Anime Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)

The Ten Commandments – Ranked! Nanatsu no Taizai

The Ten Commandments is the group of the ten allegedly strongest warriors of the Demon Clan. Each member of the group has a unique power gifted to them by the demon king. The unique ability is known as a commandment, which makes them the representatives of the Demon Clan. However, they don’t stand a chance […]


What are some best anime about Demons?

Sate sate sate, we are back with a new list for our fellow otakus, best anime about demons. When it comes to the anime world, no fantasy is ever exaggerated, well unless you are watching Isekai genre of course. Some of these demon animes have got everything you need. Great fights? Check. Oppai? Check. Mighty protagonists? Check. […]

Marvel News

Galactus aka ‘Devourer of Worlds’ may appear in MCU

Mark Strong rumored to play Galactus. The future of the MCU is looking glorious after the announcements at SDCC 2019. Fans bid goodbye to a few of their favorite characters from Iron man to Captain America(both of whom got perfect endings). Many others like Thor, are getting movies or new shows in Phase 4. The […]


Deadpool in the MCU

Marvel Studios and Disney are debating over the future of Deadpool. The Fantastic Four and X-men, including Deadpool, are now under the creative control of Disney. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has nearly all of its characters back after the Disney-Fox merger. The news around the clock is that Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool will be the first […]

Anime News

Netflix Releases Cannon Busters Trailer

Recently, Netflix hit anime fans and otakus with the trailer of Cannon Busters. The creator of this anime is LeSean Thomas. This anime is a 10 episode series. According to polygon — “Cannon Busters follows an unlikely trio: there’s Philly the Kid, an immortal outlaw; S.A.M., an aggressively upbeat friendship droid, and Casey Turnbuckle, a maintenance droid. Traveling in […]

Akame ga Kill Anime

Strongest Night Raid Characters

To kill or not to kill? That is the main question and plot surrounding the famous Akame Ga Kill. Though, it’s an anime with sad endings and lots of drama yet it focuses on strong fighters and characters mainly from the Night Raid or the Jaegers. But, who’s the strongest among them? Note:- This list […]

Anime News One Piece

One Piece Stampede Sees Biggest Opening Day Attendance for 2019

Recently, Toei animation announced some exciting news regarding the One Piece Stampede film. According to Toei, One Piece Stampede has broken the record for biggest first-day attendance in Japan for 2019. The film opened on Friday and the attendance was 356,052. Besides this, the anime One Piece has completed 20 years. The franchise released video highlights 20 […]

Anime Code Geass Steins Gate

Steins Gate vs Code Geass – Which is better?

The difficulty in comparing two masterpieces can be quite jarring. Especially if both of them are polar opposites in terms of genre. But here we are! Steins Gate and Code Geass have successfully established themselves in terms of popularity, plot and characters. The names of Lelouch Lamperouge, Okabe Rintaro and CRISTINA have seeped into mainstream […]

Anime Naruto

Alternate Naruto Endings

Naruto‘s ending was deeply satisfying for all the fans that waited it out and rooted for Naruto all these years. But has anyone ever wondered about other possible ways Naruto could have ended? Given that Naruto’s original ending serves as an inspiration – if you work hard, your dreams will come true – it’s hard […]

Anime Dororo

Dororo – Everything you need to know!

Dororo is one of the best animes out there. Dororo brings back the intriguing Sengoku-era in Japan for us it (almost made me nostalgic of Inuyasha). Within this Sengoku-era is Hyakkimaru, a Ronin deprived of his body parts, who along with Dororo journeys in an attempt to become whole again while battling the demons present […]