Hunter x Hunter Returns: Will the anime really continue?

Hunter x Hunter franchise is a very popular Shonen manga and anime, having its influence reverberating through the realm of anime and manga.

On the surface, it has characters and their motivations following the Shonen archetype, but as we progress through the show, we encounter the darker sides of the anime.

The anime had been on a very long hiatus since the release of season 6 in 2014, many fans had almost lost hope, but their patience has paid off.

Now that the Togashi is comparatively healthy and have started redrawing the remainder of HxH manga, Hunter x Hunter anime will soon resume with season 7. Togashi himself confirmed the same through recent tweets.

1. Was Hunter x Hunter anime canceled?

Will HxH anime continue? When did it end?
Hunter x Hunter | Source: IMDb

The Hunter x Hunter manga was released in the Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump on March 3, 1998, and was first adapted into a series of 4 seasons in 1999.

Hunter x Hunter anime was never canceled. Madhouse picked up the franchise in 2011 and aired in 2014, with 6 seasons (148 episodes). It covered the manga up to chapter 339. After that, however, the anime went into a prolonged hiatus.

2. Why was Hunter x Hunter anime on hiatus?

Will HxH anime continue? When did it end?
Gon, Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua | Source: Twitter

The real reason why the anime was on hiatus was due to the utter lack of material.

In Addition, the creator, Togashi Yoshihiro, took multiple breaks due to his chronic health condition, and the most prolonged hiatus of 4 years from 2018 to 2022 led to the anime almost catching up to the manga.

A unique thing that makes Hunter x Hunter special is that it isn’t packed with fillers like other major Shonen series. Each episode builds up to something essential to the plot.

While the studio can certainly continue animating the series by diverging from the manga and adding in non-cannon material, it will only result in a half-baked attempt to catch the fans’ attention span.

3. When will Hunter x Hunter return?

Will HxH anime continue? When did it end?
Hunter x Hunter | Source: IMDb

The creator sparked enthusiasm and invigorated thirsty fans with hope as he made his first tweet of this year, 2023.

Revealing that he will be returning with Chapter 401, implying that there could be a season 7 for the anime as new content is on the way.

“Completed No.401.

Although the production system is not fixed, I’m glad that the work time at my desk has increased little by little.”

English Translation, Twitter Translate

4. When will it be released, and how Long Would Season 7 Be?

Will HxH anime continue? When did it end?
Hunter x Hunter | Source: Crunchyroll

The release date has not been confirmed yet for season 7. Still, fans can rest assured about the upcoming release through Togashi’s tweet and the mangaka’s unwavering determination to complete the manga despite his hurdles.

In addition, Togashi’s previous tweet in the year 2022 was as follows,

“Four more episodes for now,”

English Translation, Twitter Translate

This indicated that Madhouse had started working on the production, and with the recent tweet about the completion of chapter 401, a new season is bound to be released.

It’s hard to speculate how long season 7 would be as Hunter x Hunter seasons 2 and 6 were 12 episodes, but season 5 was 61 episodes.

Hopefully, with the improvement of Mangaka’s health and additional aid, more chapters can be released, and we can get an explosive season with ample episodes to quench our thirst.

5. What to expect from Season 7?

The following season will explore the “Dark Continent Expedition,” where Netero’s son will form an expedition crew and head into the Dark Continent, a grim place from where travelers rarely return. Ging Freecs joins the team to expand his knowledge on the quest.

However, the following season won’t feature Gon, Killua, and Alluka as they had parted ways since we last saw them and promised to reunite later on, and the “Dark Continent Expedition” arc in the manga does not feature them reuniting.

Gon went off to finally meet his father, Ging Freecs, properly before joining Kite and the other Amateur Hunters. Killua had decided to join his sister, Alluka, on her adventures for a while.

6. Where to watch Season 7?

Will HxH anime continue? When did it end?
Hunter x Hunter | Source: Twitter

All the seasons of Hunter x Hunter are on Crunchyroll and Netflix. Hence the new season will also be available on these platforms.

I. Crunchyroll

On Crunchyroll, you can grab the Fan package for only $7.99/month, and the most expensive package, Ultimate Fan, costs $14.99/month with offline viewing.

II. Netflix

On Netflix, you can get a basic, with ads: for $6.99/month, and the most expensive plan is a premium $19.99/month with offline viewing.

Watch Hunter x Hunter on:

7. Conclusion

In conclusion, the official release date of Season 7 has not been declared, but Madhouse is working on its adaptation, as implied by Togashi’s tweets.

Fans can anticipate a brand-new season as soon as 2024.

Will HxH anime continue? When did it end?
Hunter x Hunter | Source: Twitter

8. About Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a Shonen anime adapted from manga of the same name.

The story follows the adventures of a young boy, Gon, discovering that his dead father wasn’t dead but was a legendary Hunter. Instead of feeling dejected, Gon decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a great Hunter himself.

The job of a Hunter isn’t an easy one, and Gon needs to pass an exam to become an official hunter. He makes friends on this journey, and they all must help each other overcome any obstacles.

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