ship Modules & Finding Samples in Helldivers 2 – A Comprehensive Guide

In the chaotic world of Helldivers 2, you need every bit of firepower that you can ask for. The robust weapons and Stratagems are one thing but you will also need to effectively use the Ship Module, if you want to stand a chance of survival. Ship Modules are a form of passive upgrades that exponent…

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10 One Piece Characters That Were Inspired by Real-life Pirates

One Piece is undoubtedly one of the best anime. It features an array of fantastic characters, mostly pirates. But did you know that many of these characters were inspired by real-life pirates? From well-known figures like Blackbeard to the more obscure ones, the historical roots of several[…]

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Bridgerton Season 3 Info: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Latest Updates

Bridgerton fans, there’s exciting news for those eagerly awaiting Penelope and Colin’s friends-to-lovers story. Netflix has just released the first trailer for the upcoming season of the beloved period drama. The third season of Bridgerton will center around the love tale of Colin and Penelope […]