Anime News Oni: Thunder God's Tale

Netflix Streams New Trailer for ‘Oni: Thunder God’s Tale’

Netflix’s upcoming animated series, Oni: Thunder God’s Tale, is a western take on Japanese folklore. By featuring characters from popular myths and stories in the culture, the company aims to produce something out of the box. The series is a production by the California-based Tonko House. It is[…]

Anime The Devil is a Part-Timer! Watch Order

How to Watch The Devil Is a Part-Timer!? Easy Watch Order Guide

You know it is going to be dicey and funny when a strong, godly character enters the human world. This just don’t go in a normal manner as the person tries to process and get accustomed to the new surroundings. The Devil Is a Part-Timer! talks about a demon lord who tries to conquer a land[…]

Anime Made in Abyss Watch Order

How to Watch Made in Abyss? Easy Watch Order Guide

A pit that runs endlessly deep and is home to dangerous creatures and incredible relics. A town that surrounds it and a handful of its people dive into it to obtain the treasures. A curse that the pit casts upon all who enter it. Made in Abyss does a great job of unfolding the mysteries of the […]

Anime Black Clover Manga

Black Clover: Unresolved Mysteries We Want Answers to Before the Finale

The final manga arc of Black Clover is afoot. If you’re anything like me, you’re as excited as you are heartbroken about this piece of shonen beauty coming to an end. Since the Lucius-Julius revelation, things have truly become insane, and chapters 337 and 338 have just […]

Anime Lookism Manhwa

Lookism: Daniel Park’s Alternate Body and its Limitations – Explained!

An ending can make or break a story. As with any other work of fiction, anime storylines are often entirely judged upon their endings. Chances are, if the anime has a kickass ending, you’re going to remember it for a long time, even recommend it to your friends. If it sucks, it’ll […]

Anime News The Great Cleric

‘The Great Cleric’ Novel and Manga Series Inspire Anime

The Great Cleric is yet another isekai tale about a salaryman who cheats death. Instead of any special power-ups, Luciel survives in this new world of monsters and magic with his sharp business skills. Broccoli Lion’s popular isekai manga is as fun, strange, and adventurous as a story can get[…]

Anime Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King News

New Promo of the ‘Black Clover’ Movie Teases the Former Wizard King

So far, fans have been deluded into believing that the upcoming Black Clover movie will adapt the final arc of the manga and continue the story from where the anime ended. It was recently revealed that the movie would actually be based on a completely original plot that was never covered, even[…]

Anime My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1 News

‘My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1’ Anime to Debut in 2023

Isekai is the only genre where you’ll find an omnipotent hero with a level 1 status. Yes, I’m talking about none other than Nazuna Miki and Subachi’s ‘My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1.’ Like every other story from the infamous genre, this one stars an overpowered reincarnated hero[…]

Anime News SHY

Studio 8-Bit to Animate Bukimi Miki’s ‘SHY’ Manga

Being confident and social are the characteristic traits of a superhero, but SHY manga’s protagonist is the complete opposite. Set in a world where superhumans are real, the manga features a main character, Teru Momijiyama who is shy and an introvert. Despite being a superhero, Teru is super[…]

Anime Bleach

Bleach: Complete Recap of Bleach: Episodes 1-366

Bleach is coming back this October after almost a decade and we have all been excited. A decade-long wait might blur out a little part of memory and we might need a rewatch. However, if you do not want to rewatch all 16 seasons, keep reading to get a quick recap of what happened so far! Bleach is adapted[…]

Anime Dragon Ball Universe Gaming

A Complete Guide to Choosing a Mentor in Xenoverse 2!

Mentors are the non-playing characters who will teach you new skills and attacks. A prior set of requirements need to be fulfilled to unlock the mentors.

As you pass the Advancement exams and level up, the skills the mentors teach also become more advanced.

There are many mentors in DragonBall[…]

Anime Rent-A-Girlfriend Watch Order

How to Watch Rent-A-Girlfriend? Easy Watch Order Guide

Rent-A-Girlfriend is a fun combination of slice-of-life, harem and romcom genres which is not uncommon. But the series does deserve attention for its story and characters which will keep you interested for sure. What begins with a boy going through a breakup begins to shift towards hilarious[…]