Manga News Sacrificial Princess and The King of Beasts

Sacrificial Princess and The King Of Beasts Manga Ends Soon!

From times immemorial, love stories between two people from totally different worlds have been adored. The most intriguing romance is that which manages to bridge an impossible gap. This rule can be applied to The Beauty and The Beast as well as The Sacrificial Princess and The King Of Beasts. The Sacrificial Princess And The […]

Anime News Studio Arms

Studio Arms (Ikki Tousen, Elfen Lied) Declares Bankruptcy

The anime industry looks like a glamourous world to the outsiders, but in reality, profits are less, and anime studios barely get by. Even though virtually, anime totals good earnings, studios get only a small percentage of it. Animators have to work for long hours with less pay, and the industry as a whole faces […]

Anime Date A Live Gaming News

Date A Live: Ren Dystopia Video Game Releases 2 New PVs

Japan specializes in otome and bishoujo games. These games are like dating sims that are targeted towards teens. With an interactive setting, such games provide dating options to the player with in-game characters. Date A Live: Ren Dystopia is a fantasy adventure game with a twist. The plot not only needs the player to solve […]

Anime Love Me, Love Me Not News

Love Me, Love Me Not Anime Film Releases Brand New Trailer

Io Sakisaka, the author of Love Me, Love Me Not manga, is an expert on the genre of romance among teenagers and young adults. Her works, “Strobe Edge,” “Aoha Ride,” and “Love Me, Love Me Not” makeup the youth romance trilogy. Love Me, Love Me Not explores the raw, passionate love of the youth. Their […]

Anime News Pokémon

Pokemon: Twilight Wings Episode 7 Premieres on 6th August

The Pokemon franchise is an ever-growing one and is loved by people of all ages. From video games to anime, the franchise has dominated and maintained its name in the field. After tons of anime films and series, the latest production of the Pokemon franchise is Pokemon: Twilight Wings. Pokemon Twilight Wings is a collection […]

Manga News

Kodansha USA Goes Digital in Collaboration With Coolmic!

Kodansha USA is the subsidiary of Kodansha, the biggest publishing company in Japan. Kodansha Comics and VERTICAL deal with the publishing of Japanese manga in the US and have published several well known Kodansha manga series in English. Some of the best titles under Kodansha Comics include Fire Force, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail and […]

Drifters Manga News

Drifters Chapter 80 to Release in September After 7 Months Hiatus

Drifters is a story based in a world different to ours, which is filled with magical creatures and monsters. However, the world is not as magical as it sounds. In stark difference to the basic, jolly isekai world, Drifters is a dark tale of fighting for survival and dominance. Drifters portrays an alliance of heroical […]

Anime My Hero Academia News

My Hero Academia Exclusive 2-Part OVA to Stream in August

My Hero Academia concluded the anime’s season 4 in March this year, and it has left fans hungry for more. The last episode of season 4 portrayed all kinds of emotional confusion inside the characters of MHA. Unlike the neat endings where an arc is seen off, My Hero Academia chose an ending that riles […]

Anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Movies News

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Releases New Trailer & Theme Song

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has reached a level of popularity among both manga and anime lovers alike. The superb art style of the anime has even led to a rise in the ranks of the manga. Tanjiro, as a protagonist, simply wants to save his sister rather than chasing after the strongest title or […]

Anime Manga News One Piece

Tokyo One Piece Tower Closes Permanently, Oda’s Message

One Piece is regarded as one of the best series in the Japanese anime and manga industry. The success and popularity of the franchise are evident from the significant number of stageplays, performances and attractions that are based on One Piece. Tokyo One Piece Tower is an indoor theme park located inside the Tokyo Tower. […]

Anime Fate Grand Order Movies News

Fate/Grand Order Movie Part 1 Releases in December 2020

Emerging as an online RPG mobile game, Fate/Grand Order quickly picked up its pace and got adapted into different media. It has inspired three manga and three anime films since the game’s release in 2015. Fate/Grand Order THE MOVIE Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot Wandering;Agateram Trailer 1Watch this video on YouTubeFate/Grand Order THE […]

Anime Live-Action Love Me, Love Me Not Movies News

Love Me, Love Me Not Anime Film Gets Runtime of 103 Minutes

The days of teenage life and youth are said to be the best in life. We have the time and chance to discover love and friendship at this tender age. Love Me, Love Me Not is an anime which seeks to dabble in the raw love of youth. A sudden blossoming friendship between Akari and […]