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Is Hunter x Hunter Finally Returning After 7 Years?

Is Hunter x Hunter really coming back? That’s the rumor circulating amongst the anime community after voice actress Megumi Han hinted on its possible comeback. If you’re a true otaku you probably know what Hunter x Hunter means to the fans. This fantasy adventure manga by Yoshihiro Togashi […]

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Does Anyone Die in Hunter x Hunter? – An Expansive List!

As an ongoing series with more than 148 episodes, Hunter x Hunter has an expansive roster of characters and isn’t afraid to kill off a few, or many, in this case. Hunter x Hunter enjoys an unseen amount of popularity despite the long continuous hiatus, and with good reason. With a brilliant plot and […]

Anime Hunter x Hunter

How Strong is Gon Freecs?

The name Gon Freecss suggests an image of an older man – maybe in his 50s – in one’s mind, doesn’t it? However, HunterxHunter provides a character design of a small 12-year-old with spiky long hair to carry that name. An intimidating name for a not so intimidating child? Hold that thought! Gon Freecss is […]

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Does Gon Freecs die in Hunter x Hunter?

When you think you know what will happen, Yoshihiro Togashi pulls a fixer-upper on you and subverts your expectations. 🤯 Today, allow me to explain whether Gon survived his battle with the notorious Neferpitou (“Pitou”). Disclaimer: There will be spoilers from the anime and manga here onwards. Gon created a gigantic Jajanken and defeated Pitou, […]

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Viz Media Removes Free Anime HULU Watch-Links From Website

Viz Media is a manga publisher and distribution company. It also provides manga to online readers through its website and app. Viz Media is a prominent official manga distributor as it brings the English translated chapters of manga to fans. Being under the umbrella of Shueisha, Viz has[…]

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Is Watching Anime Dangerous? Is it Okay for Children?

Do you remember a time from your childhood when you were introduced to anime? What were the first anime shows you watched as a kid? Did you enjoy it, or did you stop watching it? I remembered I was often distracted from my studies after I finished watching Lupin the Third: Part III, Hunter x […]

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Hunter X Hunter Filler Guide: How Many Fillers Are There?

Hunter x Hunter is an anime packaged as a Shonen but is really a deconstruction of the typical elements present in the genre. It has a long list of episodes that often mislead certain viewers about the amount of filler present in the show. Hunter x Hunter certainly has fillers but not as many as […]

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Top 20 Must-Watch Anime Storylines of All Time & Where to Watch Them!

Like the heart of a living being, the storyline is the heart of visual media like a movie, TV series, and even anime. Ironically, when both the heart and the storyline is not good, the one who suffers is the human being experiencing it. The storyline is responsible for giving you an unforgettable[…]

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Hunter×Hunter, Steins;Gate: Manga Entertainment Q4 2020

Manga Entertainment is a producer and licensor of Japanese anime in the UK. It is a subsidiary branch of Funimation and is owned by Sony. Its US branch is independently operated by Lionsgate. Due to the ongoing pandemic, distributions and licensing in the UK have been progressing very slowly, and even the current dates for […]


Ultimate Anime Cards Memes Collection for Otakus!

With anime and manga becoming wildly popular around the world, it is no longer a rare niche. With many fans associating and mingling, an entirely new culture has started developing. New channels for each subgroup, type, and interest within this sphere of interest has been created and occupied. Now, our internet-driven generation has incorporated anime […]

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Top Power Systems in Shonen Anime, Ranked!

Anime that fits into the Shonen genre is one of the most consumed forms of media, and fighting is an aspect that is heavily ingrained into it. With hundreds of thousands of universes built and expanded upon in the various series, there are all sorts of powers. Now, Shonen anime, more often than not have […]

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Top 25 Strongest Villains in Shonen Anime, Ranked!

With unlimited power and sturdy plot armor, our heroes need their own evil counterparts to keep them in check. Known as enemies, antagonists, or even a great plot device, these villains are a prime motivator for the protagonists and their friends to grow and strive for strength. Some excellent examples of this are directly showcased […]