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New Theme Song unveiled To Hype Up Vinland Saga Season 2’s Second half

Vinland Saga, among others, has proven that it is one of the finest anime to come out in 2019; based on its quality and other features, it is easy to say that the series has firmly established itself in that category of success.

Well, season two of the Vinland Saga just went above and[…]

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Vinland Saga, Season 2, Episode 12: King Canute’s Master Plan!

Vinland Saga Season 2 has taken a different turn altogether from the first season which mainly focuses on brutal fights, murders, and war. The narrative has shifted towards the redemption arc of Thorfinn who is now all for peace. Vinland Saga Season 2, Episode 12 was released recently and it has the episode […]

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5th Arc of Re:Zero ‘Stars that Engrave History’ Gets Manga Adaptation!

Re:Zero is less of an isekai and more of a thriller. It balances dark themes extremely well. The focus on characters and their motives is what makes this show so interesting. People like Roswaal and Echidina are what give this show such an aura of mystery and horror. It’s no wonder that the[…]

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Demon Slayer Season 2: Does it include the recap of the Mugen Train movie?

Demon Slayer’s second season aired on October 10, 2021, and ran until February 13, 2022, and was absolutely phenomenal. The art, animation, and character designs were all spot-on and it was a great watch. The second season featured a full-length recap of the Mugen Train movie. Let’s find out more […]

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Is Demon Slayer’s Swordsmith Village movie worth watching in cinemas?

You would think a film titled “To the Swordsmith Village” would primarily be about that, right? Haha, wrong! Except it’s not funny. Many fans who didn’t do their homework before buying tickets got majorly ticked off and even walked out halfway through. So, now the question is, should you still bother […]

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Psycho-Pass 10th Anniversary Film Trailer Previews Ending Theme Song!

If you have been watching anime for a long time, you probably know about the series Psycho Pass, but people who are not familiar with the series may not. Psycho Pass is a science fiction anime series that explores the idea of a society where people’s mental states can be quantified and monit[…]

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Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Season 2 OP Song Revealed

The anime Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury previously revealed a teaser visual for the upcoming sequel, revealing the anime’s premiere date of April 9, and Studio Sunrise is producing Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, which premiered in October 2022 and concluded its firs[…]

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Original Naruto Series Gets Four New Episodes for its 20th Anniversary

Naruto’s anime series is a classic in the anime industry. Naruto is arguably the most beloved anime of all time. It is a masterpiece that would easily make it onto anyone’s top 10 list. The series is one of the longest, with more than 700 episodes. However, it never seems tiring or boring wa[…]

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Attack on Titan: Can killing Zeke stop the rumbling?

Mappa just released the first episode of Season 4, Part 3 and it was a ride! Eren has launched a full blown attack on the rest of the world and all of Eren’s friends are now ready to go to any extent to put an end to this cataclysmic episode. It doesn’t seem like an easy task. However, In the middle[…]

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Zeke’s Euthanization Plan: The Most Peaceful Solution?

The conflict in Attack on Titan is more about clashing ideologies than the battle between titans, and Zeke’s euthanization plan is one of the most controversial topics in the series. Many of us were left stunned and conflicted by his plan to sterilize all Eldians forcibly and end their race. Of all the options, Zeke’s plan was the most […]

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Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc Trailer Reveals April 9 Debut

This year for the anime fans of Demon Slayer is a real treat as the super hit anime is coming back with its third season, and it is bound to be a hit as the previous seasons of Demon Slayer and the movie haven’t disappointed anime fans once. Many fans are excited to see how the story will[…]

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The Complete One-Piece Timeline Explained!

One piece is one of the longest ongoing anime series with over 1000 episodes. It has around 11 sagas which are further divided into many arcs. This anime is known for its complex world-building and political intrigue and is one of the most popular anime. However, considering its length and complexity[…]