Gaming News Shaman King

Shaman King 2021 Inspired Game Reveals Character Teasers before Debut

The latest installment in the Shaman King anime might have blown you away with the fantastic action scenes, but now it’s time to experience the moves firsthand. What better way to do it except through games? The Shaman King franchise has inspired a magnitude of games, but it’s the first time[…]

Anime Detective Conan News

Detective Conan’s 25th Movie Teases a Spooky Case and April 2022 Release

Detective Conan has been delivering episode after episode of mind-blowing crime stories for decades, and its 25th film will be no different. Conan will once again be hot on the tails of a criminal mastermind. Halloween might be over, but it’s the spirit that matters. The upcoming Detective[…]

Anime Gintama News

Gintama THE VERY FINAL Film to Receive DVD and Digital Release in 2022

Gintama has announced a finale to the anime multiple times, and each time it was more convincing than the last. So, when Gintama’s THE VERY FINAL film was released in January 2021, fans still did not believe that the cheeky series would end. The movie broke Demon Slayer: Mugen Train’s reign[…]

Anime News Space Battleship Yamato

Yamato 2205: Part II’s New PV Teases Starsha’s Fate and February Premiere

Space Battleship Yamato 2205: A New Voyage is anticipating its second film’s premiere next year. The sequel two-part film has been keeping fans on their toes with Dessler’s journey to find a new mother planet, and the new trailer has just increased the anticipation. As the next part of the film[…]

Anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba News

Demon Slayer Streams Gorgeous New Trailer before Airing Season 2 Pt. 2

Kimetsu no Yaiba has made a name for itself with its top-tier animation and details that can stun you into silence. So, now that its actual season two is about to start, the franchise undoubtedly wants to show off a bit. Part one of the anime’s second season aired the Mugen Train arc, but not[…]

Black Clover Manga News

Asta Shows up to the Fight with Yami’s Sword in Ch 315 of Black Clover

Just as the kaiju fight was getting interesting in chapter 315 of Black Clover, Tabata-sensei has dropped another mind-blowing bomb on us. While the Black Bulls megazord was fighting against a giant vessel of Lucifero, Asta was prepping up his muscles in the background. As soon as the megazord[…]

Black Clover Manga News

The Black Bulls Become a Shining Ray of Hope in Ch 315 of Black Clover

Tabata-sensei has gone full-on Power Rangers mode with chapter 315 of Black Clover. The Black Bulls megazord is now a ray of hope for all magic knights. While Yami and Vangeance are snuggling in Lucifer’s nest, the Black Bulls are impatient to get them out. Soon, their life force might be[…]

Manga My Hero Academia News

My Hero Academia Ch 335 Reveals the Shocking Identity of U.A.’s Traitor

Chapter 335 of My Hero Academia finally reveals the traitor in U. A. High School. This topic has led to fierce debates among fans in the past, and I’m glad that Horikoshi-sensei has decided to end it once and for all. Towards the end of chapter 335, All For One condescendingly tells Dabi that[…]

Anime News Uta no Prince-sama

Uta no Prince-sama Anime Receives 1-Hour Special and New Film in 2022

The Uta no Prince-sama multimedia franchise has become a heartthrob in Japan. After multiple games and successful anime adaptations, the franchise is here to commemorate its tenth anniversary in style. What better way to celebrate other than announcing a new project that will potentially give[…]

Gaming Heaven Burns Red News

Jun Maeda’s Heaven Burns Red Game Delayed to 2022; New PV Teases Gameplay

Heaven Burns Red marks the revival of Jun Maeda as a game creator. He is returning with a new concept after years, and his elements of magic realism are flashing everywhere in the game. Maeda’s visual novel brand, Key, is collaborating with Wright Flyer Studios to create this upcoming game.

Dragon Ball Gaming News

Dragon Ball: The Breakers’ New PV Teases 7 Vs. 1 Gameplay and Beta Testing

With Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Bandai Namco is exhibiting its experimental spirit. I don’t think any other anime has received a seven vs. one game with an overpowered villain yet, but fans are excited to try it soon. For those who want to try the game before it hits the market, Bandai Namco[…]

Akuma-kun Anime News

Akuma-kun Anime Reveals Mysterious New Visual before 2022 Debut

Shigeru Mizuki’s Akuma-kun is a classic series that has spawned several anime and manga adaptations over the years. As it is with all classics, the adaptations are loosely based and have very few common features. Thus, Toei Animation has announced a brand new anime that will refresh our[…]