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Does CaC affect story in Xenoverse 2? Full Racial Comparison

If you’re an anime gamer, you probably know that one of the most exciting parts about role playing games is the fact that you can play as or with your favorite characters in the world of their series.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 takes RPG one step further by letting you create your own fully customized character (known as CAC, or create-a-character) and star as the protagonist of a Dragon Ball story!

The character you create directly affects the Xenoverse 2 main story. This is because the race, gender, and build you choose for your created character have different statistical modifiers which will positively or negatively impact your gameplay, especially in battles.

What’s more, every race will also allow you to access racial transformations called Awoken Skills, which means you get to actually transform into Super Saiyan or even Golden Frieza!

Read ahead to know the advantages and disadvantages of different races in Xenoverse 2 and how much the race you choose affects your game.

Playable Races in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Compared

There are 5 playable races in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Human/Earthling, Saiyan, Majin, Namekian, and Frieza.

Humans, Saiyan, and Majin have male and female options – that also have differing stats, while Majin and Frieza have just a single gender.

Let’s get into a full breakdown of all racial bonuses and differences in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

1. Human or Earthling

Humans/Earthlings have balanced statistics for offense and defense and are the most well-rounded race between the 5. Their ki refills automatically and their attacks rise when maxed out. Earthlings come as HuM: Human Males, and HuF: Human Females.

I. Advantages

The primary advantage of Human Male characters is that they have the second highest Strike Damage multiplier, right after Female Majins.

Human Female CACs have the second highest Ki Blast Super attacks, after Female Saiyans. Female Earthlings also have great basic combos along with a high ki regeneration, which makes them a preferred CAC.

Both have a higher health than Saiyan and Frieza, and get a bonus 5% damage when their ki is full and auto-regenration.

II. Disadvantage

Both Male and Female Humans have a lower health than Male Majin and Namekian.

Female as well as Male Humans have the smallest Ki Blast Damage multiplier among all 5 races, the HuF only slightly better than HuM.

III. Special Awoken Skills

Power Pole Pro is the only special Awoken skill that can exclusively be used by Humans. It increases speed and range of strikes, and allows Human CACs to move while defending and revert after taking damage.

Does CaC affect story in Xenoverse 2? Full Racial Comparison
Earthling using Power Pole Pro | Source: Fandom

Humans can use the Super Soul Flying Nimbus along with Power Pole, gaining a new set of attacks which are great for keeping an enemy at bay. It’s the only skill that doesn’t require ki.

Other Awoken Skills that Humans can get are Kaioken, Kaioken x3, Kaioken x20, and Potential Unleashed. Other exclusive skills for Male and Female Humans include Shining Slash and Burning Slash.

2. Saiyan

The Saiyan race has a soaring attack power that rises when their health is low. This makes them a great choice for players who are looking for offensive gameplay. After reviving them, all their statistics increase. There are 2 types of Saiyans: Saiyan Females: SyF and Saiyan Males: SyM.

I. Advantages

Male Saiyans have really strong melee attacks and their buffs from items and abilities last longer.

Female Saiyans have the highest Ki Blast Damage multiplier and Charged Ki Blasts damage multiplier. This means Female Saiyans have the highest raw damage output in Xenoverse 2. They can also use Z assists more frequently and have a high ki and stamina recovery.

Both get a high damage boost of 7.5% when under 25% health and also an added 7.5% after being revived. Both also have a decent Super damage, with the SyF performing slightly higher.

II. Disadvantages

Both Male and Female Saiyans have low health.

Male Saiyans have weak Super moves and have the lowest Ki Blasts. Female Saiyans have the lowest melee attacks.

III. Special Awoken Skills

Saiyans have the highest number of Awoken skills: 9.

These include Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Vegeta, Super Vegeta 2, Future Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Evolved), and Super Saiyan God.

Super Saiyan 1/2/3 used with Power Up Super Soul will allows abilities like teleportation and increase strike damage and ki blast damage. Downside is that the ki gain reduction is a lot, especially if you use a lot of skills.

Super Vegeta increases ki blasts more than Super Saiyan while Super Saiyan God gives you up to 50% ki recovery. The best Awoken skill for stamina regeneration is Future Super Saiyan.

Does CaC affect story in Xenoverse 2? Full Racial Comparison
Future Super Saiyan | Source: Fandom

Other Awoken Skills that Saiyans can get are Kaioken, Kaioken x3, Kaioken x20, and Potential Unleashed. Other exclusive skills for Male and Female Saiyans include Saiyan Spirit, Shining Slash, and Burning Slash.

3. Majin

The Majin race is a great option for defensive players since they get a defense bonus whenever their stamina is maxed. They have a huge defense but a slow recovery, but used with good defensive skills, Majins are difficult to beat. You can choose between MF: Majin Female or MM: Majin Male.

I. Advantages

Female Majins have a vast number of advantages including a high base strike damage, speed, a faster stamina regeneration after their guard break status. With Super Souls, their recovery is boosted even further.

Male Majins, although lacking the lightning-fast recovery of MFs, also have a decently high stamina. They also have the highest health attribute.

II. Disadvantage

The main con of Majins is their low damage, and the lower stamina recovery for MMs.

MMs also have a slower movement speed, while MFs have a low health.

III. Special Awoken Skills

Does CaC affect story in Xenoverse 2? Full Racial Comparison
Majin Buu Purification Awakening | Source: Fandom

Purification is the only Awoken skill exclusive to Majin CACs. Coupled with Power Up, it can transform you into Kid Buu where you’ll get 15% added damage and Buu’s Super, Ultimate, and Evasive Skills, like Evil Flight Strike, Majin Kamehameha, III Bomber, Quick Sleep, Buu Buu Ball, Explosive Buu Buu Punch and Candy Beam.

Other Awoken Skills that Majins can get are Kaioken, Kaioken x3, Kaioken x20, and Potential Unleashed. 

4. Namekian

The Namekian race is generally underrated. It has a high health and stamina recovery, but low overall attack power. It is also the only race to offer 1.5 times the efficacy when it comes to item buffs. This is a good choice for defensive players wanting to play with buffs.

I. Advantages

Namekians don’t have genders so if you’re indecisive about picking, go for Namekians. Not a lot of players choose Namekians so you can use this to your advantage during player-versus-player.

Namekians have a high health stat which regenerates when it is low. The ability to refill stamina faster means you can use move sets that reduce stamina more often.

The higher buffs (50% more) from items can help you increase attack power or even defense.

They have the ability to take a high amount of damage and their knockdowns are also pretty quick.

II. Disadvantage

The biggest disadvantage of Namekians is that they have a low attack potency. They also have a slow movement speed and a lower ki blast multiplier.

III. Special Awoken Skills

The only exclusive Awoken skill for Namekians is the Become Giant. You grow as big as Oozaru and gain a wide range of attacks that can give you high damage. It also increases ki regeneration. Exclusive skills you can use are Namek Finger and Darkness Rush.

Does CaC affect story in Xenoverse 2? Full Racial Comparison
Become Giant | Source: Fandom

Other Awoken Skills that Namekians can get are Kaioken, Kaioken x3, Kaioken x20, and Potential Unleashed. 

5. Frieza

The Frieza Race has the highest movement speed which makes it a great option for players who value the speed attribute more than strength. They also have one of the highest ki blast damage multipliers and have excellent melee moves. They do not have a gender.

I. Advantages

Friezas get a 30% racial speed bonus when their health is low. Their ki blasts can paralyze or stun enemies so you can simply hit-and-run after a burst of melee attacks.

The great thing is that their stamina recovers while attacking so a Frieza CAC can spam ki blasts and then get out of there just as healthy.

II. Disadvantages

The Frieza race has a low defense stat and a low base health. They might not last in longer battles. If you aren’t a skilled player, you might also not be able to use Frieza’s speed to your advantage and land up getting knocked out.

III. Special Awoken Skills

The Frieza race’s exclusive Awoken skill is Turn Golden, which is basically Golden Frieza. it provides +20% speed and 30% heightened Ki Blast damage, being the second highest damage modifier out of all transformations. It also makes you even faster.

Does CaC affect story in Xenoverse 2? Full Racial Comparison
CAC Golden Frieza | Source: Fandom

Other Awoken Skills that Namekians can get are Kaioken, Kaioken x3, Kaioken x20, and Potential Unleashed. 

What is the best race to play as in Xenoverse 2?

Each race (and gender) has something unique about them which makes choosing which one to pick difficult. The best race in Xenoverse 2 really depends on the kind of player you are and what you’re looking for out of your gameplay.

If you’re looking for a general Dragon Ball experience, Saiyan is obviously the preferred race. It has the highest number of awakenings/transformations and you can literally see you created character going Super Saiyan. It’s also the best offensive CAC for player-versus-enemy modes and Female Saiyans have a banging base ki blast damage.

If you’re a beginner, Earthlings are probably the easiest to play for your first character. They have balanced stats and Female Humans have amazing ki regeneration and combos.

Female Majins have a killer stamina recovery, especially if you pair it with Super Souls.

As for Namekian and Frieza, you gotta be a skilled player to take advantage of their racial boosts.

There are 8 slots for created characters, though, so you can just make a CAC for each race and see which you like best.

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