Anime Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki-kun News

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Confirms New Anime with Nostalgic PV

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki showed us an introvert’s journey to leveling up in season 1. After following a rigorous routine set up by Hinami, Tomozaki can finally move on to the next stage of his life. In season 1, Tomozaki finally got a part-time job, but Hinami isn’t done training him just[…]

Anime Deemo News

Deemo Film’s New PV Teases its Brewing Mystery before February Release

Deemo, the rhythm game by Rayark, has crossed the boundaries of mobile platforms to reach a wider audience. This year, the fun game with a surprisingly tragic plot will receive an anime film. The protagonists Alice and Deemo have a relationship between them that is only revealed after the[…]

Anime News The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting

The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting’s PV Teases Cute Kid and Yakuza Combo

Kirishima, a wild and raging yakuza, needs to be tamed ASAP. So, what’s the fastest way to do it? Let him babysit, of course. In The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting anime, we will get to see a vicious yakuza learning how to braid a kid’s hair. If you think the series starts with a bizarre turn[…]

Anime News Rent-A-Girlfriend

Rent-A-Girlfriend Anime Teaser Reveals Season 2’s July Premiere and More

We all have done many things to get over exes but have you ever rented a girlfriend and then deliberately gave her a bad rating? Sounds petty and unreasonable, right? Well, I suggest you do not jump to conclusions before watching Rent-A-Girlfriend. As fun as the anime is with all the different[…]

Anime News Pokémon

Bidoof Gets Center Stage in Pokemon’s Latest Anime Short

In this massive world of Pokemon, there are many strong ones and some whose potential hasn’t been realized yet. Mind you that there is no such thing as a weak Pokemon because every one of them is powerful in their own way. One such Pokemon is the beaver-type Bidoof, who’s often been reduced to[…]

Anime Love After World Domination News

Love After World Domination Confirms April Debut with Cute New PV

Love After World Domination takes the enemies-to-lovers trope to a whole new level. Gelato Five is a group that protects the Earth from villains, but its leader Red Gelato is out there flirting with the leader of the villain organization. In his defense, the leader is one of the cutest girls ever.

Anime Inu-Oh News

Folklore Anime Film Inu-Oh Unveils Two New Teasers for Early Summer Debut

Inu-Oh is Masaaki Yuasa’s brainchild that features a tale of rebellion through art by those who are born different. As the eccentric dancer-musician duo Inu-Oh and Tomona make their way through people’s hearts, it’s still a long way till they’re accepted as a part of society. Masaaki Yuasa is[…]

Anime News When Will Ayumu Make His Move?

When will Ayumu Make His Move? Anime Reveals an Endearing New Teaser

We do all kinds of foolish things when we get a crush, and so did Ayumu, who makes a promise to himself that he’ll confess only after he beats his crush in a game of shogi. The stupid part is that his crush is the president of his school’s shogi club, so When Will Ayumu Make His Move? Not[…]

Anime News Shadowverse

Shadowverse Flame Anime Unveils 1st PV Ft. Characters for April Debut

Anime series adapted from video games have become a trend in recent years, and Shadowverse is one fine example of it. But don’t be fooled by how cheerful and innocent the anime looks, as it involves loads of action and intense plotlines. It is based around a video game called Shadowverse that[…]

Anime Insomniacs After School News

Insomniacs After School Inspires Dreamy Anime and Live-Action Film

Insomniacs After School is a wholesome series by Makoto Ojir that depicts two students who find solace in each other. Both of them are insomniacs, but the manga doesn’t just revolve around their condition but also sheds light on the beautiful moments they share. The eighth compiled volume of[…]

Anime Attack on Titan News

The Band Behind Attack on Titan’s Rebellious OP 7 Shifts to Pony Canyon

With a new cour comes new theme songs, and Attack on Titan’s new OP is a banger, to say the least. It was only recently revealed that the track’s singer is SIM, a reggae and punk band. It was goosebumps-worthy when the first episode opened, and the song started playing in sync with the Attack[…]

Anime Arknights News

Arknights Anime Unveils Visual Feat. the Protagonists and the Antagonists

Since 2020, we’ve all started relating to every other post-apocalyptic series or game that has ever existed. However, Arknights is one game in particular that we connected to the most given its premise. It is set on the planet Terra, much like our Earth, where natural disasters known as[…]