HBO Max Movies Reviews The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give Review: Is It Good & Worth Watching?

The Hate U Give is a poignant tale that deals with the aftermath of a police officer’s murder of a black teen. It shows you a girl’s struggle to fight against stereotypes as she deals with the result of being a witness to the shooting. It is a raw and emotional tale that pulls no […]

HBO Max News Perry Mason TV Series

Perry Mason Episode 7: Release Date, Watch Online, Spoilers

Perry Mason is finally making the jump from the streets as a private detective and straight into the courtroom. He is defending an innocent’s case while his associates are busy finding clues to identify the real culprit. The next episode of the all-new prequel series to the hit 70s soap Perry Mason is coming on […]

Amazon Prime HBO Max News Top Gear TV Series

Top Gear Series 28 Returns with New Episodes and Special in August

The hit moto talk show will be returning with all-new episodes later in August along with a special based in the far east country of Nepal. All you moto-enthusiasts, hope you are zooooming into the photos of your favorite cars on your screens and not actually putting them to use. Stay home, stay safe, remember?  […]

DC HBO Max Reviews Teen Titans TV Series

Teen Titans Review: Is It Good & Worth Watching?

The superhero genre is littered with many interesting teenage superheroes and quirky sidekicks. They are rarely able to step out of the bigger heroes’ shadows and develop their characters and stories. This wasn’t the case with Teen Titans. Teen Titans initially aired in 2003 on Cartoon Network and focused on a team of five crime-fighting […]

Anime HBO Max News

HBO Max announces New Anime Lineup from June 2020

HBO Max was started on May 27, 2020, as a subscription video-on-demand streaming service by Warner Media Entertainment. The streaming service offers all of HBO’s shows along with its original content and some additional content. Crunchyroll offered 17 anime series to HBO Max on its May 27 launch and assured new animes every quarter. Tower […]

Gossip Girl HBO Max News TV Series

Will Gossip Girl leave Netflix? Where to Watch Now!

Here’s some news for fans of the hit American TV soap from the 2000s, Gossip Girl – the show is leaving Netflix and soon. So get your binging routines in order and get a good look at the show before it leaves for HBO Max. Why is it leaving? After a long stay with the […]

A Walk To Remember HBO HBO Max Movies Reviews

Review: ‘A Walk To Remember’ would be Best Forgotten

A Walk to Remember is your typical teenage love story. It comes across as sweet and seemingly sincere while telling the story of a romance between two 18-year-olds starting to find their footholds in life. Directed by Adam Shankman and based on Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling novel, A Walk to Remember proves that a film about […]

Coming Soon Documentary HBO HBO Max I'll Be Gone In The Dark Upcoming Documentaries

Golden State Killer: I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, Released!

HBO’s new series entitled I’ll Be Gone In The Dark is based on Michelle McNamara’s book. The documentary series is about her hunt for a killer, and the women who refused to be broken by him. McNamara had long been engrossed by darkness. She has been ever since her neighbor Kathleen Lombardo was murdered just […]

HBO HBO Max News TV Series

Football Freaks! Hard Knocks is back on HBO with Season 15

Football fans, good news! Hard Knocks is back for its 15th edition this August with its BTS of football teams of Los Angeles competing in the National Football League. The raw passion and real struggles of your favorite players will be up for display in this all-access production coming from HBO Sports and NFL Films. […]

HBO HBO Max Perry Mason Reviews TV Series

Perry Mason Review: Should you watch the HBO mini-series?

Perry Mason has had a strange history of reboots and revivals. The iconic character of Erle Gardner novels, he has been a part of a successful CBS show, several mediocre TV movies, and an unsuccessful revival attempt in the 70s. HBO flips the switch with its noir setting and takes the character in a different […]

HBO HBO Max News TV Series

Come July 31, HBO & HBO Max Will be the Only Ones Remaining

Looks like Go and Now are permanently Going Now. We’ll now be left with HBO and Max. Not just HBO Max – HBO and HBO Max. Confused? So is everybody. AT&T and WarnerMedia have long been trying to cover up a botched up launch of their latest streaming platform HBO Max. In their latest effort, […]

HBO Max Love Life News TV Series

Whose Love Life will Season 2 Show? It Sure Ain’t Anna Kendrick’s

HBO Max’s very first renewal, the original anthological comedy Love Life, will be returning with a surprise for fans. While season one was headlined by Anna Kendrick, playing Darby Carter, the second season won’t be centered around her love life. The actor will continue to executive produce the show for the next season and also […]