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How to unlock the flying ability in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?

Traveling in Xenoverse 2 can be quite frustrating at times, since traveling from one end of Conton City to another end on foot is no easy task. This is why the sight of other players flying around in the multi-lobby might naturally spark envy. 

After all, flying is much more fun and faster than regular walking. I highly advise proceeding through the story mode as quickly as possible to unlock flying.

In Dragon ball Xenoverse 2, you can fly in Conton City by obtaining a flying license. Supreme Kai of Time will give you the license after you complete the Frieza Saga in story mode. Jump and then click the fly button to start flying.

However, you can’t fly around inside certain areas, such as the Time Nest or the Capsule Corporation.

How to obtain a flying license in Xenoverse 2?

To obtain a flying license from the Supreme Kai of Time, you need to beat Frieza and Cooler in the ‘The Final Battle! Two Powers Fade’ story mission of the Frieza Saga. 

How to Fly In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?
Frieza and Cooler as final bosses | Source: Fandom

Keep these three tips in your mind before attempting the final battle in Frieza Saga.

1. Beat Frieza first, since he’s easy to hit and weaker than Cooler.

2. Use heavy, strong attacks against Cooler and faster attacks against Frieza.

3. Cooler is a tank, so make sure to dash as much as possible, since his attacks can break through your defense and drain your stamina.

Perks of having a flying license in Xenoverse 2

A flying license allows you to do much more stuff besides aimlessly flying in Conton City. Here’s how you can exploit the flying game mechanism in Xenoverse 2 to its fullest capacity.

Travel to Dragon Ball Pedestal

Shenron, the legendary dragon who grants wishes, can be found at the Dragon Ball Pedestal in Conton City. However, this place is located high up in the skies of Conton City.

Flying will help you to reach Shenron’s abode easily. You can then access all the amazing stuff Shenron can offer through his wishes, such as exclusive Super Attacks and new characters like Hit.

How to Fly In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?
Shenron at Dragon Ball Pedestal | Source: Fandom

Unlock raids and expert missions

Once you get your flying license, you can travel to the expert mission and raid locations. 

Expert missions are basically like Parallel Quests, except they have much tougher bosses. These missions don’t affect the story mode.

Crystal Raids, on the other hand, are PvP battles where one player is chosen as the raid boss whom the other 5 players have to defeat.

How to Fly In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?
Expert mission bosses Vegeta and Nappa | Source: Fandom

Unlock the Flying Nimbus vehicle

Flying Nimbus might not actually fly, but nonetheless, it’s a cool-looking vehicle you can flaunt in the multi-lobby. To unlock this vehicle, you have to talk Oba in Conton City.

However, you can only talk to Oba once you have unlocked flying because, he is located high above the ground, flying around Conton City. 

How to Fly In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?
Flying Nimbus | Source: Fandom

Is flying the fastest way to travel in Xenoverse 2?

Flying might be faster than traveling on foot, but it isn’t the fastest way to travel in Xenoverse 2. The fastest way to travel in Xenoverse 2 is by teleporting through the Transfer Shop Clerk.  However, you can teleport between two fixed locations only.

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