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What will happen to Luffy and his crew in Elbaf?

The One Piece manga has been teasing us with the idea of Luffy and the crew visiting Elbaf since their adventures in the Grand Line and the new world. After two long decades, the Straw Hat Pirates are finally going to Elbaf Island. Luffy could actually meet Shanks there. What’s more, is that the ide[…]

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Can Garp defeat Blackbeard? Which BB pirate crew members can he beat?

After reading One Piece chapter 1080, I have to admit I totally underestimated Garp, and damn, was I wrong. We all knew prime Garp was a beast, but the old dude still got it! He straight-up destroyed an entire town with a single punch! Is this still One Piece, or did I accidentally start reading […]