Boruto Era 5 Kage Vs. War Arc 5 Kage: Who Would Win?

Kage battles are always a hot topic among Naruto fans, and the debate never seems to end. So, let’s stir up some excitement and settle the score once and for all – which set of 5 Kage would come out on top?

We have the current generation’s finest Kage from the Boruto era, including Gaara, Kurotsuchi, Chojuro, Darui, and Naruto Uzumaki vs. the Kage from the legendary Fourth Great Ninja War, including Tsunade, Onoki, Mei Terumi, A, and Gaara (again)! 

Obviously, Naruto would solo this battle with his talk-no-jutsu. But if we had to put his persuasive skills aside for a second, do you think the experienced warriors of the past win easily, or can the new generation prove their worth and claim victory?

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Battle of the 5 Kage: Boruto Era Kage vs. War Arc Kage

The Boruto Era Kage have a significant advantage thanks to Naruto and Gaara. These two are among the strongest characters in Boruto and are much more powerful than any of the old Kage. Even though Naruto lost Kurama, he’s still a total beast.

Don’t get me wrong, the other Kage members in Boruto are no slouches, either. They’ve got some impressive skills, abilities, and experience under their belts. 

Plus, since the series takes place after the war arc, the current Kage have had plenty of time to train and get even better. Also, the new abilities introduced in Boruto could give them an edge in a fight.

Boruto Era 5 Kage Vs. War Arc 5 Kage: Who Would Win?
Boruto Era 5 Kage | Source: Fandom

In a battle between the War Arc and the Boruto Era Kage, it would likely come down to Naruto vs. Onoki. Onoki is incredibly strong with his rare particle jutsu, but Naruto is on a different level; the new Kage will win even without Kurama.

And the other War Arc Kage members – Tsunade, A, and teen Gaara, wouldn’t stand much of a chance against the current Gaara and Darui combo. Kurotsuchi and Chojuro can easily take out Mei Terumi together.

All in all, without Naruto, the current team would probably lose. But with him and Gaara on their side, I’d bet on them any day of the week.

Who Would Win in a 1v1 Fight?

I. Hokage: Naruto vs Tsunade

Oh, it’s not even a competition! Naruto’s got this in the bag, hands down. Losing Kurama wouldn’t weaken him that much. He’s still as strong as he would have been in Sage Mode, and his base chakra’s probably even stronger now. It’s like how Gaara retained many of his abilities even after losing Shukaku.

Boruto Era 5 Kage Vs. War Arc 5 Kage: Who Would Win?
Naruto and Tsunade | Source: Fandom

Then there’s Tsunade, who’s a total badass in taijutsu. It’s impressive how she could easily keep up with Kabuto in battle, even after almost two decades of drinking, gambling, and no training. Plus, her strength of one hundred seals is legendary.

But let’s be real here; Naruto is on a whole other level. Even after getting nerfed, he’d still win against Tsunade without breaking a sweat. 

II. Mizukage: Chojuro vs Mei Terumi

Chojuro is considered the top swordsman among the Five Great Nations. He was acknowledged as the most skilled in sword-based assassination techniques. One time, he sent Sasuke flying into a wall like it was nothing, even though Sasuke had his Susanoo up.

Mei Terumi is a powerhouse too. She has some impressive taijutsu skills and can handle multiple nature transformations, including fire, water, earth, and lightning release. Her mastery of the Hiding in Mist technique allows her to conceal herself and her allies. 

Boruto Era 5 Kage Vs. War Arc 5 Kage: Who Would Win?
Chojuro and Mei | Source: Fandom

Based on our knowledge of their abilities, it is unlikely that Chojuro could defeat Mei. She’s got an edge over him.

Mei even protected her village from enormous meteorites with her Water Dragon technique. To top it all off, she possesses two elemental kekkei genkai. 

Chojuro seems weak not because he lacks strength but because he isn’t given enough screen time to show off his abilities.

III. Tsuchikage: Kurotsuchi vs Onoki

Kurotsuchi has become even more powerful after the great war, and she can likely unleash the full potential of her attacks on her own. This means that even the smaller pillars used to take down multiple Zetsu at once are now much more potent.

Kurotsuchi’s expertise in lava release kekkei genkai has reached extreme mastery, and her Earth Style Rock Shelter jutsu is an effective defense. You can’t be weak when fighting an Otsutsuki head-on.

Boruto Era 5 Kage Vs. War Arc 5 Kage: Who Would Win?
Kurotsuchi and Onoki | Source: Fandom

Onoki was a much better fighter than Kurotsuchi. It’s difficult to say if she could even handle his particle style technique. Onoki had some impressive feats, such as surviving being smashed between two meteors and vaporizing Madara’s Susanoo.

He even carried an entire island on his back, which is crazy! His particle jutsu is one of the most overpowered in the whole Naruto series.

Honestly, I don’t see Kurotsuchi winning against Onoki. It would be an easy victory for him.

IV. Raikage: A vs Darui

I think Darui is just as strong as A, based on how he fought against Kinshiki and Momoshiki, his wide range of jutsu, and his taijutsu skills. A one-on-one battle would be pretty close, but A might take the win as it hasn’t been confirmed if Darui surpassed A yet. 

A primarily fights in close combat and is fast, but so is Darui. One cool thing about Darui is that he was taught the Black Lightning technique by the Third Raikage, which A doesn’t seem to know or use. 

Boruto Era 5 Kage Vs. War Arc 5 Kage: Who Would Win?
A and Darui | Source: Fandom

However, A used to be a Jonin who helped the Third Raikage subdue the Eight-Tails. Karin even compared A’s power to that of a tailed beast! Both of these guys are very strong. 

In Boruto, Darui fought alongside the other Kage against Momoshiki and Kinshiki. With Gaara’s help, he even caught up to Momoshiki and landed an attack on him. That’s pretty impressive, considering that most non-Six Paths level characters can’t even touch them!

V. Kazekage: Boruto Era Gaara vs War Arc Gaara

Gaara kicked some serious butt in the fight against Momoshiki! Gaara’s sand shield was already super impressive, but he’s made it even stronger as an adult by incorporating magnet release. 

That means he can stop even more powerful attacks than he could 15 years ago. And that’s not all – Gaara has developed some new techniques as an adult, like the Sandstorm Mirage jutsu. 

With that, he can use more chakra to basically become a human surveillance camera. In Boruto, he managed to stop Momoshiki in his tracks (albeit briefly) and even helped Darui mess up Kinshiki pretty badly. 

Boruto Era 5 Kage Vs. War Arc 5 Kage: Who Would Win?
Adult Gaara and Teen Gaara | Source: Fandom

Plus, he could hold Urashiki off for a decent amount of time. All of that shows how strong he is, especially when he’s up against an Otsutsuki. 

He’s also been working on his wind release chakra. 

With all of his power and skills, there’s no doubt that the current Gaara would easily whoop his teenage self in a fight.

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