Anime Fena: Pirate Princess News

Fena: Pirate Princess Teases Fena’s Potential Romance With a Samurai!

Whatever crosses your mind after reading the title, Fena: Pirate Princess, throw that out the window. This anime is not about a reckless pirate crew with a female captain but an innocent young girl who embarks on an adventure with a bunch of samurai! Although the title may be a little[…]

Anime Idaten Deities in the Peaceful Generation News

Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi Premieres with Two Brutally Chaotic Episodes

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace might look like a kid’s show at first but shows the most heartless parts of humanity. What started with a simple fight between Gods and Demons soon turned into something much more complex. The Idaten Gods or battle Gods have trained for 800 years for the[…]

Komi Can't Communicate Live-Action News

Watch More of the Bashful MC as Komi Can’t Communicate Gets a Live-Action

We all are familiar with those jitters we get before doing something, as anxiety is a familiar feeling for people. However, Komi-san from Komi Can’t Communicate suffers from it more than an average person, which prevents her from making friends. On top of that, her being exceptionally beautiful[…]

Manga News Transition Game

NBA Players Robin and Brook Lopez Release New Sports Manga, Transition Game

Athletes playing at the highest level have a different perspective and experiences than most people. You can only catch a glimpse of these through some interviews or biographies, but what if these were captured in a manga? Transition Game is going to be a breakthrough in the sports manga genre[…]

Anime News Shaman King

The Culprit Behind Episodes of Shaman King Being Delayed is Olympics 2020!

if you are a person who’s easily intrigued by the occult and summoning spirits to benefit your craft, Shaman King is your anime! The story consists of a young boy, Manta Oyamada, who encounters Yoh, who has to become the next Shaman King by defeating his opponents in the Shaman Fight. Being a […]

Anime News Tomorrow's Leaves

Ghibli-esque Anime Short ‘Tomorrow’s Leaves’ Revealed at Tokyo Olympic 2020

As the Tokyo Olympics finally kicks off in Japan, the event is drawing crowds from everywhere to their screen! The Olympics has always been envisioned as an event that brings people together through the vigor of sports. This sentiment has survived even after such a turbulent history of the[…]

Manga News Weekly Shonen Jump

Jump Comics Launches Audio Manga Ft. Voices of Yui Ogura And Toshiki Masuda

Audio-Comics seem like all the rage these days, with One Piece leading the pack with its latest “Monster” spinoff. However, what seems like a niche concept is taking on full force with the backing of Shonen Jump Comics. Imagine having your favorite anime voice actors voicing your beloved manga[…]

Anime Gintama News

Gintama’s Final Movie to be Brought to North American Cinemas in November!

Any visual of Gintama portrays it like your typical shonen anime, but with its witty dialogue and silly antics, the comedic element surpasses the intense battles for me. Unfortunately, our favorite franchise is coming to an end; no more clutching your stomachs in laughter or[…]

Anime News The Deer King Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers, The Deer King And More at This Year’s Fantasia Film Festival

Fantasia has got to be one of the most anticipated film festivals of the year. With the diverse genre and film line-up, it has become famed all over the world. And this year, they’re bringing some class-apart anime films to the event! Films like Tokyo Revengers live-action, The Deer King, and[…]

News The Tatami Galaxy TV Series

Psychedelic Novel Series Tatami Galaxy And Sequel in English via HarperVia

The Tatami Galaxy was one of the most surreal anime that aired in early 2010 that could send you on a psychedelic trip even today! From its outstanding art style to its mind-bending story, the series took on the scenario of “What if you could redo your past?” through an unnamed protagonist[…]

Manga News One Piece

One Piece Fans Hyped up with New Live-Series And Visuals for 100th Volume!

As One Piece commemorates its 100th Volume with much fanfare, the series is dropping new events and projects one after another! The mammoth of a franchise that is One Piece has made a print on almost every imaginable medium, be it anime, films, novels, or video games, but it still hasn’t had[…]

Anime News Puraore! Pride of Orange

Puraore! Reveals Two Alluring PVs Showing Different Outlooks of The Anime

With the rising popularity of sports anime, more and more underrated sports have been getting proper representation. And Puraore! Pride of Orange, based on girls’ ice hockey, recently made it to this list. With little to no information about ice hockey, sisters Manaka and Ayaka Mizusawa stumble[…]