Complete Guide to Leveling Up Fast in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Easily Get Level 99

If you’re wondering what the quickest way is to level up your created character (CAC) in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, today’s article is for you.

There are several ways to increase your player level despite frequent level caps. But some of these can take really long and get quite tedious and boring.

If you’ve downloaded the free 1.09.00 DLC update, I’ve got a much easier way for you to skip the grind and go straight to the maximum level: 99.

The fastest way to level up in Xenoverse 2 is to use the Alternate Leveling Method. Talk to the non-playable character Tosok next to the Time Machine Station in Conton City. Trade your Zeni to level up to 80, and for higher levels up to 99, you have to give him TP Medals.

Make sure you have enough of both if you want to use this quick method to increase your level.

How many TP Medals do you need to give Tosok?

You’ll need 840 TP Medals to increase your level from 80 to 99.

How to get TP Medals and Zeni fast?

Fastest Way to Level Up to 99 in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!
x200 TP Medals | Source: Playstation

The quickest method to acquire Zeni and TP Medals is by completing Expert Missions (EMs) and Parallel Quests (PQs) where fighting and defeating the boss earns you both.

You can also get them doing other side quests like Krillin Milk Delivery quest and by logging in daily.

If you’re done with the Parallel Quests and have defeated the Patrollers, you can also collect Dragon Balls and summon Shenron to make a wish. You get 11 wishes that you can use at the Dragon Ball Pedestal, and 4 more which are later added by Guru.

The I Want Money! Wish will literally give you 500,000 Zeni and is repeatable. The I Want Medals! Wish will give you 200 TP and is also repeatable!

Another little trick to get up to 500,000 more Zeni is to sell the items you win after completing PQs. Complete an easy PQ like PQ 47 where you have to fight Majin Buu and defeat Broly.

You’ll be rewarded with 2 items of Broly’s clothes which you can take to the Item Shop and sell. You can just keep playing PQs to keep gaining more items to sell.

For TP Medals, and play Expert Missions 16 or 17 offline with the 40 Ton Weights Super Soul. This Super Soul can be collected once you complete the Main Story and speak to the NPC, Nit, who is at the top of the PQ area.

What the 40 Ton Weights Super Soul does is grant you double the experience (XP) points so you’ll get x2 the XP for every completed quest.

Other ways to gain TP Medals include participating in TP Medal events and campaigns so keep a look out for those.

Of course the last method to get TP Medals is actually purchasing it using actual money – but, nobody’s gonna do that.

Fastest Way to Level Up to 99 in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!
Level Up with TP Medals | Source: Official Website

What are the other ways to level up?

If you don’t have the DLC update, you will have to go through the Main Story mode, which will give you up to level 50, and then unlock Parallel Quests and Expert Missions. Just make sure you have the 40 Ton Weights Super Soul so you can double your experience and points.

Then you can play the Expert Missions 16 and 17 against SSGSS Goku and SSGSS Vegeta respectively. Play them repeatedly to level up and gain TP Medals. Go for EM 17 only if you have a character that has a good Ki Blast stat.

If you have DLC content, access those DLC Parallel Quests since your experience grows and you can level up from there as well.

You can do the PQs online too and receive a double level up.

Pro Tip: You can also select another character with a higher level and play from your lower XP character’s profile, so whatever new points you gain will go straight to the CAC with a lower level.

Another way is to use the I Want to Grow! wish as many times as you want if you’ve collected the Dragon Ball.

If you do Guru’s missions he will unlock more Wishes for you. There is another wish that Guru will unlock for you called I Want to Grow More! which gives you 3 levels but is only usable once. So use this Wish when you reach level 96 so you can directly jump to level 99.

Collecting the Dragon Balls over and over again though, can be quite tiring.

Your best bet is honestly just talking to Tosok and paying your way up. Sounds wrong but it’s literally the fastest way.

How to raise the level cap in Xenoverse 2? How to get past level 80?

All characters have a default level cap of level 80 in Xenoverse 2. To remove this cap, you have to go to Guru’s House and complete his missions, after which he will give you the Distorted Time Egg. Guru will only unlock 5 levels at a time, so you have to go to him at least 4 times.

Fastest Way to Level Up to 99 in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!
Guru Unlocking your Potential | Source: Fandom

There are 14 defense missions you have to do for Guru, after which he will unlock the attribute, experience, and extra wish options (where you can get the I Want to Grow More wish too!)

Some players have complained about not being able to enter Guru’s House – just try saving and then restarting the game in this case.

The best part is that once you remove the level cap for one character, it is removed for all your alternate characters as well.  

This means that once you have reached a high level, even possibly a level 99 for one of your characters, you can use that character to win battles in alternate characters’ profiles to gain XP and level them up as well.

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