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Doctor John Ending Explained: Do Cha Yu-han and Kang Shi-young end up together?

Doctor John deals with a unique subject, much of which has to do with the idea of pain management, euthanasia and its ethical implications. Therefore, expecting a conventional happy ending from the series is hard. But Doctor John takes us by surprise, as it gives viewers a bittersweet feeling tha[…]

Anime Hunter x Hunter Netflix News

Togashi’s Decision to Reveal the Ending of ‘Hunter×Hunter’ Haunts Fans

‘Hunter× Hunter’ has been under several hiatuses due to the author’s health issues, Togashi. The manga’s ongoing arc, the Succession Contest, has been running for nearly 10 years! While the mangaka has been trying to release new chapters recently, the schedule has been inconsistent due to his chronic […]

Anime Kingdom Netflix News

Kingdom Season 5 Trailer Reveals January Premiere Date

Yasuhisa Hara’s ‘Kingdom’ is a famous historical fiction series in the Seinen demographic that gained immense popularity after being adapted into an anime. The series provides an insight into how the Warring States period in China influenced the history of the world. With season 5 of Kingdom[…]

Crash Landing On You Netflix News TV Series

‘Crash Landing on You’ Ending: Do Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok end up together?

A good romantic K-drama with a beautiful ending is always a treat to watch. The popular Korean drama ‘Crash Landing on You’ aired its last episode in 2020. Although it did not end on a conventionally happy note, things don’t end up as bad as they could have for the lead couple. The series follows[…]

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One Punch Man: A Complete Guide on Where & How to Watch the Anime

One Punch Man is an anime series that follows the story of Saitama, a hero who defeats opponents with a single punch. The Series is known for its humor, action, and next-level animation quality. The anime has an overall light-hearted and comedic tone, which is why fans worldwide love it. So, if you[…]

Anime Haikyu!! Netflix News

‘Haikyu!! Final Film’ to Premiere a Decisive Battle this Winter

Haikyuu is a captivating sports manga and anime with breathtaking visuals, lovable characters, and a heartwarming story, keeping fans excited and engaged. The anime has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and it’s about to reach its peak with these thrilling movies[…]

Avatar: The Last Airbender Netflix News TV Series

Avatar: The Last Airbender Release Date Finally Confirmed by Netflix

After a barrage of delays, Avatar: The Last Airbender finally has a release date. Despite being announced in 2018, the series has suffered frequent producer exits and production delays, pushing its release date backward. The Last Airbender finally began filming in 2021, starring newcomer Gordon C[…]

Anime Attack on Titan Netflix News

Yuki Kaji’s Son Debuts as Youngest Voice Actor in Anime History Via AOT!

Yuki Kaji’s months-old baby debuted in Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Part 2 anime finale, becoming one of the youngest voice actors in anime history. He voices a crying baby, of course. Yuki Kaji is renowned for voicing the protagonist, Eren Yeager. He shared an audio file of his[…]

Anime News Spy x Family

Crunchyroll Announces U.S. Theatrical Release of SPY×FAMILY Movie in 2024

The fan-favorite family of a spy, an assassin, a telepath, and a psychic are on a thrilling new mission, but this time on the big screen. Fans and viewers worldwide are eager as the beloved anime series SPY×FAMILY is making its cinematic debut with the exciting release of SPY×FAMILY Code: White[…]


One Piece Episode 1083: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

Momonosuke proves his strength as the Shogun of Wano in episode 1082 of One Piece titled “The Coming of the New Era! The Red-Haired’s Imperial Rage.” Ryokugyu easily grabs hold of Momo in his dragon form while the Akazaya Nine desperately try to save him. After multiple types of attacks[…]

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A Christmas Surprise: Zom 100 to Drop the Final 3 Episodes on 25 December

Zom 100 is one of the most popular anime this year; however, it has repeatedly faced delays. Episodes 4 through 8 were delayed due to production circumstances. This caused frustration among the fans. However, the company has repeatedly tried to blow our minds with amazing surprises. Last time, they […]

All The Light We Cannot See Netflix News TV Series

Director Explains the Changes in ‘All The Light We Cannot See’ From Book

The director of All the Light We Cannot See explains the changes in the film and why he made them, especially in the ending. Based on Anthony Doerr’s best-selling novel of the same name, the Netflix miniseries tells the touching story of a blind French girl, Marie-Laurie, and a German soldier, We[…]