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Is it possible to change the race of your character in Xenoverse 2?

Race is one of the primary things that affect the stats in Xenoverse 2. There are five races that you can choose from: Majin, Saiyan, Earthling, Namekian, and Frieza race.

Each race has different abilities and stats which might not be possible for other races, for example, the Majin race has high defense abilities while Saiyans have high attack power. Super Saiyan transformation also can only be achieved by the Saiyan race and not by characters of other races.

These differences might prompt gamers to change their race, after realizing the said things. Let’s find out if such a thing is possible or not!

You cannot change the race of your character during the game. You can only start afresh with a new character if you want to have a different race. You can however change the appearance of your character if you wish to.

Many players start the game without realizing that race can have a profound effect on gameplay. Halfway through the game, they might realize that the Saiyan race has better attack power.

You can always save your progress as the present character and start afresh. You will have to level up your character again and also need to go through the story mode and parallel quests from the beginning.

Here’s something to appease you, the new character will have access to any skills, clothes, capsules, super souls, and unused QQ Bangs that are present in your inventory.

Is it Possible to Change the Race of Your Character in Xenoverse 2?
Earthling Race | Source: Fandom

Is it at least possible to change the appearance of my character?

It is possible to change the appearance of your character. If you wish to do so, start by obtaining more clothes.

Once you have done that, head over to the Customize option. Hit ‘Change Equipment’ and this is where you can choose from the clothes you have collected.

Is it Possible to Change the Race of Your Character in Xenoverse 2?
Changing the appearance of the character
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