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Popular Manhwa Tomb Raider King Receives an Anime Adaptation

The Popular Manhwa, Tomb Raider King by SAN.G, will be getting an anime adaptation soon. The Tomb Raider King Manhwa is based on a web novel written by SAN.G with themes of superpower and regression.

The announcement for this was made on X(Twitter), and it was revealed that the adaptation will be out in 2026. This anime which is also considered to be…

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Top 10 Most Powerful Manhwa Characters, Ranked

Korean webtoons, also known as manhwa, have risen in popularity over time because of the memorable characters and their stories. Some of these protagonists are hard to forget, not just because of the story’s premise or their excellent character design, but for possessing remarkable strength and unwavering spirit.

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Top 10 Manhwa Waifus Who Will Make You Fall in Love

Waifu is a term every otaku is familiar with. They are the kawaii-est female characters in a particular series that one fantasizes over. Honestly, there are many series out there with plenty of waifus. But what’s your favorite? Or you don’t have one? Worry not. We made a list and ranked all[…]

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Popular Sports Manga Haikyuu!! Rumored to Get Webtoon Edition

Haruichi Furudate’s fan-favorite sports manga series, Haikyuu!!, will receive a Vertical Color Edition. The color edition will be published weekly, on Mondays, in the upcoming Jump TOON platform.
Jump TOON is a Japanese vertical-scrolling manga service created by Shueisha under its Jump line of magazines/services. The platform will launch later in 2024.

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 List of Top 10 Must-Have Extensions for Reading Manhwa on Tachiyomi

I remember those days when I had to bookmark every Manhwa reading site I liked and pray it didn’t get taken down. What a nightmare! And don’t even get me started on the struggle of finding a manhwa with decent quality and subs. But now, all that tension is gone, thanks to one amazing app – Tachiyomi[…]

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Toei and Studio N Join Forces for Anime Adaptation of ‘Gosu’ Manhwa

Korean manhwa have some deep engaging stories despite the plot does not look new initially. Solo Leveling, Priest, and many others are also known for a darker and more mature narrative, something which is mostly seen in seinen manga. This is why it is always great to see a popular manhwa gettin[…]