Manga News Transition Game

NBA Players Robin and Brook Lopez Release New Sports Manga, Transition Game

Athletes playing at the highest level have a different perspective and experiences than most people. You can only catch a glimpse of these through some interviews or biographies, but what if these were captured in a manga? Transition Game is going to be a breakthrough in the sports manga genre[…]

Manga News Weekly Shonen Jump

Jump Comics Launches Audio Manga Ft. Voices of Yui Ogura And Toshiki Masuda

Audio-Comics seem like all the rage these days, with One Piece leading the pack with its latest “Monster” spinoff. However, what seems like a niche concept is taking on full force with the backing of Shonen Jump Comics. Imagine having your favorite anime voice actors voicing your beloved manga[…]

Manga News One Piece

One Piece Fans Hyped up with New Live-Series And Visuals for 100th Volume!

As One Piece commemorates its 100th Volume with much fanfare, the series is dropping new events and projects one after another! The mammoth of a franchise that is One Piece has made a print on almost every imaginable medium, be it anime, films, novels, or video games, but it still hasn’t had[…]

Alice in Borderland Manga News

Explore Natural Hot Springs by Alice in Borderland Creators this August!

Even if you are a novice in the world of anime or manga, you’d still know what hot springs are due to their constant occurrence. But, in case you are yearning to visit one because of their warm and comforting depictions, you are in luck! Alice in Borderland’s creators have an upcoming manga[…]

Golden Kamuy Manga News

Golden Kamuy Manga Prepares for An Emotionally Shattering Final Arc in July

Showing the realistic aspect of a post-war setting is something that Golden Kamuy has done impeccably. Considering the things shown in it, this is one manga you will need some guts for. A little trigger warning before I go on, this manga is not just a fun treasure hunt but also shows you a post[…]

Chainsaw Man Manga News Viz Media

Touching New Manga “Look Back” by Chainsaw Man’s Mangaka Launches on Viz

After the Chainsaw man gave us a gory feast, Mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto’s new short manga urges us to “Look Back” at the moments that defined us. Through the runaway success of Chainsaw man, it is quite natural that anything mangaka Fujimoto would work on will get an enormous amount of exposure[…]

Kakegurui Manga News

Kakegurui Creator Announces Supernatural Manga Based on The Gamble of Lives

If you were given a choice between saving your own life or saving the world, what would you do? Kakegurui’s creator, Homura Kawamoto’s new manga, Humanity’s Existence Depends on Love Gambling with Another World’s Princess, is based on this dilemma. The mangaka is here with yet another gambling[…]

Manga Naruto News

Naruto x Dragon Ball Collab Set to Kick off Dragon Ball’s 40th Anniversary

Shouting Kamekameha and lending my power, aka Ki, to the spirit bomb was one of the most definitive childhood moments. It is fascinating looking back at how far the Dragon Ball series has come. Gone are the days when Goku fought humans because nowadays, even Gods are no big deal. Furthermore[…]

Dr. Stone Manga News

Dr. Stone Ch. 205: New Task for Team Science as A Need for Computer Arises

Dr. Stone has got everyone holding their heads in bewilderment. A computer is needed but how can you make one in this Stone Age?! Considering Senku is a shonen protagonist, I am ten billion percent sure that he will find a way. Senku knew that building a spaceship would have loads of tasks, but[…]

Manga My Hero Academia News

My Hero Academia Chapter 320: Bakugo Goes Deadpool, Breaks The Fourth Wall

My Hero Academia is a very different story than it used to be. While the dark tone shift is somewhat expected when things get serious, what Bakugo does in Chapter 320 is something none of us saw coming. The chapter has Bakugo showing up with the whole Class 1A to save Deku and help[…]

Black Clover Manga News

Black Clover’s Chapter 300, “Beyond Tenacity,” Hypes up Asta vs Megicula

Black Clover’s last three chapters have been nothing but jaw-dropping visuals one after another, from Noelle’s Saint Valkyrie Dress to Megicula’s terrifying Decaying World. However, with all the tables turned on our heroes, it looked truly bleak until Asta joined the fray. Though I had been[…]

Manga My Next Life as a Villainess News

Learn About Katarina’s Childhood in My Next Life as A Villainess OVA

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, also known as HameFura for short, is a Japanese light novel series written by Satoru Yamaguchi and illustrated by Nami Hidaka. With its adorable illustrations and fresh take on romance and comedy[…]