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A Complete Guide to Reading All 26 Books in the Dune Series

Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel series has never failed to make any generation fall in awe of its vast world building. Whether you’re familiar with the Dune universe or venturing into the sands of Arrakis for the first time, this expansive series offers a compelling narrative on power and conflict f[…]

Hunter x Hunter Manga Read Order

Hunter x Hunter Manga Read Order for Complete Beginners

Fans have a love hate relationship with Hunter x Hunter. While the story is superb, the numerous hiatuses can really spoil the fun. Still, readers support the mangaka’s decisions and are glad to wait extra long for another chapter. The read order for Hunter x Hunter is possibly the easiest since[..]

Manga One Piece Read Order

Complete One Piece Manga and Spinoffs Read Order for Beginners

The adventures of Luffy and the Strawhat pirates have won over thousands of fans, and it is the lifeblood of otaku culture. With coldblooded twists and a whole Christmas’ worth of easter eggs, this manga has captured the hearts of almost every otaku. With 1070+ chapters and 1050+ episodes, One[…]

Baki Manga Read Order

How To Read Baki Manga? A Complete Read Order Guide

Baki is a wild adolescent martial arts prodigy who can’t seem to get enough violence and fights in order to dominate the world’s strongest creature, his father. This martial arts manga can ignite the flames of fighting, which is so primordial yet an indisputable truth in our DNA.