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Did Akira Toriyama Design Super Saiyan 4? Busting Dragon Ball’s Biggest Myth

A rumour has been circulating for a very long time about the origin of the design of Super Saiyan 4. Some fans believe that Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru created it, while others think it was made by Akira Toriyama. Honestly, the answer to it is very straightforward, which we will discuss in this article[…]

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DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 Adds The Supreme Kai Of Time

Through an official Tweet, Bandai Namco US has shared a brand-new gameplay trailer for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, revealing that the Supreme Kai of Time will be joining the game on August 26th. Bandai Namco also revealed that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has already managed to sell over a very impressive 6 million copies since […]

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Dragon Ball Heroes: Goku and Vegeta Surpass Super Saiyan 4

Dragon Ball is a classic action anime franchise and is a name that is known to otaku and non-otaku alike. It is one of those ground-breaking and rare anime, which has kept fans entertained for decades. It is not just the fabulous action that grips the attention of viewers and readers alike; it is also […]