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The All Time Best Live-Action Anime Adaptations based on CGI, Plot & Impact

After the massive success of the new one-piece live-action series, Fans are left wondering if more LA masterpieces are collecting dust on the internet like unfounded treasures. Well, get ready to dive into a world where your favorite animated stories come to life. We’ve compiled a list of the best …

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Most Disappointing and Unpopular Anime Arcs of All Time: Ranked!

While anime is splendid most of the time, sometimes it can get a little boring and disappointing. While it does not apply to every anime, as a general rule, the longer-running anime tend to have more unpopular anime arcs. The long-running anime have arcs that might get repetitive or overtly long which[…]

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Viz Media Releases Death Note, Sailor Moon, Naruto, and More on YouTube!

Nothing is better than having your favorite anime within your reach at any time. A lot of anime gets scattered around multiple platforms and you have to subscribe to access most of them nowadays. This is why having open and free access feels relieving and welcoming. On Thursday, Viz Media announced[…]

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The Simpsons Cosplay ‘Death Note’ for Spooky Season

The Simpsons show is widely known for predicting the future, featuring famous personalities on a daily basis, and some great parodies. This Halloween, the show decided to take on one of the most popular anime of all time: Death Note. Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s Death Note has been adapted[…]

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Netflix Licenses 13 Anime Titles Following Deal With Nippon TV

Netflix is the most recent player in the anime streaming industry and is doing quite well in bringing us premium content. The company has always been looking out for better content for its viewers and making deals with other anime-related ventures. Recently, the streaming giant has cracked yet[…]

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Duffer Brothers to Adapt ‘Death Note’ into a Netflix Live-Action Series

Stranger Things is everywhere nowadays. Volume 4’s groundbreaking final episodes have successfully taken over social media and are reigning on top right now. Now would be the best time for Duffer Brothers to announce new projects and milk out as much as possible from the hype. Inspired by the[…]

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Top 15 Anime with the Biggest Fanbases in the World, Ranked!

The anime industry has one of the largest, most die-hard fanbases in the world. Although anime arises specifically from Japan, there are millions of fans internationally that consume and participate with its content. Anime fandoms are hard to critique, judge, or measure […]

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Top 15 Anime with the Best Endings of All Time, Ranked!

An ending can make or break a story. As with any other work of fiction, anime storylines are often entirely judged upon their endings. Chances are, if the anime has a kickass ending, you’re going to remember it for a long time, even recommend it to your friends. If it sucks, it’ll […]


Everything You Need to Know About ‘Ride-on King’, the Manga on Putin

You may or may not know this, but there is an Isekai manga based on Vladimir Putin – and it’s actually really good. It’s hailed as one of the best Isekai stories out there, with an engaging story, unique characterization, and fun artwork that leaves nothing to imagination. Putin is probably […]

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Platinum End Anime, from the Creators of Death Note, Premieres Today

Platinum End, the latest anime from the creators of Death Note, will be released today, and thriller fans are already making a beeline to stream it. As a fan of the manga, I can confirm that if you’ve ever craved for another story that will give you the adrenaline rush and brain games of Death[…]

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10 Strongest Characters In Death Note

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Death Note is a haunting masterpiece that glues the audience to their screens. From its intensifying animation to its ground-breaking soundtrack, Studio Madhouse understands how to make an anime that can stand the test of time.

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So, Who was the smarter one: Light or L? Final Answer

Death Note is one of the most popular anime and manga series of all time, full of some insanely intelligent characters. But when it comes to who’s the smartest, everyone’s uncertain.
Death Note has to be one of my favorite anime series, definitely in the top 3. However, I always […]