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Unveiling 12 R-rated Anime With an Unforgettable Narrative

Anime is a diverse medium that transcends the typical bright visuals and everyday tales, offering content for various age groups. The top R-rated anime go beyond child-friendly themes, presenting intricate storylines and mature content unsuitable for younger audiences[…]

Anime Listicles

Top 10 Anime with the Best Fan Service to Watch in 2024

Some media conventions are universally loved and appreciated, and fanservice is one of them, but fanservice means something very different to every industry. In the Western industry, it’s cross-universe cameos, and in the K-Pop industry, it’s idol friendship with homoerotic undertones…

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10 Shonen Manga That Will Have You Turning Pages in 2024

Shonen mangas are incredibly thrilling to read, with their action-packed detailed panels to painful cliffhangers that leave you hanging for more. With so many new shonen mangas being released, deciding if the one you pick next will be worth your time is tiring. Shonen mangas require patience as we[…]

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15 Male Shonen Characters Who are Reigning Over Hearts in 2024

Shonen anime has been one of the most watched genres in the anime world for as long as it has existed. With so many new characters coming to life, there is tough competition to be the favorite. Some of the characters have long lost the battle, fading away with their time. However, here is a list of[…].

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The Best Trainers and How to Install Them — Pacific Drive Trainer List

Pacific Drive features a gameplay loop that’s simple enough for players to grasp. All you need to do is collect resources to upgrade your car and garage and go on runs through “The Zone’s” haunting atmosphere as anomalies try to attack you and your supernatural ride.

The game can get more complex as[…]

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Top 20 Strongest Legendary Pokemon Of All Time, Ranked!

Legendary and Mythical Pokemon are groups of rare and magnificently powerful beasts that exist on a whole different level than ordinary Pokemon. In the Pokemon franchise, these bad boys are the cream of the crop – they are the oldest ‘mons in the business, have skyrocketing stats […]

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Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Ranked Based On Anime

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the best Shounen anime out there. The anime does the right things at the right times, it delivers solid comedy when required and at the same time makes you feel the brevity of a grave situation. It has great characters, realistic bonds and most of all, strong female characters. Somehow[…]

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Top 15 Strongest Characters in Black Clover (2023), Ranked!

There are few series in which ranking characters based on their strength is near-impossible. In Black Clover, power is completely character-based, with strength reliant on individual characters’ narrative arcs and personal development more than their species, type of magic, and years of experience […]

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Top 10 Strongest Baki Characters, Ranked!

Baki has become a sensation, and fans all over the world can’t get enough of the mind-blowing martial arts action. The fandom is so dedicated that we’ve been having heated debates about who reigns supreme in the Baki universe for years. Baki has a mind-blowing lineup of superhuman characters who can effortlessly break bones with […]

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What Is The Strongest Mecha in Gundam? Top 10 Ranked List

Gundam is one of the best mecha anime series out there. As a franchise, it changed the way the world looked at giant robots. While we jump in expecting a whole lot of fantasy, it hits you with harsh realities and horrors of war. It became a cultural icon, postage stamps were issued, and Japan Self-Defense[…]

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Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2023 – Complete List of All Winners

The Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2023 showed us the best of the best in the anime world. This year’s ceremony was bigger than ever before, featuring 29 categories. So, are you ready to hear the biggest winner of the night? Cyberpunk: Edgerunners won the anime of the year award! Demon Slayer and Attack […]

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Top 15 Strongest Characters in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations So Far, Ranked!

The power levels in Boruto keep on escalating to an unimaginable scale. Every other episode, you will find another character that has surpassed the characters you thought were the strongest. Seriously they have no chill.