Dragon Ball Universe Manga News

Dragon Ball Super Teases New Power for Vegeta and Frieza’s Return

Dragon Ball Super is going to crack on with the new Granolah the Survivor arc. Chapter 68 will be the first chapter to introduce the supposedly new main villain of the arc in detail. We are here with the full summary of chapter 68. Read of your own volition because there are some[…]

Anime News Sakugan

Sakugan TV Anime Previews its Opening Theme in the New Trailer Video

Just like how many of us grew up dreaming of exploring and inhabiting Mars, the protagonist of Sakugan Labyrinth Markers, Memenpu, shares a similar dream of developing the unexplored ‘Labyrinth,’ and making it suitable for living. The Sakugan Labyrinth Marker anime will revolve around the […]

Anime Eden Netflix News

Upcoming Netflix Anime Eden Gets Manga Adaptation

Netflix has officially taken over the world of anime and with the lineup it has this year, god knows what truly awaits us! With the release date of the anime nearing each day, Netflix’s original anime series, Eden already has something else up its sleeve. The upcoming sci-fi and fantasy anime […]

Anime Blue Period News

Blue Period, Manga About Passion for Art, Announces Anime Series

Blue Period, the manga about the joy of art in mundane life, will soon be getting an anime series! Anyone who sees Yatora will think he lives the perfect life. Excellent grades and a social life, he has the best of both worlds. Then what is the hollowness that he feels inside himself every day?

Anime My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU News

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Gets New Game With an Exclusive OVA

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU throws away the usual trope of a loser MC trying to befriend other students at his school. Instead, the anime gives us Hachiman Hikigaya, a cynic hating the norms of society, who gets thrown into a club filled with troubled teenagers and tries to solve their […]

Anime My Hero Academia News

My Hero Academia’s Prison-break Unites All For One and Shigaraki

My Hero Academia’s chapter 297 portrays one of the most shocking developments yet. Imprisoning All For One in the prison with the highest security has been of no avail. All For One had his own plans to break free from the prison. Tartarus, the most heavily guarded prison of the quirk[…]

Anime Fairy Ranmaru ~Anata no Kokoro O-tasukeshimasu~ News

Fairy Ranmaru Anime Reveals Trailer, New Visual, April Premiere

Fairy Ranmaru, an original anime, was announced in early January. True to its name, the series is reminiscent of anime with fairies fighting for justice. However, in this anime, the fairies will advocate for the happiness of those around them. We are mostly used to women transforming into[…]

Assassination Classroom Manga News

Assassination Classroom Mangaka Launches New Manga Next Week!

‘Assassination Classroom’ the title may sound a little sadistic, but those who have watched or read the series know exactly how it started with making us laugh and ended by making us cry. The manga ended nearly five years ago, and we haven’t seen any other similar series yet. But don’t get […]

Anime Attack on Titan News

Attack on Titan is Back With Mikasa, Levi and Irreversible Bloodshed

Attack on Titan episode 6 has provided us with one shock after another. At first, the mindless rampage of Eren, then the revelation of the War Hammer Titan, and finally the appearance of the Survey Corps. Episode 5 had ended on a major cliffhanger where Eren had transformed into a titan by[…]

Anime Attack on Titan News

Attack on Titan: New Visual Celebrates Episode 65’s Massive Story Shift

With the release of Episode 65 of Attack on Titan, we fans were thrilled to see Mikasa, Levi, and the squad return to the series. But, as the episode went on, things quickly took a different and hostile turn with Eren declaring war at Marley and wreaking havoc throughout the place. To celebrate […]

Anime Cells at Work! News

NetEase Comes up with New Game for Cells at Work! Franchise

Looks like the Cells at Work! Franchise currently has a lot going for it. With a manga ending this month, the second season of the anime airing, they always seem to be in the news. A new Cells at Work! game is currently under development. It will be headed by NetEase, who are widely known […]

Dr. Stone Manga News

Boichi Illustrates A Rendezvous Between Senku and One Piece’s Ace

Dr. Stone’s illustrator drawing One Piece’s character? What a time to be alive! Dr. Stone has just returned with its second season and Boichi is already surprising fans with illustrations that make us hope for future collaborations. One Piece has just reached the 1000th chapter of its manga[…]