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The Race for Laugh Tale – Everything You Need to Know about Poneglyphs in One Piece

Poneglyphs are undoubtedly crucial in finding the One Piece and were introduced to us relatively earlier in the series, chapter 202, to be precise. There are three types of Poneglyphs in the One Piece world: Historical Poneglyphs, Instructional Poneglyphs, and Road Poneglyphs. Historical poneglyphs…

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One Piece: Oden’s 9 Red Scabbards, Ranked from Weakest to Strongest!

In my previous post, I proved how Oden’s 9 Red Scabbards are stronger than Kaido’s Tobi Roppo. If we look at them as a group, we can also say that the Scabbards are at the level of the Lead Performers or the 3 Calamities of the Beasts Pirates. The power of […]