Anime Coming Soon Rusted Armors Upcoming Anime Seasons

Rusted Armors -Dawn- : Winter 2022 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates

The upcoming series "Rusted Armors: Dawn," is a samurai adventure based
on 2.5D stage plays and a manga series of the same name. Usually, “2.5-D” stage play
initiatives are primarily based on current anime or manga, but that's not the case with
the Rusted Armors as the stage play began first [.…]

Anime Coming Soon That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Upcoming Anime Seasons

TenSura Season 3: Has it Been Greenlit Yet? Latest Updates

The whole internet is getting flooded with one very important question right now, “Will TenSura receive a third season?” Rimuru started as a mere slime munching on grass in a dark cave, but his meeting with Veldora changed everything, and he has come a long way. Yet is this the best that he [….]

Anime Bleach Coming Soon Upcoming Anime Seasons

Bleach Season 17: 2021 Release, Visual, and Latest Updates

Bleach, the magnum opus of Tite Kubo, is coming back after eight years with season 17. It will adapt the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, which may serve as the anime’s finale. Despite its massive popularity, “Bleach anime” got canceled in 2012. The show ended with the Fullbring arc and with no [.…]

Anime Coming Soon Upcoming Anime Seasons

Komi Can’t Communicate October 2021 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates

The upcoming anime, “Komi Can’t Communicate” is a perfect example of overcoming introversion with a wish “to make 100 friends” that’s even hard for extroverts to think about. The series is adapted from the manga with the same name written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda. The manga is exciting [.…]

Anime Coming Soon Tribe Nine Upcoming Anime Seasons

Tribe Nine Anime: Winter 2022 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates

Baseball is loved throughout the world, but the upcoming Tribe Nine anime comes with an exciting twist. With futuristic tech and cybernetic technology amping up the sport, baseball is elevated to extreme levels in the anime. Kazutaka Kodaka, the creator of Danganronpa, came up with the anime’s[.…]

Anime Coming Soon Upcoming Anime Seasons World Trigger

World Trigger Season 3: October 2021 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates

“I believe World Trigger season 3 will surpass the expectations of World Trigger fans. To the point that you’ll want to rewatch the episodes over and over.” Director Morio Hatano’s comment regarding the upcoming season is brimming with confidence. The second season of World Trigger left the [.…]

Anime Coming Soon Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Upcoming Anime Seasons

Demon Slayer Season 2: December 2021 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates

About two years after the end of the first season of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro and his friends are finally coming back later this year for season 2. Instead of continuing with where season 1 left off, Demon Slayer season 2 will resume after the events of the Mugen Train arc. The upcoming season is […]

Anime Coming Soon Upcoming Anime Seasons World's End Harem

World’s End Harem October 2021 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates

“A silly male fantasy” is what the story author LINK admits to for the upcoming anime series, “World’s End Harem.” Some of the most bizarre and unimaginable plotlines can be found in the harem anime genre. World’s End Harem is no different with an interesting outlandish plot of only five males [.…]

Anime Coming Soon The Duke of Death and His Maid Upcoming Anime Seasons

The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 2 Confirmed, Latest Updates

‘So close, yet so far’ phrase perfectly fits the romantic anime series ‘The Duke of Death and His Maid.’ Ironically, this phrase also best describes the wait for its second season. The finale of its first season ended on a bittersweet note with the Duke finally confronting his mother and[…]

Anime Coming Soon Record of Ragnarok Upcoming Anime Seasons

Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Gets Green-Lit, Visuals, And Latest Updates

Record of Ragnarok, the anime series that is insane yet exhilarating with its idea of humans and gods having duels to their deaths, finally got green-lit for season 2. In the season 1 finale, we saw how the tides favored the humans to win one battle against the gods. Although the humans are at a[.…]

Anime Coming Soon Gundam Upcoming Anime Seasons

SD Gundam World Heroes Spin-Off on Knight World Confirmed, Latest Updates

The Gundam franchise, considered the epitome of mecha anime, is coming back with a side story right after it concluded with SD Gundam World Heroes. Gundam is a massive franchise with several spin-offs and sequels. Its top-notch animation and intriguing characters have been capturing the hearts[…]

Anime Coming Soon Restaurant to Another World Upcoming Anime Seasons

Restaurant To Another World Season 2 October 2021 Release, Latest Updates

Restaurant To Another World won the hearts of many with its earnest tale of an isekai restaurant that changes the lives of its patrons. After an engaging first season, the anime is coming back with its season 2. In the last season, we saw how this anime brings people of different worlds together[…]