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Saitama’s Love Interest from One Punch Man Discussed

Saitama has ungodly powers and unmatched humor without even trying, making him popular in the realm of anime and fandoms. He has got everything he needs and has even broken his “limiter”, perhaps it’s time for him to have a lover as well. A ship has been teased slightly in the OPM manga and in this[…]

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The Final Villain in One Punch Man Unveiled: Is It God?

Saitama is one of the strongest and funniest characters in the world of anime, and his ability to beat enemies without breaking a sweat outshines all others. Because of his ridiculous powers, the show’s writers have introduced us to countless villains, each with unique abilities and str[…]

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Does Genos die in OPM? Who kills him? Does he revive?

Genos, a fan favorite among all of us OPM fanatics, met a tragic end that none of us would have seen coming. Genos is one of those cool-looking anime characters with no haters, and his naivety and passion to become stronger wins hearts. Genos dies in One Punch Man Manga at the hands of Garou, the He[…]

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Does Saitama lose to God?

The most awaited battle in One Punch Man has yet to occur between Saitama and the enigmatic character God, it’s got fans buzzing to see the outcome. Saitama will not lose to God as he can level up his power without any constraints as he had smashed through his “Limiter” long ago Keep reading to unco[…]

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Is Saitama God? Did Saitama get his powers from God?

Saitama is probably one of the strongest as well as the funniest characters in the realm of anime, it makes you ponder whether he is the god in the OPM world. Let’s answer them in this article. No, Saitama is not God in OPM, in fact, there’s another character named “God” who is pretty enigmatic and […]

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How did Garou turn into a monster? Does he become human again?

Garou, the Hero Hunter and the martial artist prodigy that Bang expelled from his dojo has one of the best character arcs in the story. Garou ended up turning into a monster through the process of “Monsterization” and by breaking his “Limiter.” However, he reverted back to being a human after losing[…]

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Two New Promo Videos of ‘Classroom for Heroes’ Reveal July Debut

The story for ‘Classroom for Heroes’ takes place at Rosewood Academy, a school for heroes in training, and among them, Arnest Flaming is considered one of the strongest in the whole academy. Until she has an irritating encounter with a new student, Blade, a goofball and lighthearted person.[…]

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One Punch Man Anime’s Twitter Asks to be Wary of Misinformation

Popular franchises are bound to be the target of misinformation and false rumors, and One Punch Man is no exception. Saitama might not give a damn about all the villains there are in the world, but he definitely cares about his fans being deceived by misinformation. To prevent fans from being[…]

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Mob Psycho 100: All You Need to Know about Mob’s Powers!

With season 3 of Mob Psycho 100 ongoing, the hype around Mob and his powers has suddenly seen a hike. Shigeo Kageyama aka Mob, is an esper with hyper-developed telekinetic and psychic powers. He might not seem very strong physically, but trust me when I say Mob is one seriously […]

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One-Punch Man Creator to Launch New Manga Series After 10 Years

ONE is a creator known for his extremely overpowered protagonists with dull personalities and an unawareness about their abilities. While people around these protagonists are left speechless by their feats, the heroes are probably worried about missing a discount or sale. Saitama from One-Punch[…]

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One-Punch Man Manga Takes a Break Before New Arc

One-Punch Man unveiled its anime’s third season yesterday, but that doesn’t mean we withdraw our attention from the manga. The manga has been adapting the Monster Association arc for a while and is planning to put an end to it in the coming chapters. Since it’s such a huge arc, it’s only[…]

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Everything You Need to Know About Season 3 of One-Punch Man

Seeing Saitama destroy huge monsters, that every hero has struggled with, in a single punch never gets old. Season 2 of One Punch Man ended with him obliterating the Elder Centipede in a single punch, and I’m waiting for the world to realize Saitama’s power in season 3. At this point, I think[…]