Top Ten Unfinished Anime That Fans Might Never Stop Waiting For

Some anime make a long-lasting impression and stay with you for a long time. However, the ones that stay with you because of a lack of closure leave a bittersweet taste in your mouth. There are many different reasons why some fan-favorites never got their well-deserved conclusion. Here is a list of unfinished anime that still have fans waiting for them to continue:

10. My Little Monster

tonari no kaibutsu kun
My Little Monster | Source: Fandom

Despite being shoujo at its core, My Little Monster has too many mysteries left unsolved. With only 13 episodes, the anime won many hearts and invoked the curiosity of the viewers, which has kept them all hanging. However, we have yet to get answers to all the questions surrounding the plot. The manga has finished its course, but the anime’s continuation remains unlikely.

9. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

haruhi suzumiya
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya | Source: Funimation

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is one of the classics in the anime industry. However, the light novels were on a hiatus for nearly nine years, and the anime stopped airing after the second season. The series had a film, often dubbed the unofficial season 3, but the story is nowhere near finished and seems unlikely to be anytime soon.

8. Blue Spring Ride

ao haru ride
Blue Spring Ride | Source: IMDb

Another beloved series that fell prey to the shoujo curse, Blue Spring Ride has been a fan favorite since the day it aired. If you have been around in the anime community for even a little while, you wouldn’t have escaped all the Kou and Futaba content circulating even after ten years. However, the anime never got its much-awaited continuation and conclusion, much to its fans’ dismay.

7. Berserk

Berserk | Source: IMDb

Berserk is a tragedy in both its plot and its fate. Despite its insane popularity, it will never see a conclusion, or so we thought, after the author, Kentaro Miura, passed away in 2021. His colleagues have picked up the manga and aim to do it justice. However, the anime’s continuation seems like an impossible dream, especially since the first adaptation couldn’t do justice to the well-loved manga.

6. Hyouka

Hyouka | Source: Fandom

When it was released, Hyouka was a breath of fresh air. Different from your standard shoujo, it leaned more towards slice-of-life and mystery and continues to have a vice-like grip on its fans. Despite the light novel still being published, the anime has little to no hope of continuing after it was last aired in 2012. However, fans continue to wait for the series to return.

5. Nana

Nana | Source: Fandom

A beautiful depiction of girlhood at its finest, Nana is a story about friendship, love, and the joy and loss that come with it. The manga by Yazawa Ai has been on a hiatus since 2009, which left both the manga and the anime adaptation without a conclusion. The fans are still waiting for Yazawa to hopefully pick it back up again.

4. Stars Align

stars align
Stars Align | Source: Fandom

Stars Align, an underdog and a niche sports cult favorite, deals with many sensitive issues with great care. Originally supposed to have a 24-episode run, the series was cut down to only 12 episodes and remains incomplete after the first season ended on a huge cliffhanger. Unfortunately, the less-than-stellar sales are holding the anime back from returning.

3. Noragami

Noragami | Source: IMDb

Noragami’s popularity is unquestionable, with dynamic characters and an equally intense and hilarious plot. However, the manga used to go on long breaks because of the author’s health issues, which made the anime adaptation hard. The last anime installation of Noragami aired in 2015. However, now that the manga is finally finished, we might finally get the continuation.

2. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter | Source: Fandom

Hunter x Hunter is, without a doubt, one of the best anime of all time. Despite the anime making it seem like it concluded after Gon achieved his ultimate goal of meeting his father, the story is far from over. The characters have not all finished their stories, and there is much more to explore. The manga recently continued after its four-year-long hiatus, but the anime has no news of returning.

1. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club | Source: Netflix

Ouran High School Host Club, the most tragic victim of the shoujo curse, needs little to no explanation about its sad fate. The old classic had it all, from endearing, playful characters of all tropes to an engaging and hilarious plotline sprinkled with the perfect amount of sad and intense moments. Despite being so loved, the anime has not seen the light of the day since 2006, and it doesn’t seem like it will.

Don’t lose hope, though, because if Kimi Ni Todoke can return with a third season after 13 years, then so can any other beloved series.

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