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Netflix’s Godzilla Singular Point to Premiere Internationally in June 2021

If you were thrilled by the action-packed scenes of the recently released Godzilla vs Kong film, you must be looking forward to something with a bit more well-defined plot. It seems Netflix knows exactly what you are searching for and has already come up with an animated series that revolves […]

Gunjou Movies Netflix News

Ride Or Die Live-Action Movie Previews A Disturbingly Joyful Scene in New Clip

When you are ready to throw away your whole life for someone, is it love or foolishness? Ride or Die, the live-action adaptation of the Gunjou manga, has just revealed a clip! Rei is so much in love with Nanae that only a single request from her was enough for Rei to kill Nanae’s abusive husband.

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Homunculus’s Live-Action Movie Dives Into The Sixth Sense With Its Netflix Debut Next Week!

The Homunculus manga dives deep into the mysteries of the brain. The new live-action movie of the psychological series will explore the unbelievable capabilities of the human body as well. What will you do if someone proposes an insane amount of money in return for drilling a hole in your skull?

Anime Netflix News The Way of the Househusband

Netflix Announces Way of the Household Season 2 to Calm the Disappointed Fans

Way of the Household is a funky manga that follows a scary gangster leader, Tatsu, who devotes himself totally to the household after retirement. A perfectionist remains a perfectionist even after the change in profession. His fineness can even put veteran homemakers to shame. Despite its […]

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Yasuke’s New Trailer and Visual Reveals Japan’s First Black Samurai and His Invincible Sword Skills!

Yasuke, the upcoming original anime, is a legendary collaboration between MAPPA and LeSean Thomas. The involvement of these two names alone means that this anime will be something to look forward to. Since Yasuke is about the very first African samurai in Japan, it adds a whole new level of[…]

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Complete Spring 2021 Anime Simulcast Lineups from Crunchyroll, Funimation and Netflix are here!

The Spring Anime 2021 Lineup is here! Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix have announced their simulcast lineups for Spring 2021, and the number of new anime we can binge-watch is making us drool! Well-known series like My Hero Academia’s Season 5 and Fruits Basket the Final Season will air.

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Where and How to Stream DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Anime Anywhere, Anytime!

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime series was designed to attract all DOTA video game fans to the series, and it is clearly serving its purpose. The anime will make it much easier for fans to navigate through the DOTA universe. The Netflix original series is not available on any other platform and may[…]

Anime Netflix News Yu Yu Hakusho

Netflix Leases TOHO’s Stage Facilities for Yu Yu Hakusho and Other Live-Action Series!

Netflix’s quest for live-action adaptations has led it to the doors of the classic supernatural action series Yu Yu Hakusho. The series’ fame resides in its well-balanced plot that has action as well as comedy. Yusuke, the series’ protagonist, is a delinquent who dies while trying to save a child.

Alice in Borderland Anime Netflix News

Netflix Collaborates With Studio Digital Frontier For CGI Anime Extravaganza

Netflix’s recent obsession with 3D CG anime is nothing new. However, it seems like Netflix is ready to take its 3D CG business even more seriously and collaborate with Japanese studios to become the best at what it does. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Dragon’s Dogma, Godzilla: Singular[…]

Anime DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Netflix News

How Deep is the DOTA Universe? DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Anime Lore Explained

Netflix’s new approach of turning DOTA 2 into a full-fledged anime series has turned heads of gamers and anime lovers alike. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood had already launched a trailer for the anime series to be released on March 25th. The trailer showcased Dragon Knight Davion and Princess Mirana’s […]

Anime DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Netflix News

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Anime’s New Trailer Reveals the Beautiful Goddess of Moon

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s short teaser had us all intrigued about Davion and Princess Mirana’s adventure story. We knew Davion fought ferocious dragons, but that only the tip of the iceberg. Based on the classic MMORPG video game DOTA 2, anime lovers and gamers alike had their eyes peeled for any […]

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Netflix Brings Back ‘Terminator’ Franchise to Create an Original Anime Series

Terminator, the superhit sci-fi franchise, is undoubtedly something Hollywood misses these days. But how about reshaping it into an anime series? Sounds insane, right? That’s how everyone reacted when Production I.G. President and CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa first came up with the idea. But he […]