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Naruto x Dragon Ball Collab Set to Kick off Dragon Ball’s 40th Anniversary

Shouting Kamekameha and lending my power, aka Ki, to the spirit bomb was one of the most definitive childhood moments. It is fascinating looking back at how far the Dragon Ball series has come. Gone are the days when Goku fought humans because nowadays, even Gods are no big deal. Furthermore[…]

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Fans Mourn The Passing Away of Legendary Music Composer Shunsuke Kikuchi

Legendary Japanese music composer Shunsuke Kikuchi, who produced the theme music and background score of numerous popular shows, including Dragon Ball and Kamen Rider, has passed away after a prolonged battle with aspiration pneumonia. Popular among fans, his works won him accolades all over […]

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Spoiler Sites in Danger as Tokyo District Court Rules Against Unauthorized Manga Reposts!

Spoilers are not only a major annoyance for most readers but it also heavily harms the manga industry. The Tokyo District Court has taken serious steps to cut down on this spoiler rampage. If you are an avid manga reader, you must know that spoilers for major manga series like Boruto, Dragon[…]


Why Are Anime so Short These Days?

In the Golden Days of anime, there are shows like Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, InuYasha, Pokémon, and Digimon that are considered “long-running”. They span for 100 to 700+ episodes that continuously air every week to excite many fans! Meanwhile, there are anime shows like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and World Trigger Season 1 than spans only […]

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Shueisha’s Bot Goes Haywire as it Copyright Strikes Twitter Users

A huge storm has blown over Twitter in the past 24 hours. Many users woke up to see their accounts blocked or taken down or struck by copyright laws by Shueisha. The ridiculous part of all this is that Shueisha is targeting pictures, gifs, and even DPs that have manga/anime content that have[…]

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Toei Cartoon Festival Omnibus Film Series Brings Back Butt Detective For August 2021 Screening

Toei Cartoon Festival (Toei Manga Matsuri) is an event, the children look forward to the most during their school vacations. With an exclusive lineup of new anime films and toys, the theatres are packed with excited kids. Toei Animations introduced the festival back in 1969 to showcase popular […]

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Yusuke Okada, Chairman of Toei Animations, Dies At 71 Years Old

Toei Animation, the proud studio behind famous anime like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Sailor Moon, has just lost its chairman. In its long history of animation production, the Toei group has brought many anime to life. Ever since it was founded in 1948 as Japan Animated Films, it has not only[…]

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How to Watch Dragon Ball Universe anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

Dragon Ball is an anime that almost everyone has watched in their childhood. From its bright visuals to vintage action scenes, every aspect of the classic Dragon Ball has a nostalgic element on its side. However, the latest seasons have new animation while sticking to the original character […]

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Top 10 Countries where Anime is Most Popular and Why!

Have you heard of the saying “What you Watch is What you Are”? If not, then have you been told how the TV shows you’re watching says a lot about your personality? Well, these sayings are true to a certain extent when we’re talking about individuals. But what if you’re talking about […]


Ultimate Anime Cards Memes Collection for Otakus!

With anime and manga becoming wildly popular around the world, it is no longer a rare niche. With many fans associating and mingling, an entirely new culture has started developing. New channels for each subgroup, type, and interest within this sphere of interest has been created and occupied. Now, our internet-driven generation has incorporated anime […]

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Companies Ally Over Anime Log YouTube Channel to Provide Anime Officially

A lot of anime lovers have encountered the issue of anime unavailability in their region. Even a subscription to Funimation or Crunchyroll can’t guarantee that every anime title can be watched. Illegal or unofficial websites like kissanime or gogoanime have popped up to take advantage of this limitation. The fact that these sites are free […]

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Top Power Systems in Shonen Anime, Ranked!

Anime that fits into the Shonen genre is one of the most consumed forms of media, and fighting is an aspect that is heavily ingrained into it. With hundreds of thousands of universes built and expanded upon in the various series, there are all sorts of powers. Now, Shonen anime, more often than not have […]