Anime Haikyu!! News

The Crows’ Battle To End With ‘Haikyu!!’ Two-Part Finale Film Series

Karasuno’s ‘Fallen Crows’ are ready to take their final flight and give a worthy conclusion to the Haikyu!! anime series. The anime’s season 4 came out in 2020, the same year Haruichi Furudate ended the manga. Unpredictable Covid conditions halted production of the anime’s later installments[..]

Anime News SK8 The Infinity

Season 2 and an Exciting New OVA Greenlit for ‘SK8 The Infinity’

‘SK8 The Infinity,’ the sports anime that sparked the imagination of countless BL lovers, is going to be back with more of Langa and Reki. The duo served plenty of unbelievable antics in season 1 of the anime and are armed with more stunts for season 2. Langa defeated Adam in season 1 and has[…]

Anime News Psycho Pass

‘Psycho-Pass’ Celebrates 10th Anniversary With New Film

Psycho-Pass is a show that has always been shrouded in mystery as it is an original anime without a manga or novel to adapt it from. Naturally, anime-watchers and manga-readers alike were baffled by every episode as it came out. The franchise’s anime started in 2012 and ended in 2019 with[…]

Anime News Pokémon

Semifinal Battle of ‘Pokémon Journeys’ Previewed in Latest Trailer

Ash Ketchum, the eternal ten-year-old protagonist of Pokemon, is about to face yet another World Championship. Pokemon Journeys premiered in 2019, and after two and a half years, the series is racing towards its end. The World Championship will probably be the series’ finale, and Ash is going […]

Anime Arifureta News

New Limited Time Scene from OVA 4 of ‘Arifureta’ Shows Oscar

Arifureta has received two seasons so far, and Hajime’s harem has grown considerably in this time. Not to mention the last episode where Ehit’s true intentions were revealed, and everyone got ready for some serious steps against him. The series has already received three OVAs, and these extra[…]

Anime News ONIMAI: I'm Now Your Sister!

Gender-Bender Anime ‘ONIMAI’ Preps For Chaotic Debut In 2023

Most gender-benders happen due to reincarnation or some type of magic, but the one in ONIMAI happens because of science. Crazy. Even though the phenomenon is not due to a cliche reason, the story behind it is more or less the same. Mahiro Oyama, an erotic-game lover, becomes the test subject[…]

Anime Encouragement of Climb News

Season 4 of ‘Encouragement of Climb: Next Summit’ Set to Debut this Fall

Through the years, ‘Encouragement of Climb’ has given us a memorable journey of an introverted kid. Little Aoi overcame her fear of heights, made friends, and went on different hiking adventures with them in the series’ previous installments. Aoi and Hinata’s trips haven’t ended yet as another[…]

Anime News The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess

New Trailer Unveiledfor a Magic-Filled ‘Tensei Ōjo to Tensai Reijō’

Anisphia from ‘The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess’ loves magic, but magic doesn’t like her back. Thus, this poor girl has to find someone better at the art, and who better to steal than her useless brother’s fiance. You might have realized by now that apart from fantasy[…]

Anime Blue Lock News

Catch Some Ace Kicks And Goals in October With Blue Lock

Blue Lock’s hype has been there even before the anime adaptation was announced. The manga alone is so phenomenal that it gathered a following on par with other top-rated franchises. Due to this popularity, the pressure of animating it increased tenfold because no one would dare mess with such a[..]

Anime Do It Yourself!! News

New Character Videos For ‘Do It Yourself!!’ Focuses On Shii And Jobko

Do It Yourself!! anime is on the path to becoming this year’s comfort anime, and no one can stop it from achieving that title. I guarantee that this one will make our winter days better with its cute animation and a unique story about hard work and creativity. However, the anime also has some[…]

Anime Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome desu News

Key Visual For ‘Isekai Shoukan’ Shows The MC With Sword Kuromaru

Getting isekai-d once is annoying enough, but being summoned to the same world again is not as troublesome as the first time. Don’t believe me? Then check it out for yourself in ‘Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome desu.’ The ‘Summoned to Another World for a Second Time’ novel recently revealed a TV anime[…]

Anime My One-Hit Kill Sister News

Character Designs for 2023 Anime, ‘,My One-Hit Kill Sister’ Unveiled

You’ve heard of ‘One Punch Man,’ now get ready for ‘My One-Hit Kill Sister,’ an upcoming isekai anime with an overpowered protagonist. The narrator of the anime might be Asahi, but his aura dims in front of his sister, who can kill off high-level beasts in a single blast. This is just an odd[…]