Anime Cowboy Bepop Live-Action News

Netflix Once Again Entices Us with Cowboy Bebop Live Series Set for Fall!

Cowboy Bebop is one of the few things in the world that genuinely feel timeless. A story told in the 90s about the 2070s is somehow more relatable in the 2020s. With spunky hairdos, bizarre clothing choices, and a world that is a character in itself, Bebop and its crew cruise from place to[…]

Kinnikuman Live-Action News

The Lost Legend, Documentary Style TV Series Premieres in Fall

Yudetamago’s “Kinnikuman” manga series has been a massive hit since its publication in the 1980s. The intermixing of the sports and comedy genres has captured the heart of many fans worldwide. Originally planned as a parody of the famous Ultraman series, Kinnikuman grew into its own massive […]

Live-Action News Noise

Suspense Manga, Noise, Gets Live-Action Film in 2022 with Death Note Cast!

It is not uncommon for manga to get live-action releases instead of anime adaptations. Recently a live-action boom has increased production even more. Noise, an eerie suspense manga, is the next one to get a film! The story of the manga starts in a town that is suffering due to its less population.

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Live-Action News

Kaguya-Sama 2nd Live-Action Surprise PV Reveals Theme Song by King And Prince

The love-struck individuals of Kaguya-sama: Love is War never fail to amaze me. To them, it is not just innocent high-school love but a carefully implemented strategy to come out as the winner. The franchise recently revealed its plans for its upcoming sequel live-action film, and we honestly[…]

Kakegurui Live-Action News

Kakegurui: Ultimate Russian Roulette Teases 2 Mins Of The Film’s Beginning

A school where your status is determined by your gambling skills and how much you are willing to put at stake to win. Kakegurui is a show made for people who are crazy enough to take big risks if it means that they will be at the top. This is the type of anime that will glue your eyes to yourl[…]

Live-Action News The Fable

A Killer Who Can’t Kill? The Fable Live Action’s Sequel Set for June Debut

Watch out, John Wick! Because the legendary hitman “The Fable” is here to kick some ass, pull off ridiculous stunts, and have some heart to heart with a disabled girl! Well, I guess the last part about encouraging disabled people is not your typical hitman-type actions, but that’s because Akira[…]

Live-Action News Tokyo Revengers

Live Action Tokyo Revengers’ New Trailer Shows Takemichi’s Love for Hinata!

Live action Tokyo Revengers movie’s release date is inching closer and closer, and fans are ever excited to catch the all handsome cast on the big screen. Tokyo Revengers is about Takemichi, a part timer leading a miserable life. Until he gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to go back in time [..]

Anime Kakegurui Live-Action News

2nd Live-Action Kakegurui Film Debuts Early July After COVID-19 Delay

Kakegurui is one of the few anime that mixes the unholy combination of gambling, school, and pleasure. The anime is not afraid to hold back any punches to depict underage students gambling, all while looking so aesthetic! The series story is set in a posh private school where the elite send […]

Kakegurui Live-Action Movies News

2nd Live-Action Kakegurui Film’s PV Shows The Caste System Falling Apart!

Kakeguri takes the concept of compulsive gambling to a completely different level. For someone suffering from a gambling disorder, the chance of risking it all for a greater reward is what hooks them in. However, the stakes are much higher for the students at Hyakkaou Private Academy, where the[…]

Live-Action News Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin X Edition and Road to Kenshin Bares Exclusive Scenes!

With Rurouni Kenshin’s live adaptation series celebrating its 10th anniversary, it calls for some grand celebrations! The live-action samurai saga of the legendary assassin Himura Kenshin is Japan’s most famous cinema franchise. Even during the pandemic, Rurouni Kenshin Saishūshō: The Final was[…]

Live-Action News Saretagawa no Blue

Saretagawa no Blue’s Live-Action Drama to Unfold Adultery and Revenge in July

Saretagawa no Blue webcomic’s upcoming live-action series is going to bring the heart-break manga to life. You will be able to witness the pain of Nobu Tagawa who is cheated on by his wife, Aiko, in vivid details. The series starts as a common love story but soon it evolves into something much[…]

Live-Action News Radiation House

Medical Manga, Radiation House, Teases Fall Debut of Live-Action’s Season 2

When we think of doctors, we think of surgeons who operate to save lives. However, there are also other specialists who don’t work in direct contact with patients. The Radiation House series shines a light on the work of radiologists, whose contributions often go unrecognized. Iori Igarashi, a[…]