HBO HBO Max Reviews Succession TV Series

Is Succession Any Good? A Full Review

In simple terms, Succession is a show about a rich family looking for a perfect scion for their large business empire. However, Succession is anything but a simple show. Rumored to be based on the Murdoch family, Succession has politics, emotions and paints an astonishingly vivid picture of…

HBO News TV Series

HBO Documentary on Russia-Trump Collusion Agents of Chaos Out Sept 23

Still having trouble understanding the whole Trump phenomenon? Here’s a “crash course” into what went on in the 2016 US Presidential election and its bizarre result. HBO’s latest documentary from the Emmy & Academy Award winning director Alex Gibney, Agents of Chaos, takes the much-needed path …

HBO HBO Max News TV Series

HBO’s A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote out Oct 15

Upholding the spirit of National Voter Registration Day, HBO Max announced September 22 that A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote will premiere on October 15, dropping just in time for what is a momentous national election. The award-winning original cast of The West Wing will come…

HBO Max News The Murders at White House Farm TV Series

HBO Max’s Crime Drama The Murders at White House Farm out Nov 24

HBO Max is coming out with more than a fair share of awesomeness up its sleeve for the streaming warfare. Coming up next on the Warner Bros. backed streaming service is a dramatization of a true-crime investigation from 30 years ago, The Murders at White House Farm. The drama now has a premiere date and […]

Game of Thrones HBO HBO Max Reviews TV Series

Game Of Thrones Review: What Is So Great About It?

One Iron Throne. Seven kingdoms and noble families who will do anything to claim it. Will any of them be able to ascend the throne? What are they willing to lose? Unknown to them, an enemy more ancient and powerful than any of them is rising. Will there ever be an end to the bloody…

DC Harley Quinn HBO Max News

Return of Harley Quinn Among Other DC Announcements This Week

First Lady of the Jokerdom will be back for another season! The animated Harley Quinn TV show has been renewed for a third season just as season two finished airing in June. The original DC Universe scripted series will be shifting to the HBO Max streaming service. Alongside the announcement, DC also had a whole bunch of announcements for this season. […]

DC Doom Patrol News TV Series

Doom Patrol Renewed for Season 3 by HBO Max

Pure, strange and magical world of DC’s Doom Patrol is ready to amaze you with a third season. Except it will now do so exclusively on HBO. The Doom Patrol TV series has been renewed for a third season and, as expected, it will now be an HBO Max exclusive. The sci-fi action-adventure based based on […]

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An Easy, Secret Way to Download HBO Max on Amazon Firestick

Unable to download HBO Max on your Amazon Firestick? Well, don’t let the conflicts of the big wigs spoil your binge time. Here’s a way to download HBO Max on your Amazon Fire TV. HBO Max launched in the US on May 27, 2020, to millions of downloads across a number of devices, except […]

HBO Max Reviews The Big Bang Theory TV Series

What’s so great about The Big Bang Theory?

When we think of sitcoms and their characters, a few stock characters come to mind- the lovable idiot, the Casanova, the diva, to name a few. The story mostly revolves around their escapades. But The Big Bang Theory did things differently. What are the factors behind The Big Bang Theory’s success?

FRIENDS HBO Max Reviews TV Series

Is FRIENDS Really Worth the Hype or Is it Overrated?

Six friends, all in their mid-20s, trying to live life, find love, and keep their heads above water in the happening city of New York. What is not to love about it? 1.Quick Review You might like FRIENDS, you might hate FRIENDS but you cannot afford to miss it. It is a genre-defining show that […]

Euphoria HBO HBO Max Reviews TV Series

Does Euphoria live up to all the fanfare about it?

Teenage is a crazy time filled with volatile emotions and feelings. There is a constant, burning desire to step over the line between wrong and right; to feel the rush of doing something that is not allowed- and that is exactly what Euphoria brilliantly represents through five teens and their ‘sins’. 1. Quick Review Euphoria […]

HBO Max News Raised by Wolves TV Series

HBO’s Weird New Sci-Fi Series Raised By Wolves Out in September

Geek-o’s HBO Max has the best sci-fi surprise for y’all this September. Raised by Wolves is coming soon to HBO Max and now, a new trailer has been released for the Ridley Scott sci-fi series. Abubakar Salim as Father | Source: IMDb The series stars Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim, Winta McGrath, Niamh Algar, Jordan Loughran, Matias […]