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What will happen to Luffy and his crew in Elbaf?

The One Piece manga has been teasing us with the idea of Luffy and the crew visiting Elbaf since their adventures in the Grand Line and the new world. After two long decades, the Straw Hat Pirates are finally going to Elbaf Island. Luffy could actually meet Shanks there. What’s more, is that the ide[…]

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Baroque Works: Crocodile’s Criminal Syndicate in One Piece Explained

One Piece season 1 foreshadows a major plotline for season 2 by making several ominous references to an organization known as Baroque Works, if Netflix decides to renew the series. Monkey D. Luffy’s first live-action adventure features a variety of villains, from the vicious Kuro and the Black Ca[…]

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Do Nami and Robin Learn Haki in One Piece?

You have to admit that the Straw Hat Pirates have some strong members. No, I’m not just talking about the Monster Trio of Luffy, Zoro and Sanji. Nami and Nico Robin, the heroines of the Straw Hat Crew, are also both pretty badass. Nami has grown from one of the weakest characters […]

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What is the Will of D. in One Piece?

The culmination of One Piece will go down as one of the most anticipated events in the manga and anime industry. One Piece keeps stacking up arc after arc, which orients toward the overarching theme of the story. Since its start two decades ago, One Piece has accumulated some mysteries that revolve around its central […]