How to Find Elder Kai in Xenoverse 2?

Elder Kai is a mentor who appears in Toki-Toki City and only to the owners of the Resurrection of F DLC Pack. He has quite a low chance of appearing to the players which can be super frustrating.

I have collected all the information on this fleeting old man and it is quite easy to get hold of him if you know the tricks. Let’s find him out!

To find Elder Kai you need to go out of character, select and search the town. To make this easier, you need to talk to the patrollers with icons over their heads. They usually give out information on the old man’s whereabouts.

Elder Kai

The Easiest Way to Find the Old Man!

The quest of finding Elder Kai starts with the Supreme Kai of Time instructing you to find him. Now, remember there are quite a few things which will make your job easier.

Supreme Kai of Time

The patrollers and warriors with icons over their heads will provide pivotal information regarding the location of this old man. You can also use your map to make it much easier.


The NPCs and Their Role in Finding Elder Kai

As we know the patrollers with icons play a major role in finding Elder Kai. After you receive the task from the Time Kai, start by looking around for the patrollers with icons.

Follow their instructions and move accordingly. There are around 3 such NPC’s who provide pivotal information.

First is Tufu who will ask you to go down to the clothing store where you will find another NPC, Chicori. She will instruct you to go to the Reception area and you will find out that the old man is left there.


You will be instructed to go to the time nest where you will find Elder Kai.


Elder Kai’s Mission: What will you receive?

After you reach Elder Kai you will receive a mission that has four phases: Initiation, First Training, Second Training, and Final Training.

The initial phases mainly focus on defeating the time patrollers. The final phase requires you to be patient for 1 minute and you are not allowed to move.

Upon completion of Elder Kai’s mission, you will gain about 2 million exp (or 2 levels) and will receive Unlock Potential as a new Ultimate.

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