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Why is Hunter x Hunter Always On Hiatus? List of All Major Breaks

Hunter x Hunter is a popular manga and anime series, and fans are always expecting what is about to come next. Disappointingly, over the years, the series has gone through a lot of hiatuses and seemingly stopped the storyline. Now, the question that comes to our mind is: Why do Hunter x Hunter[…]

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Top Ten Unfinished Anime That Fans Might Never Stop Waiting For

Some anime make a long-lasting impression and stay with you for a long time. However, the ones that stay with you because of a lack of closure leave a bittersweet taste in your mouth. There are many different reasons why some fan-favorites never got their well-deserved conclusion. Here is a list of unfinished anime that still have fans waiting for them to continue

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Togashi’s Decision to Reveal the Ending of ‘Hunter×Hunter’ Haunts Fans

‘Hunter× Hunter’ has been under several hiatuses due to the author’s health issues, Togashi. The manga’s ongoing arc, the Succession Contest, has been running for nearly 10 years! While the mangaka has been trying to release new chapters recently, the schedule has been inconsistent due to his chronic […]

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Is Ging Freecss Stronger than the Chimera King Meruem?

Hunter x Hunter has received widespread attention both in Japan and internationally. Despite the long Hiatus and discontinuation of the anime, it has become one of the most popular Shounen series. However, the manga is still progressing, and despite the slow updates, the story is entering an exciting arc. And with it, new questions arise […]

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Hunter x Hunter Returns: Will the anime really continue?

Hunter x Hunter has received widespread attention both in Japan as well as internationally. It has solidified its place as one of the most popular Shonen series, despite the longest hiatus any fandom has ever seen. Hunter x Hunter came out 24 years ago; it has been 4 long years since the last […]

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Most Disappointing and Unpopular Anime Arcs of All Time: Ranked!

While anime is splendid most of the time, sometimes it can get a little boring and disappointing. While it does not apply to every anime, as a general rule, the longer-running anime tend to have more unpopular anime arcs. The long-running anime have arcs that might get repetitive or overtly long which[…]

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10 Other Anime Like Demon Slayer That You Should Add to Your Watchlist

Are you in that bittersweet spot where you just finished one of the best anime series ever, and you’re dying for something equally impressive to fill that void? If you just watched Demon Slayer and you feel that post-anime high, I’ve got your back. Who wouldn’t be blown away by the sick visuals […]

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Hunter x Hunter Manga Read Order for Complete Beginners

Fans have a love hate relationship with Hunter x Hunter. While the story is superb, the numerous hiatuses can really spoil the fun. Still, readers support the mangaka’s decisions and are glad to wait extra long for another chapter. The read order for Hunter x Hunter is possibly the easiest since[..]

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Hunter x Hunter Manga Back on a Hiatus: When will it return?

Hunter x Hunter manga finally resumed in October after four years of no updates from the franchise or Togashi. Naturally, we were on cloud nine because of it, but our happiness proved to be extremely short-lived. Last week, the Weekly Shonen Jump published its combined fourth and fifth issues

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10 Old Anime That Are Still Worth a Watch (or a Rewatch!) 

Anime has been around for quite some time now. Generally, with entertainment, things lose their relevance with time. What might have been a rage a few years ago might just seem lame now! There are only a few pieces of work that withstand the test of time and become classics. While some may have been a[…]

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Hunter x Hunter to Go Back on a Hiatus After Chapter 400

After four years of torturous wait, Hunter x Hunter finally returned in October with a new chapter and broke the internet. Fans who had been anticipating the manga’s resumption were thrilled out of their minds, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, our happiness was short-lived, and we took this[…]

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Hunter x Hunter: Pitou’s Post-Mortem Nen – A Missed Opportunity!

It’s no secret that Neferpitou, one of Chimera Ant King Meruem’s 3 Royal Guards, is one of the strongest characters of all time in Hunter x Hunter. Pitou was the one who pushed Gon into his adult form and indirectly caused him to lose his ability to use Nen. Pitou’s combat skills and strength […]