Manga News Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Manga Reaches Its Climax

Every story has a climax or ending. When the story reaches its climax, the fans become excited as they finally get to know what happens in the end. Once they read the ending, though, fans have nothing to look forward to anymore. This feeling of not having anything to look forward to makes the fans […]

Manga News Reincarnated as a Sword

Reincarnated As A Sword: Spinoff Manga Licensed & Released, Read N

Reincarnated as a sword is a Japanese light novel series belonging to the Isekai genre. The series has published 9 volumes so far, with 5 of them available in English.  A spinoff of the main story, titled “Reincarnated as a Sword: Another Wish”, was launched in the 48th issue of Micro Magazine’s Comic Ride web […]

Black Clover Manga My Hero Academia News

Black Clover Teases Its Own All Might from My Hero Academia

Major hidden powers of Black Clover characters are being revealed in each chapter. In the latest chapter update (252) of Black Clover, we find out about the power of Lolopechka, which seems to remind us of another renowned anime. When the battle against Vanika is raging, Vanika lets slip some information about the Dark Triad. […]

Black Clover Manga News

Black Clover Chapter 252: Noelle Got a MAJOR Power Boost

One of the most awaited battles in Black Clover is finally underway. The battle between Vanica (with her devil Megicula) versus Lolopechka, Noelle & Mimosa is sure to showcase some major spells. With the lives of the Clover Kingdom citizens at stake, the only way is to fight with all that the Clover knights have […]

Act-Age Manga News

ACT-AGE Manga Announced a Stage Play Sometime in 2020

Stage Play is one of the toughest forms of acting. There are no retakes, no graphics or animations, or even body doubles. There is no room for mistakes. The actors have one shot. One shot to prove their worth and give a good show to the audience. The actors who get into stage play have […]

Demon Slayer Manga News

Demon Slayer Spin-off? Will there be a sequel?

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba saw a migration of its anime fan base to its manga fandom because of its promising enterprise. This increased the sales of the manga exponentially and even broke One Piece’s long-time record. All these high expectations, unfortunately, culminated into a polarized opinion regarding its end. The time skip at the […]

Dr. Stone Manga News

Dr. Stone 152 Teases Senku & Science Kingdom Building a Runway

From tools of stone to machinery and delicate products such as glass to giant projects such as the Perseus, we have seen the Kingdom of Science grow under the leadership of Senku. Chapter 152 of Dr. Stone ended with a major reveal &#8211 the Kingdom of Science is going to make the next leap from […]

Manga My Hero Academia News

MHA Ch. 273: Endeavor vs. Shigaraki Tomura, Who would win?

My Hero Academia introduced a major plot point in the ongoing battle that turned the tides in favor of the villains. Chapter 270 revealed that Dr. Ujiko has successfully transferred All for One’s quirk to Shigaraki Tomura, making him the new Symbol of Terror. In chapter 273, we saw the destructive capabilities of Shigaraki’s decay […]

Anime Black Clover Manga

Black Clover: Dark Triad Devils, Magic Type – Explained!

Black Clover anime and manga have long since been one of my favorite titles out there. The manga itself started with a lot of criticism about being “your daily shonen,” but has now established itself as much more than other shonen classics. Since the Elf Resurrection arc, Yuki Tabata has been working meticulously over universe building in Black Clover […]

Anime Boruto Manga

Will Boruto Die? Will Momoshiki take over his body?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga has finally established itself with the introduction of a new Akatsuki parallel, Boruto manga’s very own ‘mysterious crime organization’ &#8211 Kara and a new Otsutsuki antagonist &#8211 Isshiki. With Kara and Otsutsuki came a new curse seal-like mark &#8211 Karma. The Karma raised several theories, one of which was that […]

Fire Force Manga

Who is Shinra’s dad? Where is he? Is he still alive?

The end of season one of Fire Force teased the truth about the Infernals and addressed the very identity and past of Shinra with a shocking and unexpected reveal. After finally knowing a little more about his mother, we are only left clueless about his father’s identity. 1. Who is Shinra’s Father? What happened to […]

Anime Fire Force Manga

Did Shinra save her mother? Is she alive? Is she a Demon Infernal?

The end of season one of Fire Force teased the truth about the Infernals and addressed the very identity and past of Shinra with a shocking and unexpected reveal. After learning the truth of his own past, Shinra is taken aback. He can neither kill his own mother, nor can he let humans die. In […]