Anime Mob Psycho News

New Trailer for ‘Mob Psycho 100’ Season 3 Recaps Mob’s Past

Mob Psycho 100 anime’s protagonist Mob is the type of hero you’ll find only in mangaka ONE’s works. Like its senpai One Punch Man, this one gives us an overpowered main character with the most nonchalant personality. Unlike Saitama, Shigeo Kageyama, or Mob, has always been a person who is[…]

Anime Crunchyroll News

Crunchyroll Drops Fall 2022 Anime Lineup

Fall season is all about relaxing weather, warm beverages, and god-tier anime releases. What makes this time better is Crunchyroll, which guarantees smooth and hassle-free streaming of our favorite shows. Every season the company announces its release schedule filled with all the essential[…]

Anime Lupin III vs. Cat’s Eye News

Amazon Prime Reveals ‘Lupin III vs. Cat’s Eye’ Crossover Anime Film

Lupin the Third and Cat’s Eye are two of the most popular franchises from the retro anime era. While Lupin came out earlier than Cat’s Eye, with the latter ending first, both still seem tied in a neck-to-neck competition. Considering how they were released long ago, these franchises celebrating[…]

Anime News One Piece Film: Red

‘One Piece Film: Red’ Surpasses ‘Weathering With You’ at Box Office

One Piece Film: Red has been on #1 for seven weeks straight since its release and is on a record-breaking spree in Japan. Given the constantly rising popularity of the anime, this surely doesn’t come as a surprise. The film had been one of the most anticipated installments of the franchise due[…]

Anime Modern Love Tokyo News

‘Modern Love Tokyo’ Series to Include Anime Episode by Naoko Yamada

Amazon Prime’s Modern Love has earned quite the name for itself within the cinephile community and aims to do the same in the anime genre. As soon as the American show’s popularity skyrocketed, the franchise started to churn out a version for everyone. They gave us Mumbai and Hyderabad in 2022[…]

Anime Bofuri News

Season 2 of BOFURI Rescheduled for an Early 2023 Release

BOFURI is the perfect anime for everyone who is not a fighter and would invest in prevention rather than the cure. Its protagonist, Kaede, is probably the most sensible one I have come across yet, and you’ll soon realize why. The story starts with Kaede being urged by her friend Risa to play[…]

Manga News

Hunter x Hunter to Receive a Manga Volume After Four Years

Hunter x Hunter is finally coming back from its four-year hiatus, and as expected, the otaku world has gone wild. All fans have been going through mixed emotions since the news came out. Some are happy, and some are sad as it means their favorite story will end, but I’m sure everyone’s excited[…]

Anime News Synduality

Bandai Namco Enlists Studio 8-bit for Synduality Project

Bandai Namco recently shared its plans for an upcoming multimedia franchise Synduality, and sci-fi lovers are going crazy over the first looks. The company is renowned for making some epic games and anime, and there’s no doubt about this one being a huge success as well. Till now, the franchise[..]

Anime Chainsaw Man News

MAPPA Wins Over ‘Chainsaw Man’ Fans With 12 ED Themes and New Promo

Your dedicated wait for the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man will finally be rewarded this fall. This half-man, half-construction machinery superhero has won hearts all over the world, and MAPPA is making sure that no fan can escape the anime’s temptation. Chainsaw Man is all set for its debut[…]

Anime Cute Executive Officer News

Miniseries ‘Cute Executive Officer’ Greenlit for a Sequel in 2023

Najimu Mujina started her corporate career quite early in life and became a CEO at the tender age of five. However, considering this ‘Cute Executive Officer’ as a typical 5-year-old is a huge mistake. Youjo Shachou’s protagonist Najimu might look and behave like a toddler, but she’s far from[…]

Anime More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers News

New Trailer for ‘More Than a Married Couple’ Reveals Opening Song

School crushes can make people do crazy things, and ‘More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers’ takes it many steps further. The romantic comedy follows the story of classmates Akari and Jiro, who are partnered for their school’s couples training program. As if that wasn’t enough, they came to[…]

Anime Magical Girl Magical Destroyers News

Original Anime ‘Mahō Shōjo Magical Destroyers’ to Debut in 2023

The upcoming original anime ‘Mahō Shōjo Magical Destroyers’ is a chuunibyo’s dream come true. It has an otaku hero fighting to protect his culture with three magical girls in a hard rock-themed world. While the concept itself sounds like many weebs’ nightmare, the anime’s trailers and teasers[…]