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Strongest Main Characters in Anime

Anime has some of the most broken and overpowered characters compared to any other form of media. Gods, devils and other omnipotent beings are almost always included in the cast of any good anime. While some have immense physical strength, speed and amazing battle prowess, others have demonic [..]

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‘One Punch Man’ Bags’ Fast and Furious’ Director for Live-Action Film

One Punch Man is one of the most thrilling and batshit crazy action anime out there. What makes the series so insane is its overpowered protagonist Saitama who’s never had an opponent he can go all-out against. While the running theme of him being the strongest gets a bit dull sometimes, the[…]

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Top 15 Anime with the Biggest Fanbases in the World, Ranked!

The anime industry has one of the largest, most die-hard fanbases in the world. Although anime arises specifically from Japan, there are millions of fans internationally that consume and participate with its content. Anime fandoms are hard to critique, judge, or measure […]

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Is Sakamoto Days Just One Punch Man With Hitmen Instead of Heroes?

I recently came across a charming manga series by Yuto Suzuki called Sakamoto Days. The protagonist of the action-comedy series Mr. Sakamoto is a legendary ex-hitman who gave up killing after meeting the woman of his dreams, Aoi. Adorable, right? Since then, Mr. Sakamoto has turned almost[…]


How To Start Watching Anime and From Where?

Anime is becoming more and more popular as the days go by. You must have heard some basic layman definition of what Anime is all about – its cartoons made by Japan or so on, and I’m pretty sure your weeb friends must have snapped and given you a lecture about it. (Trust me, do not ever tell a weeb anime is cartoons; it will lead to the worst possible outcome) To check it out, you are now wondering where I should begin from […]

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Boros vs. Garou – The Strongest Alien against the Human Monster

Garou Vs. Boros is a fight that every OPM fan wants to see, and while they have never faced each other before due to certain circumstances (Rip Boros), many hold their own opinion on who would win in a showdown. One Punch Man is a show where there are no definite power levels, and the abilities of […]

Anime Listicles One Punch Man

Top 10 strongest characters in One Punch Man, Ranked!

One Punch Man is set in a world where people can enroll as a professional hero to fight off against the enemies of humanity. In such a setting, where a lot of people with various powers exist, our protagonist still reigns over all. After becoming a hero for fun and removing his limiter, Saitama has […]

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HorribleSubs Shuts Down Due to COVID-19 Pandemic!

HorribleSubs is a website that offers a huge variety of anime for free! If you feel anything shady going on here then you are right. HorribleSubs is a pirating website where fans can download subbed anime through torrent links. However, the heavenly days of free-loading anime watchers are[…]

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Is the One Punch Man workout possible? – OPM Workout Guide

The key to Saitama’s power, his training regimen, is revealed in the third episode of the anime. The anime hits the perfect note of comedy through the anti-climactic and simple deus ex machina that powers our pitifully bored superhero and made him bald. And it is this very training regimen that […]

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Top 20 Hilarious Anime on Crunchyroll to Watch in 2020!

Comedy isn’t something anyone can pull off that easily. Comedy needs to have the humor and the delivery time in sync. Otherwise, the humor would come across as an effort to make you laugh forcefully, which becomes torture for the viewer. But there are some series which pulls off comedy with ease for its well-written […]

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Top 10 Must-Watch Comedy Anime On Hulu!

The only thing that can make your bad days a bit better is the right amount of laughter, which can only be possible through good humor. Comedy is such a genre that has the humor to make you laugh your hearts out on any given day. Hulu has a lot of anime in its library, […]

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Top 10 Must-Watch Comedy Anime on Netflix & Where to Watch Them!

Comedy is something that has enormous popularity regardless of the age group. Who doesn’t wanna have a good laugh at any point of the day? The world of “Comedy” envelops everything around it, be it sad, happy, or tense. Without any bounds, Comedy is the genre that will help brighten your bad days effortlessly. Without […]