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All Straw Hat Crew Members’ Haki Powers Explained!

The introduction of Haki was one of the biggest twists in One Piece. Not only was the new power totally unexpected but also a massive game-changer. Devil Fruits were the be-all-end-all of One Piece’s power system for the longest time, but with Haki able to bypass even Logia-types’ invincibility, it[…]

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One Piece Stampede Sees Biggest Opening Day Attendance for 2019

Recently, Toei animation announced some exciting news regarding the One Piece Stampede film. According to Toei, One Piece Stampede has broken the record for biggest first-day attendance in Japan for 2019. The film opened on Friday and the attendance was 356,052. Besides this, the anime One Piece has completed 20 years. The franchise released video highlights 20 […]