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Kawaki’s New Seal Transformation Revealed In Boruto Manga

Boruto Manga is in hype among Otakus. Recent events of the story brought a major focus on Kawaki. Besides this, Kara has jumped into action. Kawaki is earning the trust of Naruto’s Family as well the Village hidden in the leaf. In the latest chapter, we experience that Kawaki learns how to use Chakra in order to use his Karma Mark Power. As he practised Chakra control, some strange phenomena happened and he unlocks new seal transformation.

In Chapter 36- Jigen moves to the side of Kawaki through Kawaki Karma. Jigen is the leader of Kara organisation. So, he jumps into action and activates Kawaki’s Karma mark power forcefully. He moves to Kawaki place because he wants to take Kawaki back to Kara’s Hideout. But Kawaki’s refuse because he respects and appreciates all that Naruto has done for him so far. Jigen insults Naruto and arrests him by the use of Chakra Bars. This Frustrate Kawaki to no end. In a rage, Kawaki begins to grow a horn on the side of his head along with changing of Karma mark of his face. Jigen notices this change and wonders how Kawaki has advanced so much in such a short period of time.

So, here is the proof that Kawaki unlocks new seal transformation Jutsu. But the question is, what is the reason for this transformation? Maybe rage? or maybe the presence of Jigen? Or Kawaki might have tapped into the same kind of Otsutsuki Clan transformation that Jigen revealed in the previous chapter. What is the perfect answer to it? The answer will reveal in the next Manga Chapter. When it’s going to release?

Boruto Chapter 37

Boruto Chapter is going to release on August 20, 2019, and titled as ‘Jigen vs Naruto’

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