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Overwatch 2 Collaborates With Transformers: Release Date, New Hero Skins, And More!

In an exciting new collaboration, Autobots and Decepticons from Transformers will join the Overwatch 2 universe, launching on July 9. Blizzard hinted at this epic crossover in June with the launch of season 11, and a fresh trailer has just revealed which legendary characters will be joining forces.

Anime Doraemon News

Noriko Ohara, Voice Behind Nobita from ‘Doraemon’ Dies at 88

On Tuesday, July 23, 2024, the official website of 81 Produce revealed that Doraemon’s Nobita Nobi voice actress Noriko Ohara passed away at the age of 88 on Friday, July 12, 2024. Ohara, whose iconic voice brought life to the beloved character of Nobita Nobi, was a pioneer in the Japanese voice acting industry. The Japanese voice actress was seemingly recuperating from an illness when she passed away in July. The talent management firm has yet to reveal the cause behind the voice actress’s untimely death.

Gaming News Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves Version 1.2 Leaks Reveal a Free Five-Star Character

Wuthering Waves by Kuro Games is one of the most generous gacha games, and players have loved it since its release. The graphics, combat, and story are great, but what is more exciting is the free rewards that they give out. When the game launched, we already received two free five-star characters[…]

Manga Moriarty the Patriot News

Moriarty the Patriot Manga To Return with Part 2

The August issue of Shueisha’s Jump SQ. Magazine, in a much-anticipated announcement, revealed that the second part of Ryōsuke Takeuchi and Hikaru Miyoshi’s main Moriarty the Patriot (Yūkoku no Moriarty) manga will start serialization in the magazine’s January 2025 issue, which will be released on December 4. This news has sparked a wave of excitement and intense anticipation among the fans.

Manga News RWBY Viz Media

RWBY Acquired By VIZ Media, Will Continue Production

This week, we witnessed the unwavering resilience of a beloved animated series. Despite its parent company undergoing reorganization and the studio behind it shutting down, the series’ future was saved. The acquisition of the ‘RWBY’ rights by VIZ Media following the closure of Rooster Teeth is a cause for celebration.

A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School! Anime News

A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School! Anime Reveals Teaser Visual, Main Cast and Release Window

The anime adaptation of the supernatural comedy series A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School! has revealed new details, including an October 2024 release date, a teaser visual, and information about the production staff. Notably, the main cast member, Ryota Ohsaka, brings life to the protagonist, rookie teacher Haruaki Abe, on the official website for a television anime adaptation


Anime One Piece Watch Order

Complete One Piece Watch Order Guide – Easily Rewatch One Piece Anime

There are two types of anime fans: those who have embraced the huge world of One Piece and those who are scared to even look at its cover page. As a person with a former One Piece phobia, I can assure you that not once will you regret starting the series.[…]

Anime Listicles One Piece

Top 10 Battles in One Piece Anime

The anime One Piece is now a global phenomenon known for its captivating battles and mindblowing plot. Of course, being a Shounen anime, it is home to a number of captivating battles.

As the story keeps getting more intense with the increasing number of episodes, the number of intense fights keeps increasing as well. So, let’s stay on track and discover[…]

Anime Blog Tomb Raider

Popular Manhwa Tomb Raider King Receives an Anime Adaptation

The Popular Manhwa, Tomb Raider King by SAN.G, will be getting an anime adaptation soon. The Tomb Raider King Manhwa is based on a web novel written by SAN.G with themes of superpower and regression.

The announcement for this was made on X(Twitter), and it was revealed that the adaptation will be out in 2026. This anime which is also considered to be…

Anime Blog Dragon Ball

Top Vegeta Moments in Dragon Ball

Vegeta, from the Dragon Ball series, is a character of immense depth and evolution throughout the series. Starting out as a formidable Saiyan prince, Vegeta turns from a fierce rival to a crucial ally of Earth’s defenders.

Vegeta and his rivalry with Goku drives much of his development in the series. From wanting to surpass Goku to protecting the Earth, Vegeta truly embodies a character of great resolve and…

Anime Blog Fire Force

Fire Force Season 3 Updates, Visual, and More

Fire Force, a standout in the action-shounen anime genre, is set to ignite the screens with its third season in 2025. The series, which is said to be moving towards its final arc revolves around Shina Kusakabe and his team of firefighters tackling the mysterious phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion.[…]

Anime Gundam Listicles

Top 10 Gundam Anime

The world of Gundam anime never fails to captivate us with its powerful mechas tackling various human problems. Its futuristic approach is always mesmerizing with its complex, thrilling plotlines and characters. 

It is very challenging to choose from the numerous Gundam anime because of its uniqueness and the variety[…]


Blog Manga Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days Chapter 176: Release Date, Expected Plot, and More 

Guess the flashback has reached an end by Sakomoto Days Chapter 175. With the last chapter’s emotional pathways, realizations, and difficult decisions, we expect the story to move further from the present timeline.

With the backstory of Uzuki unveiled, the manga strives forward into the present confrontations and the matter at hand. Here are more details on the further plot, release date and more.[…]

Blog Manga One Piece

The Figarland Family’s Role In One Piece Final Saga, Explained

Right now, the One Piece manga is running its Final Saga. In the Egghead Island storyline, the show has finally answered several questions, and as it progresses, more will be revealed. Thus far, the series has unveiled the Reverie flashback and is currently focusing on Kuma’s past, and briefly mentions the God Valley Incident.

Blog Manga My Hero Academia

 A Girl Who Loves to Smile-MHA Chapter 428-Raws and Spoilers 

As My Hero Academia manga is rushing towards its end, fans will be getting the latest chapter, Chapter 428, on the 22nd of July. Being in the final part of the manga, the chapters are comparatively tranquil. The spoilers for the latest chapter of the manga are here[…] 

Listicles Manga One Piece

Top 10 One Piece Battles in Manga, Ranked

One Piece is still crowned as the most popular anime, even with all the new animes coming out. While the series is known for the sea adventure of Straw Hats pirates, battles are also an important part of their journey.
The anime is famous for some of the mind-blowing battle sequences, which you can enjoy here.

Blog Manga One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1121: Raws and Spoilers

Chapter 1120 of One Piece ended with Vegapunk’s broadcast still going on. After Ju Peter and Warcury destroyed Emeth’s arm, Emeth realises that it was the “Right time” amidst the fight.

The chapter 1121 raw scans are out, and the new full-colour spread has been revealed. It has also been revealed that One Piece will be on break next week. The conclusion of the latest chapter will surely have all One Piece fans shaking in their boots[…]

Manga Weekly Shonen Jump

Update on the Shonen Jump Leaker’s Case

Earlier this year, the famous Shonen Jump published by Shueisha was victim to leaks of popular manga like Jujutsu Kaisen and One Piece. The investigation of this led to the arrest of two foreign nationals who had allegedly infringed on the Weekly Shonen Jump’s copyright.

Leaks such as these are a huge inconvenience to writers as well as readers who get unfairly spoiled due to these leaks. The trial of this case is currently…

TV Series

Blog House of the Dragon TV Series

House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 6: Will Otto Hightower Become Aemond Targaryen’s Hand?

House of the Dragon season 2, episode 6 reminds viewers of Otto Hightower’s absence as Prince Regent Aemond Targaryen asks him to be his hand.
Rhys Ifans is one of the most prominent members of the[…]

Blog House of the Dragon TV Series

House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 6 Ending Explained

House of the Dragon season 2, episode 6, unveiled a treasure trove of new elements for fans to dissect. The HBO prequel series is finally showcasing the value of season 2’s additions to the House of the Dragon cast, demonstrating how minor characters like Addam and Alyn will play crucial […]

Blog House of the Dragon TV Series

Seasmoke’s New Rider: Addam of Hull’s Background and Targaryen Connection Explained

Rhaenyra Targaryen is looking for riders for unclaimed dragons in House of the Dragon, including Seasmoke. Her first choice, Ser Steffon Darklyn, is sadly set alight and dies, but Seasmoke is much more fond of Addam, actively seeking and pursuing him. […]

Blog Master of The House TV Series

Master of The House Ending: Roongroj’s Death Explained

The Thai drama show ‘Master of the House,’ sets up a fascinating mystery involving a pampered wealthy family, their luxury home, and a badly abused crew of servants.
Roongroj Thevasatitpaisarn, a prosperous diamond tycoon who marries his maid, Kaimook, much to the chagrin of his

Blog The Boys TV Series

The Boys Season 4 Ending: Homelander’s Presidential Fate Explained

Imagine you wake up one day and Homelander is your President. Exactly!! No one wants to imagine that.
Set against the backdrop of Robert Singer’s election triumph, Homelander and Sister Sage’s initial plot envisioned assassinating the incumbent US president and[…]

Blog The Boys TV Series

The Boys Season 4 Finale Explained: We Are In The Endgame Now

The Boys season 4 finale contains numerous key developments, with the ending considerably raising the stakes for the Amazon series’ fifth and final season.
Following the shapeshifter shock in The Boys season 4, episode 7, the squad takes down the Starlight impostor in[…]


Bad Boys Blog Movies

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Ending Explained: Did Armando Escape?

Bad Boys: Ride or Die’s ending resolves several lingering plot threads from previous movies and underscores a major theme carried over from the previous entry in the series. The fourth film in the Bad Boys series reunites Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as Mike and Marcus, a pair of Miami police department detectives. Each of […]

Blog Movies Your Honor

Was Your Honor Filmed in New Orleans? Every Filming Location Explained

Bryan Cranston’s New Orleans-set series Your Honor had several key filming locations that strengthened the show’s intersecting storylines.
The Breaking Bad star returned to a leading TV role with Your Honor, a legal drama where Cranston plays Michael Desiato,[…]

Dune Movies News

Is Dune 3 officially greenlit by the makers?

Dune: Part 2 has finally hit the big screens. While the sequel wraps up director Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of the original Frank Herbert novel, it won’t likely be the last movie in this series. For one, VilleNeuve has been busy writing a screenplay based on the sequel book Dune Messiah. […]

Joker 2 Movies News

Joker 2: Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn Heard for The First Time In New Teaser

Joker: Folie A Deux has released an audio preview that features Lady Gaga‘s Harley Quinn speaking to the Joker. Despite the release of two previous trailers, Lady Gaga’s character is heard for the first time in this new audio teaser, introducing her own Harley Quinn to the DC Universe. The first[…]


Blogs Fallout 76 Gaming

Get Ready For a Festive Summer – Fallout 76: Holiday Scorched Event Guide

It seems that Appalachia is decking the halls a little early! “Holiday Scorched” is a seasonal event in Fallout 76 that typically coincides with Christmas but can also occur at other times of the year. This two-week event sends players on an adventurous quest to take down Holiday Scorched […]

Blogs Gaming Wuthering Waves

Treasure Hunting – 7 Hidden Supply Chests in Wuthering Waves 1.1

In Wuthering Waves, collecting Supply Chests is vital for progress, as they contain valuable rewards like Astrite, Union EXP, and items. To fully explore a region, one must collect all chests and Tidal Heritages. With 993 chests to find across the game world, it’s easy to miss some.

Bandai Namco Blogs Elden Ring Gaming Guides

Here’s How To Get Shadow Of The Erdtree’s Deadly Poison Perfume Bottle

The Deadly Poison Perfume Bottle is a unique weapon ideal for poison-focused builds, obtainable in Elden Ring’s Shadow of The Erdtree DLC. This Perfume Bottle excels in handling mobs and larger enemies, making it a valuable addition to your arsenal.

Gaming Guides The First Descendant

Decimate All Enemies with the Best Thunder Cage Build – First Descendant

The First Descendant is a third-person looter shooter game that has been quite popular since its release. There is a great variety of weapons in the First Descendant, and the combat options differ depending on the characters and mods you utilize.

The Thunder Cage is a very popular weapon in First […]

Blogs Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn Gaming Guides

Harness The Power of Curses – Warlock’s Armor Set Guide For Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is rising in the gaming community as a Souls-lite game that blends the World of Medieval Fantasy Magic with the Guns & Glory of Steampunk. Alongside its extensive arsenal of fancy weapons, armor is an essential part of the gameplay experience in Flintlock […]

Gaming Guides Once Human

Import Your Character Preset Easily in Once Human – Comprehensive Guide

Once Human!! Once, you were nearly Human, but now you have the power to remake the world. That’s the motto behind the game. But HOLD UP. There’s still a long way to go, and before that, you need to make your character look good (who doesn’t like a good-looking avatar[…]