Anime News

Super Cub is Ready to Take Us on a Motorcycle Ride This April

Rev up your motorcycles as Super Cub is here to take you on a fun filled ride. Super Cub is an upcoming anime adaptation for Tone Koken’s 2017 light novel series of the same name. The story of how Koguma’s boring high school life changes after she gets a used Honda Super Cub motorcycle is a […]

Anime Netflix News

Netflix Brings Back ‘Terminator’ Franchise to Create an Original Anime Series

Terminator, the superhit sci-fi franchise, is undoubtedly something Hollywood misses these days. But how about reshaping it into an anime series? Sounds insane, right? That’s how everyone reacted when Production I.G. President and CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa first came up with the idea. But he […]

Anime Gintama News

Gintama: The Final Anime Film Starts as a… Dragon Ball Parody!!?

Where do I even start with this over-dramatic anime? Gintama has always been that one weird but humorous anime that we just can’t get enough of. Sometimes, the gags are silly enough to give you third-hand embarrassment, and Gintama: The Final is no different. “There is no anime that Gintama[…]

Anime News Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song’s Trailer Reveals April Debut And Futuristic AI Battles

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is an original anime from studio WIT. After posting some mysterious concept trailers and teasers, its plot is finally out in the open. The anime will spin an unusual tale of an AI robot trying its best to prevent a robot vs. human war. An AI whose motto was to make[…]

Anime News

Masayoshi Oishi Creates Original Animated Music Video, “Kamiari Algorithm”

Masayoshi Oishi, the singer-turned anime creator, has just launched his own anime creation! Oishi is famous for his theme songs for anime like Overlord and Kemono Friends, but his dive into the world of animation production seems to have attracted much attention. A visual for an upcoming anime[…]

Anime News Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Wotakoi OAD Trailer Previews Naoya and Ko’s Adorable Love Story

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, the title itself tells you about everyday struggles we otakus face. From constantly comparing your real-life situations with your fantasies to being socially awkward like your favourite anime protagonist, love is indeed hard for an otaku. The anime mostly […]

Anime News Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim: The Black’s New Trailer Reveals the Anime’s Real Enemy; New Visual

Pacific Rim, the hit cyberpunk movie series, is now back with its 3D anime adaptation, Pacific Rim: The Black. The adrenaline rush from smashing kaiju is addicting and this new anime series will take advantage of that to deliver another action-fueled plot. Even though Pacific Rim: The Black takes[…]

Anime My Hero Academia News

Deku’s Quirk Goes Awry in My Hero Academia Season 5’s New Trailer

My Hero Academia is back with the trailer for a promising season 5. The new opening theme has already won the hearts of fans within minutes of its release. I mean, is there any better combination than action-packed anime and a pop/rock theme song? As the anime’s release date is slowly creeping[…]

Anime Blue Reflection Ray News

Blue Reflection RPG Inspires New Anime; Trailer Reveals New Transformation Sequence

An average high school student by day and an evil-fighting magical girl by night, such is the dual life of Hiori Hirahara. Blue Reflection Ray, the anime adaptation of the famous Blue Reflection RPG, is all set to give us a sequence of sparkling battles. Blue Reflection was launched in 2017[…]

Anime News Remake our Life!

Remake Our Life’s New Key Visual Gives A Glimpse Of Kyoya’s Happy College Days

We often regret the chances we don’t take and wonder what if we chose something different? I’m sure many of you would jump at the opportunity of a second chance at making your life a little bit better. Our time travel wish may not have been fulfilled but Kyoya’s sure did, as he went back in time […]

Anime I Shave My Beard. Then I Pick Up a High School Girl News

Hige o Soru Anime’s New Trailer Teases April Debut And a Cute Rom-Com Plot

I Shave My Beard. Then I Pick Up a High School Girl or Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshi Kosei o Hiro is an upcoming rom-com anime. No matter how you look at it, the series’ title is plain weird, but its new trailer promises some cute scenes in the anime. As soon as the story starts, the hero gets[…]

Anime News Pokémon

25 Years of Pokemon: Special Stream and Post Malone Concert to Celebrate with Fans!

Growing up watching Pokémon, I always wondered what it would be like to be the best Pokémon trainer, have my very own Pikachu and train alongside Ash and his friends. As this iconic series reaches its 25th anniversary, I am once again waiting for my inner child to jump in excitement with some […]