Anime News Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Ep 24 Explained: Why Did Kisaki Call Takemichi “Hero”?

All of Takemichi’s progress in the first season came undone in a single episode. If you are frustrated with Takemichi’s trusting nature, then we have something in common. The moment Kisaki handed him the liquor after an “emotionally charged” monologue, I was screaming “DON’T DRINK IT” in my head.

Anime Black Clover Watch Order

Black Clover Fillers: How many Fillers are there?

Black Clover, an anime often termed as the “new Naruto,” is a series that revolves around magical battles, great action, stunning animation, and an amazing ensemble cast. The anime is ongoing with 3 seasons and is currently on an anime-exclusive arc. There are 9 filler episodes in total, and the […]

'Deji' Meets Girl Anime News

“Deji” Meets Girl Anime Reveals Ghibli-Like PV with Manga Announcement

“Deji” Meets Girl is this peculiar anime where the appearance of one weird guy topples Maise’s logical world. With fishes floating around him, this mysterious guy makes quite an entrance, to be honest. This short anime is here to fill up the vacuum that the absence of Ghibli movies has created[…]

Anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

What Is Baryon Mode? How Does Naruto Activate It? Does Naruto Die?

Right when it seemed that Isshiki Otsutsuki would get the better of Naruto and Sasuke, Kurama revealed a hidden trump card that ensured the shinobi victory over the Kara leader. Throughout the years, Naruto has learned many transformations, each stronger than the rest, but none of these seemed to[…]

Anime News Takt Op. Destiny

Takt Op. Destiny Trailer Shows us Magical Girls Fight Monsters with Music

Just like its name, the upcoming anime series “Takt Op. Destiny” by MAPPA and Madhouse had been an enigma, but now all the notes have started to align in symphony. An original mixed-media project, ‘Takt op.,’ takes place in a world ravaged by monsters known as ‘D2’, who are attracted to music[…]

Anime Deaimon News

Gourmet Anime Deaimon Reveals a Tranquilizing PV for 2022 Release

Deaimon is an upcoming gourmet anime with aesthetically alluring animation and a captivating story. It revolves around a boy Nagumo Irino and a 10-year-old girl Itsuka Yukihira. The relationship between Nagumo and Itsuka is an unusual one. Nagumo’s parents own a Japanese sweets shop which he[…

Anime Black Clover Watch Order

How To Watch Black Clover Anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

One of the most brilliant shonen anime, Black Clover, faced unfortunate cancellation after running for four seasons comprising 170 episodes. Although the anime had won over fans worldwide, eventually, it met a lack of content as the manga is still ongoing. Apart from the series episodes, it[…]

Anime Listicles

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!

: I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown weary of elemental powers. We’ve all seen powers like fire, ice, water, wind, and lightning over and over, and frankly, they’ve gotten rather dull and repetitive. Unorthodox powers like space-time or gravity manipulation make everything so much more interesting[…]

Anime Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day News

Anohana Releases Nostalgic Compilation MV on Menma’s Birthday

It has been ten years since Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day aired, but I have never felt the absence of it in my life as all the memories from it linger. The series had won over hearts only to break them time and again with its bitter-sweet plot. Yet, nostalgia pervades, and there is[…]

Anime Netflix News Violet Evergarden Gaiden

Violet Evergarden: The Movie to Make Exclusive Netflix Debut in Oct

The go-to service for all Violet Evergarden content is Netflix. In its pursuit of expanding its anime genre, the streaming service has added many titles in its catalog, Violet Evergarden being one of them. The post-war-themed anime with alluring animation and a beautiful story finally came to[…]

Anime Crunchyroll News Tawawa on Monday

Need Monday Motivation? ‘Tawawa on Monday’ Season 2 Streams on Crunchyroll

One cannot imagine anime without the sea of fanservice that floods the internet everywhere. The enticing eye candies are so rampant that even “for-children” series are guilty of it. ‘Tawawa on Monday,’ an anime series inspired by the doujin(self-published) illustration of illustrator Kiseki[…]

Anime BanG Dream News

BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia Blu-rays to Release Together in December

Among all the bands intorduced in the BanG Dream!, there is always something for everyone. Even for goth harcore J-Rock loving people, who have Roselia. The five member group are already considered to be at the pro level despite the inexpireince in the industry. There humble beginnings of[…]