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Overtake! Original F4 Car Racing Anime to Debut in October 2023

Racing anime are known for thrill and a greater focus on characters. So many things happen ‘behind’ the race and ‘in’ the race, that keep you excited. Among these, car racing anime like Initial D and Capeta are quite popular. Overtake! is an upcoming original anime project that also involves F4[…]

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Overtake! Anime Release Date, Key Visual, and Staff and Cast

The previously planned original animation, including its title, character settings, and voice cast, was revealed in a joint press release live-streamed on Kadokawa’s official YouTube channel on January 20, 2023. Fans of both formula racing and anime will be excited to learn about Overtake, an[…]

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Kadokawa and Troyca Unveil New Motorsport-Based Anime: Overtake!

Motorsports and car racing might not be as popular as football, basketball, and other sports, but it definitely has a huge loyal fan base. Being a lesser followed activity, it’s hard to find media related to it, especially for weebs. Through the years, only a handful of anime have been made[…]