Disney+ Hamilton Movies News

Hamilton Premieres on Disney+ July 3, Watch it for FREE!

The pride of Broadway, Hamilton is ready to hit the streaming world by landing on Disney Plus on July 3. A day ahead of the American Independence Day, marked this year by massive protests calling for racial equality, the film is sure coming at the best time possible. Watch Trailer Here: Hamilton | Official Trailer […]

Artemis Fowl Disney+ Movies Reviews

Is Artemis Fowl worth your time?

Kenneth Branagh’s big-budget extravaganza is a glossy and empty exercise in world-building. It is based on a screenplay by Conor McPherson and Hamish McColl. It crams elements of the first two books into a running time that’s just shy of 90 minutes. The film sacrifices character development and real drama for briskness and whimsy. 1. […]

Disney+ Hamilton Movies News

Hamilton: Broadway Musical’s Pushed Up Release, COVID-19

On May 13, it was announced that the Broadway rage Hamilton was going to arrive on Disney+, 15 months ahead of its scheduled theatrical release on July 3, 2020. A strange feat even by standards of the production giant Disney.   The brilliant Broadway experience is going to meet technology and be broadcast as a […]

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Disney+ June Arrivals to Watch: Shows, Films & Docuseries

Wondering what to watch on Disney+ in June? Here is list of everything new on the platform from shows and films to documentaries. From behind-the-scenes of the making of Frozen 2 to a historical movie, addition of some animated classics and a score of documentaries including the latest Chasing The Equinox, there is a lot […]

Anastasia Disney+ Movies News

Beloved Russian princess Anastasia remains missing from Disney+ US. Here’s why.

In yet another case of a missing movie on Disney, here is the story of a beloved Russian princess Anastasia which remains missing from Disney+ even though its parent company Fox has long been acquired by the platform. Watch one of the first trailers of this Fox animation released in 1997: Anastasia (1997) Trailer #1 […]

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Disney’s Frozen 2 Premieres June 26, Everything You Should Know

During this lockdown, Disney has released behind-the-scenes series for at least two of its biggest productions. After the hit Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian, Disney is coming out with the making-series for Frozen 2. The six-part series, titled Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 will premiere later next month, on June 26. In what may […]

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Bye, bye, Shrek!: Shrek is Leaving Netflix, Where to watch it now?

What’s next, 2020? Can you get any worse? People are stuck at home, jobless, and now we come to know that Shrek is leaving Netflix! So what now, do we get a Disney+ subscription to watch our favorite green ogre? Not so simple. Because there is still time before the Shrek series comes on Disney+ […]

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Fans want Brandy and Mr. Whiskers to return to Disney+

Even as our beloved childhood films and shows find their way back to us, thanks to Disney+, there are some gaping holes in the streaming app’s lineups. But then we don’t blame those in charge either. After all, Disney is a humongous production house with thousands of productions in its nearly century-old history. But this […]

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Is ‘The Sopranos’ worth watching? A Complete Review

The answer to both of these questions is a big, fat YES. The Sopranos, which premiered on HBO in 1999, remains after 20 amazing years of television, one of the best shows ever made. The show brought about a television revolution giving the people their first complex and intricately layered antihero in Tony Soprano. It […]

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Making of Frozen 2, Artemis Fowl & everything new on Disney+ this June

As another month goes by with the coronavirus pandemic, content on our favorite streaming platforms seems to be running out. Not to worry, Disney+ still has some exciting productions for the upcoming summer, including Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 coming out on June 26 and popular young adult fantasy Artemis Fowl coming out June […]

Disney+ News Percy Jackson TV Series

#DisneyAdaptPercyJackson, Percy Jackson Disney+ Series Confirmed

The Demi-Gods weren’t happy with the last attempt at Percy Jackson’s live-action adaptation, so they have decided to be reborn! Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Official Trailer #2 (2013) – Logan Lerman Movie HDWatch this video on YouTube It’s official! Disney+ is already working to adapt Rick Riordan’s hit novel series, Percy Jackson. What’s more, […]

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Is ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ Worth Watching? Is It Good?

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil gives away too much of the plotline in its title. Ironically, it also goes against the very tropes the first film worked against; that of the tyrannical female villain, exuding evil and drunk on power. With the first film ending on such a high note in its subtle yet powerful stance […]