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Studio Pierrot’s President Hints at Boruto’s Return as a Seasonal Anime

Fans of Boruto have been eagerly waiting for the return of their favorite anime. Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement on when the long-term hiatus of both shows will end, which has caused frustration. However, a recent interview with Studio Pierrot’s president, Mr. Michiyuki Honma[…]

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Uncovering Boruto’s Part 2 “Two Blue Vortex”, Air Date

2024 will be a rollercoaster of emotions that will make you giddy as new Naruto episodes and Boruto’s part 2 titled “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex.” drop this year. It has been a while since Boruto’s part 1 got over on March 26, 2023. Fans are sizzling with excitement to know when the next part will air.T[…]

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Complete Boruto Watch Order Guide – Easily Rewatch Boruto Anime

Boruto, probably the most controversial anime of all time, has survived for 5 years and gained a huge fandom worldwide. On the one hand, it is praised for its beautiful animation, fresh storyline, and relatable characters. On the other hand, it faces the backlash of not being as good as Naruto was.

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‘Boruto’ Manga will Return After 3 Months in August with a New Arc

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations went on a three-month break following the release of the final chapter last April. The last chapter ended with Eida using her unique abilities, leading everyone to believe Boruto was guilty of Naruto’s death. As a result, he is now being pursued by the Hidden […]

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Did Boruto manga drop the ball with Sarada’s Mangekyou Sharingan awakening?

Boruto has picked up its pace rapidly and the latest chapter 80 has turned the entire course of events. We have seen Eida rewrite the entire history and interchange Boruto and Kawaki’s life. Now Boruto is the most wanted man in Konoha while Kawaki is the son of Naruto! This has changed the entire course […]

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Controversial Sarada Design on New Cover: Overreaction or valid concern?

I was thrilled to hear that Sarada was finally getting her own cover. She’s been killing it in the recent chapters and definitely deserves the spotlight. But when I saw the actual cover, my excitement quickly turned into disappointment. Why is she posing like she’s auditioning for America’s Next […]

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga on Hiatus! Returns in September

With the effect of Omnipotence taking place, things have gone way more desperate for Boruto Uzumaki. With only a handful of allies left, the rest of the Hidden Leaf Ninjas are looking for him. Neither Code nor Kawaki is planning to leave him alive. While Sasuke still looks at Boruto as an enemy[…]

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Top 15 Strongest Characters in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations So Far, Ranked!

The power levels in Boruto keep on escalating to an unimaginable scale. Every other episode, you will find another character that has surpassed the characters you thought were the strongest. Seriously they have no chill.

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Boruto Era 5 Kage Vs. War Arc 5 Kage: Who Would Win?

Kage battles are always a hot topic among Naruto fans, and the debate never seems to end. So, let’s stir up some excitement and settle the score once and for all – which set of 5 Kage would come out on top? We have the current generation’s finest Kage from the Boruto era, including Gaara, Kurotsuchi, Chojuro, Darui, and Naruto […]

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Exploring the Power-Scaling in Boruto: Does it make sense?  

It’s no secret that some die-hard Naruto fans hate Boruto. A huge reason for this, apart from the fact that it can never measure to the original, is the power-scaling. Apart from the fact that it takes a good deal of mental gymnastics to fathom the troubling power structure in Boruto, the cycle […]

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Kurama’s Death: Why Does Naruto Lose Him?

We all know that Naruto has had Kurama by his side for the entire series, and losing him has rocked the foundation of Naruto’s world. I’m sure many of you are wondering why this had to happen. Why did Naruto have to lose his trusted companion? Kurama intentionally misled Naruto into thinking that the Baryon Mode […]

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Naruto: Sasuke’s Story Spinoff Manga will Conclude With Volume 2

It has been a “Sasuke” season lately for all Naruto and Boruto viewers as the story of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations turned to the Uchiha and his mission in Redaku. For those who have been following the spinoff manga, the story has almost reached its end. On Friday, the first volume of Naruto[…]