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A Guide to Unlocking Super Saiyan and Every Awakening in Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 offers you something which other Dragon Ball games have never offered: A chance to transform your character into any racial transformation in the Dragon Ball universe, ranging from the powerful Golden Frieza form to the fan-favorite Super Saiyan form!

Xenoverse 2 awakenings can be unlocked by completing the respective Time Rift Quests from your race. Additionally, you can acquire certain awakenings after finishing certain parallel quests. The five racial awakenings are:

  • Super Saiyan (Capsule Corp Time Rift)
  • Nimbus (Hercules House Time Rift)
  • Super Namekian (Guru’s House Time Rift)
  • Kid Buu (Bu’’s House Time Rift)
  • Golden Frieza (Frieza’s Spaceship Time Rift)

The Time Rift story mission consists of five side quests located at each Time Rift in Conton City. Every racial transformation offers a boost in your Ki gauge, stamina, and similar skills. Read this article to learn how to obtain the awoken skill of your race. 

How to unlock every Awoken skill in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?

To unlock every awakening in Xenoverse 2, you have to complete the Time Rift side quests present at all five locations in Conton City. There is one time rift each at Capsule Corporation, Hercules House, Guru’s House, Majin Buu’s House, and Frieza’s spaceship. 

You can refer to the walkthrough for obtaining your racial transformation below.

1. Super Saiyan Awakening

Super Saiyan transformation can be obtained by choosing the Saiyan race during Character Creation and heading over to Capsule Corporation after finishing Saiyan Saga in story mode. 

Prove your strength to Vegeta when he challenges you to a fight. A green question mark will pop up over the Capsule Corp building to notify you regarding this event. Once you defeat him, he will challenge you once again and during one of your fights, mock you for being unable to unleash your true potential. 

Talk to Bulma and Trunks after this fight. Vegeta will take you to the Super Saiyan level after you talk with them. However, this is not the only transformation you will obtain. He will challenge you again and you will receive Super Vegeta Awakening as well.

A Guide to Unlocking Super Saiyan and Every Awakening in Xenoverse 2
Super Saiyan form in Xenoverse 2 | Source: Fandom

2. Nimbus (Human Awakening)

Choose Earthling as your race in the beginning of the game and head over to the time rift in Hercule’s House to obtain Nimbus. Nimbus awakening grants you access to the flying cloud, Nimbus, and Power Pole ability.

Complete all the tasks given by the Great Saiyaman and the Great Saiyawoman at Hercule’s House. Start this quest as early as possible in the game, since the frequency of these tasks is quite low.

A Guide to Unlocking Super Saiyan and Every Awakening in Xenoverse 2
Power Pole in Xenoverse 2 | Source: Fandom

3. Super Namekian Awakening

Super Namekian Awakening can be unlocked by choosing Namekian as your race and completing the time rift side quest at Guru’s House at level 35.

Your task is to protect Dragon Balls at Guru’s House by defeating a certain number of characters and retrieving the required number of Dragon Balls before the time limit runs out. 

Try to collect them within the time limit or else you will be tasked with collecting Dragon Balls on Frieza’s Ship, which is a much more difficult task. Once you finish this task, you will unlock this transformation.

A Guide to Unlocking Super Saiyan and Every Awakening in Xenoverse 2
Super Namekian in Xenoverse 2 | Source: Fandom

4. Kid Buu Awakening

To achieve this awakening, you must belong to the Majin race as well as complete the time rift side quest at Buu’s House.

Feed Majin Buu enough food items till he has a family of five kids. You will unlock the Kid Buu transformation, which allows you to override your moves and stats while depleting your stats.

A Guide to Unlocking Super Saiyan and Every Awakening in Xenoverse 2
Kid Buu form in Xenoverse 2 | Source: Fandom

5. Golden Frieza Awakening

Golden Frieza transformation can be obtained by choosing Frieza as your character’s race and completing the side quest of the time rift located at Frieza’s Spaceship.

You need to gain access to Frieza’s Spaceship first, you must hand over a medium mix capsule to Appule. After doing so, you will be able to do the awoken skill quest.

Join Frieza’s ranks and complete the missions his subordinates give you. Finish off Zarbon first, and then deal with Ginyu. After doing this, you will work under Frieza and receive orders directly from him. Eventually, Cooler will appear and ask you to beat Frieza in his final form. You will get the transformation after defeating him.

6. Kaioken Awakening

Kaioken Awakening is a potential drop from Parallel Quest 8 ‘Invade Earth’. You have to acquire the ultimate finish requirement by keeping Nappa alive during the mission and defeating Kaioken Goku.

Kaioken is the awakening that costs the least Ki. You can use this awoken skill at the cost of even 1 ki.

7. Potential Unleashed Awakening

Pass all five advancement tests with a Z rank. Upon doing so, you have to finish an additional advancement test to acquire Potential Unleashed Awakening.

Potential Unleashed costs 5 ki bars and gives a general boost to all the stats.

A Guide to Unlocking Super Saiyan and Every Awakening in Xenoverse 2
Potential Unleashed in Xenoverse 2 | Source: Fandom

How much boost do you get for every Awakening in Xenoverse 2?

Every character has multipliers, regardless of their stats. When your characters acquire their respective racial awakening, the multipliers of their awakening provide a further boost to their stats. The strike multiplier of the base form of every character is x1 and their blast multiplier is x1.

  • Super Saiyan: Strike becomes .10 percent stronger and Blast becomes .05 percent stronger. You need three ki bars to use this transformation.
  • Super Saiyan 2: Strike becomes .15 percent stronger. Blast becomes .075 percent stronger. To use this awakening, you need four ki bars.
  • Super Saiyan 3: Strike becomes .20 percent stronger and Blast becomes 0.10 percent stronger. Five Ki bars are needed to use this awoken skill.
  • Kaioken: Kaioken boosts both Strike and Blast by .02 percent and needs two ki bars to be used. Kaioken x3 uses three ki bars to boost both strike and blast by .07 percent. Kaioken x20 needs four ki bars to boost strike and blast by .15 percent. 
  • Potential Unleashed: This awoken skill boosts all stats by using all five ki bars.
  • Super Vegeta: Super Vegeta is exclusive to Saiyans and uses three ki bars. Strike gets boosted by .05 percent and Blast gets boosted by .10 percent.
  • Super Vegeta 2: It uses four ki bars to boost Strike by .08 percent and Blast by .20 percent.

Which is the best Awakening in Xenoverse 2?

Potential Unleashed is definitely the strongest Awakening in Xenoverse 2. This awoken skill affects all the stats and boosts them, even though it’s costly and depletes all the five ki bars. Furthermore, this awakening can be acquired and used at any level, irrespective of the race of your Future Warrior. 

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