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New Sequel Film for “Given” Anime to Release in Two Parts

Many fans call out Shounen or Shoujo Ai as they are usually bland and emphasize eroticism without any characterization. However, Given has managed to strike a rare balance, and it does not indulge in over-the-top fan service. It is a realistic, down-to-earth romance that just so happens to be between[…]

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Black Clover Manga Finds New Home with Changes in Release Schedule

In a surprising twist for fans of the hit manga series Black Clover by Yuki Tabata, the series is gearing up for a change that promises excitement and patience. Brace yourselves as we break down the details without drowning you in the sea of complex publishing terms. After an impressive run on the[…]

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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor – What are the issues with the game?

If you are a Sword Art Online fan, you’ll enjoy this game as you experience and influence the world of Aincrad and influence it.The game poses many “what-if” questions, letting you alter your own reality in Aincrad, which is obviously the most exciting aspect of RPG games. Fans and gamers praised it[…]

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How was the World created in Fire Force? – Connection to Adolla?

Fire Force has gaoned the attention of viewers from all over the world for not only just its bursting fiery animation which is so captivating, but also the unique plot, relatable characters and the history of its mysterious world.The world of Fire Force, was created by the Great Cataclysm that took[…]

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How Eiichiro Oda is Saving His One-Piece Legacy from Netflix’s Mediocrity

After multiple failed attempts in this genre, editor Eiichiro Oda reveals that he forced Netflix to refilm many of the show’s live-action sequences. One Piece is one of the most popular anime for the otakus out there and has been running forever. Starring the aspiring pirate Monkey D, the anime […]

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One Piece, Chapter 1084: Major Hint About Im’s Identity Revealed!

Im’s identity is one of the major mysteries in One Piece. Since their introduction, we have come to know that they were involved either directly or indirectly in every major event that took place in One Piece. Chapter 1084, which was released on May 22, 2023, was information-heavy and covered Sabo’s flashback. […]

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‘Resident Evil: Death Island’ Gets Manga Series on Comic Hu Website

Leon S. Kennedy will be back with Chris Redfield in ‘Resident Evil: Death Island’ to fight a new zombie outbreak. While Leon is on a rescue mission, Chris is the one investing the outbreak in San Francisco. It is unknown what caused it in the first place, but a common link acts as a lead. All[…]

Anime Blog The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess

Who Made Me a Princess: Will Lucas and Athanasia end up together?

In Who Made Me a Princess, a girl gets reborn as a little baby princess Athanasia who’s doomed to die in a classic fantasy tale. But this baby ain’t going down without a fight. Nope, she’s determined to avoid her tragic fate. As our little princess grows up, she forms some super heartwarming relationships. […]

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Vinland Saga: Is the Manga Ending Soon?

Vinland Saga turned a few heads with its gory and intense narrative of Viking times with an animation style that speaks true of WIT Studio’s quality. It has even managed to win Crunchyroll’s Best Drama of the year 2019. Rightfully so!While many are excited about Season 2, the manga fans are a little

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AJPEA Report Reveals Fall in Japan’s Publishing Market; First in 4 Years

The publishing industry in Japan is seeing its first overall decrease in sales in the past four years. According to a recent report, 2022 has not been a very good year for the sales of print media which adversely affected the market. On Wednesday, the All Japan Magazine and Book Publisher’s and[…]

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Does anyone reach Vinland in Vinland Saga? Is Vinland a real place?

The mysterious land of Vinland has enchanted Vikings and fans of Vinland Saga alike. According to Vikings, Vinland is a peaceful and prosperous land where wars don’t occur. At the beginning of the manga, Leif Erikson claims that he has been to Vinland before. He talks about Vinland in great detail […]

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Hori And Miyamura’s Love Story Continues As Manga Reveals Epilogue Chapter

Horimiya is a sweet love story about two people who cannot be any more different. It is a rom-com masterpiece by Hiroki Adachi (HERO) seen in a new light by Daisuke Hagiwara. The manga became widely acclaimed and tugged at the heartstrings of all romance lovers. To all the fans who were[…]