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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Visual Features MCs in Elaborate Poses

Dragon Ball Super never fails to exceed my expectations when it comes to the plot and character development. Sure, it is a bit softer than the previous Dragon Ball series and includes more happy and wholesome episodes, but you can’t deny that it is like the second most iconic series from the[…]

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Dragon Ball: The Breakers’ PV Teases Overpowered Villain and 2022 Release

Dragon Ball: The Breakers game puts you in the shoes of those unlucky civilians who fall victim to supervillains. If you had to survive as a commoner, how would you do it? The Breakers suggests you keep your wits around you and know when to hide and run. The game has created quite a stir among[…]

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A Complete Filler Guide to the Original Dragon Ball Anime

1986 to 1989 was the finest era of anime for me as the series that was released during this time has left many fond memories. Yes, I am talking about the original Dragon Ball series, which continues to have a meteoric impact on the current anime scene. Dragon Ball needs no introduction as this[…]

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How To Watch Dragon Ball Z? A Complete Watch Order Guide

Dragon Ball Z or DBZ is the most familiar anime in the Dragon Ball franchise and the longest-running sequel to the original Dragon Ball anime. This is the anime that has helped spread and embrace the art and the epicness of Japanese animation. From kids to adults in their thirties, DBZ has carved[….]