Anime News Shojo Kageki Revue Starlight

Director Tomohiro Furukawa Reveals a Quirky PV for His New Untitled Anime

If there’s one theatre-related anime that intrigues me the most, it’s Revue Starlight. The story packs a lot of dramatically outlandish energy, and the director Tomohiro Furukawa has perfectly captured that essence in the anime. To put it simply, Furukawa understood the assignment in a way[…]

Anime Futsal Boys!!!!! News

Futsal Boys!!!!! Anime is All Set for a Spectacular January 2022 Premiere

People generally refer to futsal as just a smaller version of football or just a ripoff of the popular sport. Although gravely underrated, the sport has received much attention lately, resulting in an anime being made on it. The upcoming show Futsal Boys!!!!! is a part of the futsal-themed[…]

Anime News Space Battleship Yamato

Space Battleship Yamato 2205 Reveals a Melancholic Teaser for Part 2

Space Battleship Yamato is so iconic that it has been influencing space and military-themed anime for ages. Even now, the franchise hasn’t stopped releasing fresh content for its fans, both old and new. The franchise has been remaking some of its classics, and its latest project is the film[…]

BlazBlue Gaming News

BlazBlue: Alternative Darkwar to Terminate Smartphone Game Service in Jan

All good things come to an end, and though that hurts, it also indicates the start of something even better. This time, it’s the BlazBlue franchise’s turn to end something good for the better. The fighting game series that started in 2008 has come a long way since then and turned into a massive[…]

Anime News Reborn to Master the Blade

Reborn to Master the Blade Announces an Anime Adaptation in the Works

Goddesses and deities work in several mysterious ways, and not even the greatest of people have been able to figure out why they do it. One apt example of this phenomenon is the light novel series called Reborn to Master the Blade. The hero and king Inglis expressed his desire to be reborn and[…]

Manga My Hero Academia News

Class 1A is Ready for the Final Battle as Revealed in MHA Chapter 335

My Hero Academia has come far from the lively and wholesome shonen manga that it used to be. Deaths after deaths and agony after agony have killed the spirits of the remaining people. The only ones holding everything together are the students of 1A. No matter what crisis they’re facing, 1A[…]

Dr. Stone Manga News

Dr. Stone Ch. 220 Reveals Ryusui to Give Up His Pilot Position to Stanley

All the preparations for the space mission are complete, and the three chosen heroes who’ll be going to the moon are training hard for it. Being the first people from the New Stone World to go into space comes with some hurdles of its own, and you’ll be surprised at who’s having second[…]

Anime Hanabi-chan wa Okuregachi News

M.A.O and More Join the Cast of Upcoming Hanabi-chan wa Okuregachi Anime

We’ve all wondered at least once how certain non-living things would act and behave if they were human. As expected, Japan made an anime on this very concept called Hanabi-chan wa Okuregachi. This eccentric comedy personifies Universal Entertainment’s most iconic slot machines or pachi-slo machines.

Anime News Phantom of the Idol

Be Ready to get Spooked as Phantom of the Idol Manga Receives an Anime

Idol life is tough, and to become popular in the field, you need to give more than just your 100%. Even in this massive pool of artists, some would rather laze around all day, and Phantom of the Idol is here to bring you the story of such a singer. Yuuya, part of the boy pop duo ZINGS, retorted[…]

Anime News Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki to Miyano Anime Reveals Broadcast Info and Comments from Mangaka

If you’re someone who loves watching yaoi with the slow-burn romance trope and making your lonely self suffer, then Sasaki to Miyano has got you covered for 2022. This endearing BL story will have you crying, screaming, and swooning over every other scene. What’s more, is that this story also[…]

Anime Blue Period News

Blue Period Anime Gets Delayed by Another Week Outside Japan

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. This saying was proved right when Blue Period’s analytical protagonist, Yatora Yaguchi, was baffled at the kind of emotions art can make you feel. Next thing you know, Yatora became obsessed with expressing himself through art and[…]

Anime News Trapped in a Dating Sim

Trapped in a Dating Sim Light Novel Receives Anime Adaptation for 2022

Becoming a background character after being isekai-d might sound convenient and hassle-free, but being one in an otome game will make you pull your hair out. If you disagree with me, then the light novel Trapped in a Dating Sim is here to convince you otherwise. I know you’re tired of hearing[…]