Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga News

Boruto Chapter 59 Reveals Formidable New Villain Trio with Eida’s Brother!

All of us knew that we would be getting a new villain in Code in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. However, what we didn’t expect was to get three villains. Yes, one of them is a bratty child, but his power might be the trickiest and most agonizing of them all. Chapter 59 heightens the tension[…]

Black Clover Manga News

Has Noelle Finally Killed Vanica in Black Clover’s Chapter 296!?

Vanica and Noelle’s final battle has been one of the most foreshadowed and anticipated scenes in Black Clover. With chapter 296, readers have finally been relieved of their curiosity. The last panel of the manga showed Noelle stabbing right through Vanica, and the whole fandom has gone into a[…]

Anime News Saga of Tanya the Evil

The Evil Genius Loli is Back! Saga of Tanya the Evil Announces 2nd Season

Are you missing the evil genius strategist loli, Tanya? Did the movie not satisfy your needs? Brace yourselves. Your patience has been rewarded; the Saga of Tanya the Evil is coming back. When there has been no news about a second season for four years, one naturally assumes that the anime has been thrown into […]

Anime FUNimation News

Funimation Reveals Summer 2021 List of Upcoming Anime Series And Movies!

Funimation is currently one of our most trusted streaming websites for anime. From romance and action to fantasy, the website streams all kinds of anime. Its tireless approach to keep widening its catalog is what keeps me glued to Funimation even more. The Summer 2021 season is not over[…]

Anime News The Stranger by the Beach

Umibe no Etranger Promises Arrival on Funimation with New Subbed PV in July

The Umibe no Etranger anime film brings to us a tale of two strangers who have crossed paths during the worst of their life. When you are already at the lowest, you can only go up, and thus begins Shun and Mio’s story of blooming affection. Funimation is making sure that Shun and Mio’s story is[…]

Anime Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory News

Megami-ryou Anime Confirms July Premiere of Edited And Unedited Versions!

Koshi Nagumo’s story starts like most other unfortunate anime protagonists, with no house, no money and no one to look after him. However, he soon stumbles upon a golden prospect in the upcoming Dorm Mother of the Goddess’ Dorm anime. Nagumo is hired as the caretaker in a women’s dorm. For[…]

Anime Isekai Ojisan News

Isekai Ojisan Announces A Brand-New Anime to Break All Isekai Delusions!

When Takafumi’s uncle woke up from 17years of coma and exhibited magical powers, Takafumi found himself in the most bizarre situation ever. Isekai Ojisan’s upcoming anime adaptation promises the hilarious life of the isekai revenant uncle. As fun as it sounds to have an uncle with magical[…

A Devil and Her Love Song Anime News

J-Pop Band, FAKY Delivers Spot-on Theme for A Devil And Her Love Song Drama

FAKY, the trending J-Pop girls group, has been making quite a name for themselves. Their seductive, yet soulful songs have a demand of their own. With their latest single, FAKY is now ready to conquer the hearts of all drama fans as well. A Devil and Her Love Song, the shojo manga about a[…]

Anime Disney+ News Star Wars

Catch A Sneak Peek of Star Wars: Visions’ Anime Twist with Anime Expo Lite!

Star Wars is one of those legendary franchises that needs no introduction. In its next step to fame, Star Wars will be joining hands with some of the best Japanese studios to enter a new realm with the series. Even if you don’t know Star Wars, there is no way that you haven’t come across the[…]

Anime My Hero Academia News

My Hero Academia: Movie 3’s New Trailer Teases The Quirk Doomsday Theory!

My Hero Academia’s third anime movie, World Heroes’ Mission, is making fans wait for its premiere with barely suppressed excitement. Just because Season 5 is still airing doesn’t mean we don’t want more!! In fact, the anime’s staff knows exactly how to up our anticipation. With a new trailer,[…]

Anime News Sasaki and Miyano

Studio DEEN Reveals An Endearing New Visual for Sasaki And Miyano BL Anime

Miyano, the BL enthusiast, is delighted to share his manga with his senpai. Little did he know that soon he would be hurled into a whirlwind of yaoi romance himself. As Sasaki and Miyano gets ready to receive an anime, we can’t help but to squeal at the cute couple. Sasaki, the tough senpai[…]

Anime News Trese

Anime Expo Lite Treats Mystic-Thriller Addicts with A Special Trese Panel

Anime Expo Lite is leaving no stones unturned to give fans the most exquisite online anime convention ever! This time, the event will be holding a special panel for none other than the bomb Netflix series, Trese. Trese, the Philippine anime based series, has taken the world by storm after its[…]