Anime Attack on Titan

Why did Zeke head butt Eren in the Paths? What did he mean by ‘fixing’ him?

Episode 19 of the final season of Attack on Titan was a whirlwind of pumped-up action and stellar animation. Finishing off with the biggest plot twist, it knocked Eren off his pedestal as Zeke reveals where Founder Ymir’s […]

Anime Belle News

Studio Chizu’s Belle Set For A Worldwide Premiere at 2021 Cannes Festival

The upcoming Studio Chizu’s Belle is becoming one of anime’s celebrated directors, Mr. Hosoda Mamoru’s magnum opus. Belle marks the 10th anniversary of Studio Chizu. The studio is known for the much-acclaimed films such as Mirai and Wolf Children. Even though they are notorious for their long[…]

Anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba News

Demon Slayer Makes it up for Pranking Fans with Kimetsu Gakuen Announcement

Any news regarding Demon Slayer gets their fans excited, and the franchise loves to make the most of this and tease their fans. Although the fans get angry, they do get something in return. This time it is the announcement of a much-awaited spin-off manga. School-based spin-offs of shows are[…]

Anime News SK8 The Infinity

SK8 The Infinity Teases New Anime Project! Upcoming Season 2 or New Movie!?

SK8 the Infinity is a refreshing sports anime as it focuses on a protagonist who is not a prodigy skateboarder. Reiki’s friend, Langa turns out to be the skating genius. However, that leads to no animosity between them. In fact, you’ll keep laughing at the antics of the duo as they make fun of[…]

Anime News Shikizakura

Shikizakura Anime’s Soulful Ending Theme Accompanies New Trailer!

You will never be able to estimate the horror that lurks in a world where cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Shikizakura portrays a struggle for survival between humans and demons called “Oni.” In between all this chaos, Kakeru tries to protect Ouka, who is fated to save the world. In this[…]

Anime Disney+ News Star Wars

Japan’s Best Studios Unite to Hook Otakus to Star Wars: Vision This Fall!

We can all profess that Star wars have been on the rise lately on the Disney Plus after the debacle that was the last three films. Shows such as The Mandalorian, whose return to the roots of the franchise, and a western take (and Baby Yoda), have single-handedly revived the series in pop[…]

86 -Eighty Six- Manga News

86 -Eighty-Six- Announced A Dystopian Theme Spin-Off Manga for this July!

We’ve seen many franchises with a dystopian future concept, but only a few know how to portray it correctly. 86 -Eighty Six- is one such series that has beautifully pulled off the execution of such a setting. It is set amidst a brutal war where a community called the ”86” suffers unimaginable[…]

Anime Crunchyroll My Next Life as a Villainess News

My Next Life As A Villainess Blu-Ray Info Revealed 4 Volumes for The Anime

People love to see different perspectives of something classic. As a result, isekai anime where the protagonist is not the hero are getting popular. My Next Life as a Villainess is one such anime that will have you laughing uncontrollably. This tale is about how a girl gets reincarnated in an otome[…]

Anime News

Otakus Counter Military Censorship in Reversal World’s Battery Girl Anime!

The upcoming original anime, Reversal World’s Battery Girl, proposes a plot where Japan attacks Japan! Yes, I see the questioning look in your eyes as you mull over the possibilities. However, it’s not a civil war that is described, a Japan from another era is going to attack modern-day Japan!

Anime Hakuoki News

Intriguing New Character Announced for Hakuōki Otome Game’s Upcoming OVA

Otome games have been on the rise recently due to them getting popular each day. However, one otome game that stands out from the rest is Hakuōki. It also has many OVAs, anime and other media for the ones who can’t get enough of it. The gripping storyline and action sequences is what makes[…]

Anime News So I'm A Spider, So What?

So I’m A Spider So What? Finale Delayed as Fans Complain About The Graphics

Isekai is a genre that gives the creator endless creative freedom. This has led to a sudden surge in isekais making the protagonist anything but the hero. So I’m a Spider, So What? stands out in them as the main character in this is not even reincarnated as a human. The story revolves around a[…]

Anime News The Duke of Death and His Black Maid

Funimation Bags Streaming Rights For The Duke Of Death And His Maid Anime!

What would happen if every living thing you touched ceased to exist? What would happen if you were shunned by everyone except the one person you like? Find out in the upcoming anime adaptation of The Duke of Death and His Maid, only on Funimation. There is no shortage of rom-com anime. We[…]