Galactus aka ‘Devourer of Worlds’ may appear in MCU

The future of the MCU is looking glorious. The announcements at SDCC 2019 has everyone, not just the die hard MCU fanatics, excited. Fans bid goodbye to a few of their favourite characters and Iron man and Captain America got the perfect endings. Many others, like Thor, are getting movies or new shows in Phase 4. The one thing missing, is confirmation of the main villain in the future of the franchise.

The Avengers and Guardians, confirmed the presence of Thanos and other threats from present in outer space. Thanos was the nemesis of the whole Infinity Saga and the mastermind behind the plans to rip the universe in half, thereby cementing his place as one of the greatest villains of all times.
Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame provided a strong character arc to Thanos which people loved and was one of the few villain arcs that was fully developed. Now, the Infinity Saga is over, and the fans are looking for next possible villain of the MCU movies, and we may have some good news.

According to reports from MCU cosmic(a fan website), the next villain may be none other than GALACTUS. The latest report on the future of the franchise says that, while the Devourer of Worlds will be making his debut soon, another character Tyrant will also appear. Tyrant is a less popular character, which the MCU will bring to movies.

The history of Galactus and Tyrant in Marvel live-action movies

Fox Studios owned the character rights of Galactus and Tyrant, with other characters including the Fantastic Four. It’s reasonable to say that the appearances of Fantastic Four and Galactus were extremely poorly developed. After the Disney-Fox merger, the characters are back home with Marvel, so to speak. Galactus is the archnemesis of the Fantastic Four, and we can expect a big team up again in future Marvel movies. Kevin Feige has already teased the formation of the New Avengers team, and they may fight a cosmic threat like Galactus, teaming up with Fantastic Four.

For now, the main challenge that Marvel Studios is going to face is how to introduce these characters to already diverse MCU?

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