Weekly Shonen Magazine to Publish Romcom Oneshots in Upcoming Issue 36-37

Shonen magazines and romcoms might be an odd match, but Weekly Shonen Magazine has decided to stand out here. While some might frown upon it, we absolutely love such changes once in a while. However, now I know why many of you might not like it. Shonen is a more action-based genre, while […]

Days Manga News

Days Mangaka Yasuda Tsuyoshi Debuts “PAUSE” on Weekly Shonen Magazine

Days by mangaka Yasuda Tsuyoshi is one of the most definitive sports manga ever, from its eccentric characters to exciting soccer action. The manga has recently crossed over 10 million copies in circulation, proof that mangaka Yasuda Tsuyoshi has won both fans’ hearts and awards. Due to this[…]

Dragon Ball Super Manga News

Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Powers up to God of Destruction Against Granolah

Dragon Ball Super is known for Goku and Vegeta yearning to get God-like abilities. In chapter 74, did Vegeta finally pull off his trump card and transform into a God of Destruction? Vegeta has been training under Beerus for quite some time. Goku was also simultaneously trained by Merus. However[…]

Anime Dragon Ball Super News

Dragon Ball Super’s Upcoming Film Teases Original Characters And CGI Design

I consider myself lucky to be fully experiencing the movie boom of this year. After tons of delightful film announcements from various series, the boss is finally back! What can I be talking about if not Dragon Ball? 2021 truly is the year of anime films! The Dragon Ball Super Series is coming[…]

Diamond no Ace Manga News

Ace of Diamond Act 2 Manga Set to Make The Promised Comeback in August!

Fans are instilled with a sense of worry when a mangaka decides to take some time off. Although it could be just a normal vacation, history has often indicated otherwise. Even with a scheduled continuation, you never know what might happen, but not in the case of Ace of Diamond Act 2. While the[…]

Anime Chihayafuru News

Hidive Welcomes Chihayafuru Season 3 English Dub by Revealing Cast for July

Imagine being split from friends who push you to achieve better things. Chihayafuru’s Chihaya Ayase is similarly split from a talented Kurata player who pushes her into pursuing her talents as she tries to climb her way up the game ranks. With intriguing card matches, love confessions between[…]

Manga News

Junji Ito Hailed as Best Writer as He Bags Two Eisner Awards this Year!

Horror and Junji Ito go hand in hand. It is impossible not to mention his beautiful yet disturbing art and captivating plots while talking about horror manga.
And now, finally, his work has been recognized globally! Fans couldn’t be happier with Ito sensei’s nominations for this year’s Eisner[…]

Anime Crunchyroll News Platinum End

The Spine-Tingling Anime, Platinum End is Set to Stream on Crunchyroll!

The debate and contrast between the Devil or Angel has been the black and white of times immemorial. But the creators of Platinum End have something entirely different to propose. What if the devil resides within the angel or worse, is disguised as one? Platinum End, written by the creators of […]

Anime News Vinland Saga

Sentai Filmworks Announces Cast for Vinland Saga Dub Amidst Season 2 Hype!

Ever since the announcement of Season 2, Vinland Saga fans have been on the edge of their seats for more information. While we wait on that, Sentai Filmworks has some good news for the Dub fans. It’s been almost two years since Season 1 of Vinland Saga ended. Given the series’ reception in[…]

Anime Blade Runner: Black Lotus News

Crunchyroll’s Blade Runner: Black Lotus Debuts Trailer with Alessia Cara!

The Blade Runner series is bigger than ever after the 2017 sequel to the cult movie starring Harison Ford opened the floodgates of content! After Denis Villeneuve, the director of Blade Runner: 2049, revealed the anime shorts that would build upon the films, everyone was excited about a[…]

Anime Fena: Pirate Princess News

Fena: Pirate Princess Teases Fena’s Potential Romance with A Samurai!

Whatever crosses your mind after reading the title, Fena: Pirate Princess, throw that out the window. This anime is not about a reckless pirate crew with a female captain but an innocent young girl who embarks on an adventure with a bunch of samurai! Although the title may be a little[…]

Anime Idaten Deities in the Peaceful Generation News

Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi Premieres with Two Brutally Chaotic Episodes

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace might look like a kid’s show at first but shows the most heartless parts of humanity. What started with a simple fight between Gods and Demons soon turned into something much more complex. The Idaten Gods or battle Gods have trained for 800 years for the[…]