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A Guide to In-Game Purchases in Xenoverse 2

The in-game purchases in Xenoverse 2 are mainly Downloaded Content and TP medals.” TP Medals” is the premium currency that can be bought in packages of $2 to $30.

They can be spent on figures for the Hero Colosseum mode. The medals can also be used on level-ups for the character past level 80.

DLC, short for downloadable content, is the extra content that includes more players, outfits, and skills.DLC packs are the major way Xenoverse creators are keeping the game interesting since there hasn’t been a new Xenoverse game for 6 years now.

Downloaded Content, DLCs’ are the major in-game purchases in Xenoverse 2. 15 downloadable packs have been released each with a new set of characters and skills. Hero of Justice was the most recent DLC, which was released on 10th November 2022.

Recent DLC Releases and Information

1. DLC 12 (Legendary Pack 1)

DLC 12, Legendary Pack 1, was released on 18th March 2021 and includes-

I. Characters

  • Pikkon, Toppo (God of Destruction)

II. Story

6 New Skills:

  • Hyper Tornado
  • Burning Shot
  • Thunder Flash
  • Destructive Fracture
  • Destructive Flare
  • Destructive Fission

III. Costumes/Accessories

  • Bardock (DB Super)’s Clothes
  • Bardock (DB Super)’s Clothes
  • Gine (DB Super)’s Clothes
  • Gine (DB Super)’s Clothes

IV. New Parallel Quests

  • 143, 144, 145 & 146
A Guide to In-Game Purchases in Xenoverse 2
Legendary Pack 1 | Source: Playstation

2. DLC 13 (Legendary Pack 2)

DLC 13, Legendary Pack 2 was released on November 5th, 2021. It includes:

I. New characters

  • Jiren (Full Power)
  • Gogeta (DB Super),
  • Caulifla (Super Saiyan 2)
  • Kale (Super Saiyan 2)
  • Awoken Skill: Super Saiyan God (Free)

II. 10 new Skills

  • Impact Flare
  • Power Wall
  • Comet Strike
  • Meteor Explosion
  • Double Crush
  • Crush Cannon
  • Crush Stream
  • Blaster Bomb
  • Blaster Cannon
  • Blaster Stream

III. 10 new Dual Ultimate Attacks

  • DUAL Final Shine Attack
  • DUAL Brave Sword Attack
  • DUAL Dimension Ray
  • DUAL Gigantic Roar
  • DUAL Burning Strike
  • DUAL Final Kamehameha
  • DUAL Meteor Explosion
  • DUAL Super Electric Strike
  • DUAL Dragon Fist
  • DUAL Divine Lasso

IV. Parallel Quest

  • 147, 148, 149 & 150

V. New stage

  • Volcanic Wasteland

VI. Super Souls

  • I will prevail, no matter the cost!
  • Our two strengths aren’t just added together.
  • It’s just me and you now!
  • My back’s getting tingly…!

VII. Costumes

  • Caulifa’s Clothes
  • Kale’s Clothes
  • Bulma’s (Kid) Clothes

VIII. Accessories

  • 88 new Loading Screen Illustrations
  • 32 Photo Mode Stamps
  • 14 Photo Mode Frames
  • Crystal Raid: Jiren (Full Power)
  • 64 Hero Colosseum Figures
A Guide to In-Game Purchases in Xenoverse 2
Legendary Pack 2

3. DLC 14 (Conton City Vote Pack)

DLC 14 (Conton City Vote Pack) is one of the most popular DLCs and was released on July 7th, 2022. It includes-

I. Playable Characters

  • Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)
  • Dyspo
  • Vegeta (GT)
  • New Awoken: Supersonic Mode (Exclusive to Dyspo)

II. New Story

10 New Skills:

  • Ultrasonic Blitz
  • Spirit Pulse
  • Celestrial Wave
  • Sign of Awakening
  • Justice Blade
  • Justice Kick
  • Circle Flash
  • Counter Impact
  • Wild Buster
  • Shield Barrier

III. Quests

151, 152, 153, 154

IV. Super Souls

I’ll keep adding a bit of power to my attacks!

Raditz’s Super Soul

You’re not much of a fun fight!

Recomme’s Super Soul

I think I’m getting the hang of this.

Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)’s Super Soul

I will put a stop to you, fiend!

Dyspo’s Super Soul

There’s more where that came from!

Vegeta (GT)’s Super Soul

V. Costumes

  • King Vegeta’s (Super) Battle Suit
  • Android 17’s (Super) Clothes
  • Yamcha’s White Gi (Raid Exclusive)

VI. New Hero Colossium Figures

A Guide to In-Game Purchases in Xenoverse 2
Conton City Vote Pack | Source: Official Website

4. DLC 15 (Hero of Justice Pack 1)

DLC 15, Hero of Justice Pack 1, is the latest update which was released on 10 November 2022 and includes:

I. Playable Characters

  • Gamma 1
  • Gamma 2
  • Gohan (DBS SuperHero)

II. New Skills

  • Heroic Assault
  • Shooting Strike
  • Super Gamma Blast
  • Heroic Counter
  • Gamma Blaster
  • Gamma Impact
  • Core Breaker
  • Super Dragon Flight (Ultimate; exclusive to Gohan (DBS Super Hero)

III. Quests

155, 156, 157 & 158

IV. Super Souls

  • New Costumes & Accessories
  • New Artwork
  • New Hero Colossium Figures
  • Hero of Justice, Pack 2 has not been released yet.
A Guide to In-Game Purchases in Xenoverse 2
DLC, Hero of Justice | Source: Official Website

What can TP Medals be used for?

TP medals are currency alongside Zeni which can be acquired by completing the parallel quests for the first time or finishing expert missions. You can also buy a pack of TP medals as an in-game purchase.

You can use them at the item, skill, clothing, and accessory shops instead of Zeni. You can also use it as a primary currency in the TP Medal shop. TP medals can get you Hero Colosseum figures and skills. It can also be used to level up or customize your partner.

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He trains in martial arts and participates in the World Martial Arts Championship for the first time in this series.

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