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Top 20 Must-Watch Anime Storylines of All Time & Where to Watch Them!

Like the heart of a living being, the storyline is the heart of visual media like a movie, TV series, and even anime. Ironically, when both the heart and the storyline is not good, the one who suffers is the human being experiencing it. The storyline is responsible for giving you an unforgettable[…]

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10 Dazzling Must-Watch Dancing Anime to Watch in 2020!

One can define “Dance” as the rhythmic movement of the body to the accompaniment of music. But that doesn’t mean you cannot dance without music. It is true that dance is mostly associated with music, but it is also true that dance is a way of expressing your feelings that can’t be told otherwise.

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10 Loveliest Fairy Anime in 2020 and Where To Watch Them!

Tiny mythical beings with cute wings flapping around with magical powers that are what fairies look like, don’t they? Be it the tooth fairy and whatnot, fairies have been molded into our lives since childhood to make us do something without explaining it in detail. Be it by reading picture books or watching animated movies and….

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10 Must-Watch Kaiju Anime of All Time and Where to Watch Them!

If you are watching anime for quite some time now, you must have come across the word “Kaiju.” For those who are new to anime and wonder what that word means, in Japanese, “Kaiju” means strange beasts. In simple words, creatures like King Kong and Godzilla are known as Kaijus. Kaijus are of different types, but….

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Top 20 Hilarious Anime on Crunchyroll to Watch in 2020!

Comedy isn’t something anyone can pull off that easily. Comedy needs to have the humor and the delivery time in sync. Otherwise, the humor would come across as an effort to make you laugh forcefully, which becomes torture for the viewer. But there are some series which pulls off comedy with ease for its well-written […]

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10 Cutest Anime On Crunchyroll to Watch in 2020!

It doesn’t matter how much you love anime, sometimes you want to watch something that doesn’t have a fast-paced plot with a fight between the good and the evil. In such times, Slice of Life is the only genre that will rescue you. We will be discussing mostly the cute Slice of Life anime, which […]

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20 Must-Watch Action Anime on Crunchyroll & Where To Watch!

There are so many action anime released nowadays, that if a studio delivers a decent action anime, it will be bashed throughout the internet for being mediocre. Either it should have clean cuts like what we see in anime like One Punch Man, My Hero Academia or it should be choreographed too well like Naruto, […]

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20 Must-Watch Romance Anime On Crunchyroll to Watch Right Now!

What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear the word “Romance”? Is it holding hands while enjoying a view of the sunset and spending quality time? No, for most of us, the word “Romance” takes us straight to physical intimacy. But do you know there are very few people […]

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Crunchyroll: Top 10 Must-Watch Horror Anime of All Time, Ranked!

The word “Horror” has different meanings for every single individual based on their experiences. For someone experiencing something supernatural can be horrifying, while for some, it can be exciting and adventurous. Not everyone has a common thing that horrifies them. The subject of horror can be literally anything; it depends on the experience of the […]

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10 Hillarious Comedy Anime On Amazon Prime to Watch Right Now!

The one genre that you can watch on any given day is comedy. Be it a gloomy day or a bright one, comedy anime will make you laugh any day. Though not every comedy is up to the mark, there are a few that can leave a strong impression on you for a long time. […]

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Top 10 Action Anime on Amazon Prime to Watch Right Now!

Action is one of the most popular genres across anime, if not the most popular. Loved for the dynamic animation and sound design, action anime has been the center of attention for quite a long time. Though there is not a lot of anime on Amazon Prime, within those, there are few action anime that […]

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10 Best Dubbed Anime of All Time on Amazon Prime, Ranked!

The debate on dubbed or subbed being the better version of anime is going on for the past few decades. Though subbed versions are the original versions of anime, dubs were made to take the platform of anime to the international level. The idea of dubbing was a huge success as a large number of […]