Anime News Our Last Crusade

Catch Our Last Crusade Anime With English Dub On Funimation Now!

Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World is a modern-day Romeo-Juliet tale with a fantasy spin on it. The anime was released in October 2020 and is still ongoing. Heavenly Empire and Nebulis Sovereignty are two warring countries with different sets of beliefs. While one is based on[…]

Fate Grand Order Manga News

Is Fate/Grand Order: Woman Of Agartha Manga Ending Soon?

Fate/Grand Order is the manga/anime franchise inspired by the mobile game by the same name. It was, at first, animated in 2016 and received various manga and anime adaptations later. The series deals with the threat of humankind’s possible extinction. The town of Fuyuki, which existed in the[…]

Anime B: Beginning News

Netflix Premieres B: The Beginning Succession Anime In 2021

Netflix has been taking some bold steps currently to include anime in its lineup. The second season of B The Beginning is the next anime announced by Netflix and four other new anime projects. Anime has been successfully breaking stereotypes of being “children’s cartoons” and reaching more and[…]

Anime Baki Netflix News

Baki Hanma Season 3 Soon On Netflix, Visual Revealed

Baki Hanma is the story of Baki trying to prove his strength to his father made all of us root for his success. We all felt his determination, we all felt his desire to become the greatest and we all witnessed his epic loss while he fought his father, only promising […]

Anime Netflix News Yasuke

LeSean Thomas And MAPPA’s Yasuke: Character Designs, Staff, Release

Yasuke is an upcoming anime based on the African origin samurai from 16th century Japan. Netflix announced the release of Yasuke along with upcoming animes like “Pacific Rim” and “Resident Evil”. Lakeith Stanfield, known for his roles in movies like Uncut Gems, Get Out, will voice the main lead […]

Anime News Ojamajo Doremi

Toei Animation Streams Looking for Magical Doremi’s Special Video

Ojamajo Doremi anime follows the magical journey of colorful witches. Doremi has to become a fully-fledged witch while also keeping her identity a secret from the humans. Toe animation is releasing a brand-new film, Looking for Magical DoReMi, celebrating the […]

Bulletproof News The CW TV Series

The CW Renews Bulletproof For A Third Season

A third season of Bulletproof has been ordered by the CW. Bishop and Pike will be back to television screens with a new season of criminal cases but the American viewers have to wait till 2021 to see their undeniable chemistry again. The third season was originally supposed to release in the[…]

American Gods News TV Series

American Gods: Season Three Premiere Date Dropped

Season three of American Gods now has an official premiere date. The third season of the fantasy drama had been renewed by Starz way back in 2019. Given its brilliant visual effects and graphics, it is no wonder that one season takes more than a year to be finished. The coronavirus pandemic in[…]

Anime Coming Soon Konosuba News Upcoming Anime Seasons

Konosuba Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Visuals, Updates

Konosuba narrates the tale of an average high school boy who dies a pathetic death and tries to over smart the god of death immediately after. It depicts how someone from our world would actually stand in that alien world’s hierarchy: confused and weak rather than extremely overpowered […]

Amazon Prime News TV Series Wayne

Wayne Gets New Home On Amazon Prime Video

After Cobra Kai, Wayne, another smash hit YouTube Premium show, is moving to a different streaming platform. The action-comedy, which premiered on the YouTube streaming network in January last year, had gathered over ten million views within the first week of its debut. Naturally, the fans were[…]

News Stargirl The CW TV Series

Second Season Of DC’s Stargirl Has Found Its Villains

Stargirl is bringing two new DC villains to the CW’s Arrowverse in its second season. Nick. E. Tarabay and Jonathan Cake are joining the cast of the second season of the newest superhero show, as Eclipso and The Shade. Stargirl, which premiered last year on the DC Universe, has permanently[…]

Anime High-Rise Invasion News

High-Rise Invasion: Manga Receives Netflix Anime Adaptation

High-Rise Invasion (Tenkuu Shinpan) is a Japanese manga written by Tsuina Miura. It was serialized from 2014 to 2019 on DeNA’s manga app Manga Box, and all 21 volumes have been released.
Set in high-rise buildings, it is about a high school student, Yuri Honjo who either needs to kill masked figures […]